Spammery and fakery from (Taste of Dublin and Taste of Cork company )

A few people told me that they got a spam email from Scott in today. And not for the first time. What’s worse is these gobshites put all the addresses in the CC field so everyone can see who got the email. The A-C email contains 1300 emails alone it seems.

So people have made a complaint to the Data Protection Commissioner who’ll no doubt give Brand Events a hug or something. Not like they will do anything more than give them a warning.

Ciaran blogged about it here. He has already asked to be removed from the list and his request appears to have been ignored. They also told him that no Scott works there. So they’re using a fake persona to send emails? That seems dodgy to me. I wonder can they be done under the new EU Consumer Protection laws for fakery? Might be work informing the National Consumer Agency.

6 Responses to “Spammery and fakery from (Taste of Dublin and Taste of Cork company )”

  1. Eoin says:

    FWIW I also received the email and reported it to the DPC. I don’t recall opting in for any of their campaigns and hope they get a great big fine. Doubt it though.

  2. Brian says:

    Ha! I also received unsolicited emails from
    I’ve also complained to the DPC.

    I hope they get hit for a huge fine. It’s a disgrace how they publicise everyones email address, let alone SPAM everyone.

    So, the question is, where did they acquire these email address’? Pay spammers for them? Isn’t that illegal?

  3. Ciaran Lee says:

    The DPC got back to me today, requesting a log of all my communications with brandevents. It will be interesting to see what happens.

  4. Brian Mc says:

    A significant reply today:

    “We have a number of complaints on file concerning this company and our
    investigations into this matter are continuing.”

  5. Brian says:

    Another email from them today, but they’ve cleaned up their act a whole lot. No other addresses in the cc field, an option to unsubscribe – in fact, you get taken to a page to manage your subscriptions. I think they deserve a “most improved” award! (“m)

  6. Brian says:

    (“m) = (“,)