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● Fluffy Links – Friday February the 1stest 2008

Friday, February 1st, 2008


Fluffy badges are now all gone. eBay might see these rare gems show up I suppose. Other badges might be on the way though but not fluffy ones.

Jazz Biscuit has some Scientology in Ireland stuff.

It seems when you Google for “Fine Gael Broadband”, you get this blog. No wonder FG TD and spokesperson on Communications Simon Coveney left a comment.

Shane Torturegarden goes to UCC. I already like his work but nice to see a fellow UCC student blog.

Finger puppets.

Mick might as well guest fluffy here. He sent this: spEak You’re bRanes

All the comments quoted were found on the BBC “Have Your Say” site. Yes, people really have written them. On purpose as far as I can tell.

An airplane on a conveyor belt DOES take off.

Jaffa cake Ice Cream.

I might head over to the Personal Democracy Forum conference. If I’m not campaigning for Hilama.

Via MetafilterDon’t fuck with Chuck. Bronson, that is:

Via Shane is this gem. Samantha Fox but but on the Jim’ll Fix it show. For those under 25, I won’t explain. 🙂

● Fluffy Links – Thursday January 31st 2008

Thursday, January 31st, 2008


Niall has the most inappropriate video tribute to Jeremy Beadle ever.

Trinity shows off her Fluffy badge. So in case you didn’t know, the rule is if you want a Fluffy badge you have to have been linked from a Fluffy link. Only 13 of the limited edition badges are left. Want one?

Klara talks Cowboy Bebop. Great ending to the show.

What Shane said.

Piaras explains why people trust John Waters more than bloggers. Well known fact. Can’t prove it. Crying as he blogged it.

Apparently there’s a Blog Awards thing happening. Who knew! Limerick is the centre of the blogging universe it seems.

mySpace is opening. I believe it’ll be a creaking sound.

via Mick

● Fluffy Links – Wednesday January 30th 2008

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008


I’m apparently talking at UCC’s Journo Soc conference, as is Rick. The topic of the conference is “Death of a newspaper: is the traditional newspaper at risk of being replaced by the various strands of new media?” I’m getting two grand for a 20 minute talk so I’ll say whatever they want me to say.*

Lovely lashes Niall shows where his fluffy badge is at.

Why Rob blogs.

Check out this event. The OpenIsland Free Software for business event.

A virtual gallery in Second Life? Haydn and Roos are launching one on January 31st/Feb 1st. Images look fantastic. Contact Haydn on ten_cubed_events < at > if you want to attend.

Christ. On a bike. No. Really.

And even more Christ on a bikeness, a new episode of The Simpsons that was funny.

The Tipping Point not so right?

Are these really the top tech influencers. Napster founder above Bill Gates?

How do you like your Google search results, sunny side up?

Leveraging a very annoying Facebook App is good for business. I’m telling you, the money is in an app that blocks all these other apps. Charge a weekly subscription fee.

Cheeseburger in a can. Yes world, you can end now.

300 vs. The Army of Darkness

*Might, nay is, a total fucking lie.

● Fluffy Links – Tuesday January 29th 2008

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008


This is cool. Seán made a nice plugin for WordPress that makes images zoom in and out when you click on them in blog posts.

Staying nerdy. SoggyJazzbiscuit made an nice plugin that allows you to find creative commons photos (mostly they allow free use) on Flickr and provies code so you can embed them on your blog or website.

There’s a rumour going around that there’s a video up somewhere showing which Blogs got listed for Best Popculture Blog. Just thought you’d like to know.

The Limerick Blogger does it again. Now wanting to collaboratively subtitle videos. Great initiative.

Alastair Duncan was in Vegas recently and Jeremiah did a vid with him. Nice philosophy:

1. Listen to customers. Those that don’t are dying, those that won’t will. 2. Listen to yourselves. If what you’re saying isn’t credible, don’t expect consumers to believe it either.

What will we do with all the phoneboxes in Ireland? BT in the UK want rid.

This is why Ryanair has the best PR in Europe.

Inside the Airbus A380. Woah.

How to present like Steve Jobs. God knows techies need to learn better presentation skills.

Tom Petty – Free Falling:

Last dance with Mary Jane.

Pixies – Where is my mind?

● Fluffy Links – Monday January 28th 2008

Monday, January 28th, 2008


Jazzbiscuit, nothing to do with arsebiscuits, has made WikiCraic, a web app that shows you the live changes being made to Wikipedia by people from Ireland.

Klara has a new blog. Have a looksee.

Overheard in Cork.

This is a Facebook event for the 2008 Irish Blog Awards, if you wanted to spread the word via that.

I wonder can we break the 1000 comments barrier on this Twenty Major post?

uʍop ǝpısdn sƃuıɥʇ ǝʇıɹʍ ‘unÉŸ llıʇs ʇnq ǝǝɹƃǝp ɐ oʇ É¥sıplıɥɔ

Fun with record sleeves.

The Dáil ministers’ blog takes down Brian “Leno” Lenihan.

The most disruptive changes come from the high end of the low end.

Via Sinéad, Killer Vaginas

via Metafilter: Slo mo Skater vid with stuff blowing up

● Fluffy Links – Friday January 25th 2008

Friday, January 25th, 2008


Update: The links to the Examiner articles I dug at this morning stopped working so I’ve now linked to the versions in the Examiner archive.

Free badges.

Via Una The Vast Picture Show. The blog of Paul Lynch who is the film reviewer for the Turbine.

Shame on Rick. His first album purchase was Bruce Willis! Mine was Guns N’Roses. I just know someone has Mr. Blobby though.

Julian is talking about a European Wine Blogger event. Nice.

Kieran is talking about the rising costs of ingredients for his business and whether they should go organic.

Via Mick: Jesus light switch.

This is one to watch. A restaurant review in a paper ends up with them getting done for libel. Appeal happening now.

Corrections Department x2
The Examiner did a baseless frontpage story about facebook costing Ireland 700Million quid in lost productivity. Think about the amount of people in a workplace that read the Examiner every day. Look at all that downtime. Ban the thing! Update: Old link is now dead, how odd.

The Examiner seems to think Google is now spinning off companies such as the DNA analysis company 23 and Me. Wake up gobsheens, 23 and Me has a Google founder as an investor and his missus as the owner. Not. A. Spinoff. (Old broken link)

Cutlery on the top of your pen.

Mitt Romney likes black people. Foshnizzle. Gowl.

Sons & Daughters – Gilt Complex

Not this Sons and Daughters:

● Fluffy Links – Thursday January 24th 2008

Thursday, January 24th, 2008


Boobies, breasts, hooters, titties, baps and all the rest. Sabrina has a new campaign site called Two Tits and a Vote. Nope, it’s not Bertie v Enda all over again. Blurb:

Two Tits and a Vote is an opportunity for women to leverage their political power, lobby for change across critical issues in Ireland, and make sure our voices are hear

Play Twenty’s game. Read all the comments. That’s creativity!

TechLudd (they’re riding on the fame of the crap name) has reached 90 registrations. Biggest tech networking event outside of a conference thus far? Ooops, it’s now gone 2.0 on us. Woo!

Win an iPod Touch from Segala. By calling them names or something. 🙂

Via James. Collaborative map of free Wifi hotspots in Ireland.

Free business docs from Cork Open Coffee.

Baby Cheeses. Oh my.

So it seems a traffic stop and if you have your iPhone, will mean police can check your web history? That can’t happen here, right?

For the moleskin users out there.

WordPress just got a truckload of money. NYTimes is now an investor!

What privacy?

House of fun:

My Girl:

● Fluffy Links – Wednesday January 23rd 2008

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008


Still looking for Blog Awards judges. If you already emailed, yes I got the email.

By linking to Martha, she can avail of a fluffy badge.

Speaking of which. Josie shows her badge

Yeah. What Sir Bockiston said.

David Simon (The Wire) writes about news and newspapers.

Average broadband speeds. *Gets depressed*

Wii Mii chocolates. Yes, eat the chocolate representation of your Wii character.

No more LOL. They mean it.

Black, vegetarian, Muslim, asylum-seeking, one-legged, lesbian lorry drivers.

Trent Reznor did not want an ISP tax. Idiots.

Via Unbearably Light – L Word Charlies Angels:

● Fluffy Links – Tuesday 22nd January 2008

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008


The Limerick blogger, leads once again. Now thay have nice directory of social network profiles of the Limerickati.

Simon has a great post about Facebook from an EU Data Privacy point of view.

Blacknight are doing IPv6 websites now.

via Una: Apple and Braun. Influenced?

Fluffy badges are doing the rounds I see.

The Secret History of Silicon Valley. “How Stanford the CIA/NSA Built the Valley We Know Today”


The Bebo Boomers.

The Chancer loves Mary Kennedy but they point out others like her more.

Walmart just put a nail in the coffin of a lot of publishing houses.

Slash and Lenny Kravitz – On the Run

Joy Division – Disorder (fan vid)

● Fluffy Links – Monday January 21st 2008

Monday, January 21st, 2008


Finally the site for Creative Camp is live. No excuse now. Get signed up to give a talk.

So Ireland is going ahead with the plans to log pretty much everything you do online. Great.

Paul Walsh has a new blog home. Have a look.

The Home and Away blog was featured in the Indo last week. Nice one!

I never knew Hotpress had blogs.


Have a look at the English Mum in Ireland blog. There might be a test later, maybe. Ok, maybe not.

The Green party. With John Gormless and Lieing Ryan, they’re really digging their graves these days.

Seriously? A Hello Kitty assault rifle?

Via BoingBoing Love this seminar idea from the Open Rights Group. Creative Business in the Digital Era.

This is a superb post from Ewan McIntosh.

Via That’s Ireland – Fianna Fáil, the Pirate Party of Ireland.

Devendra Banhart – A Ribbon