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Dublin avec badges de Fluffy

Friday, January 18th, 2008

I’ve been summoned to Dublin for the evening, not really free tonight but I will be for some of tomorrow before the 1600 train back to the people’s republic. Yes I will have some Fluffy badges with me. If you want to meet up, you know how to get me.

● Fluffy Links – Friday January 18th 2008

Friday, January 18th, 2008


Today sees the final few hours left to nominate blogs for the blog Awards. Not that you’ve not been warned! We still need judges so put up the lámh there and apply. Also, just one category is left to sponsor, which is fantastic.

As Conn points out, the start of March is unofficially Irish Blogging Week.

Seán is looking for a job. I can highly recommend him.

No, I am not behind Fanny Waters’ Blog and no I am not behind the Fake Twink blog, why not get some agony aunt advice from Barbie’s Granny? Yes I am considering creating a Best Fake Blog category for the Blog Awards.

Via Eric Irish entrepreneurs in the New York Times.

Via Mick, of course. You won’t find this on Buy and Sell. The Vagina couch.

Rob hates spam. In more than the Monty Python way.

Red Mum has a nice summary of 2007 with great photos.

The BBC and the death of news.

For all budding writers out there, a nice quick guide to getting that book out.

Free photos via the Library of Congress.

I love trailers for books and this is no exception. The pirates dilemma.

Been on a godfather binge this week, the trailer and then Slash playing the theme tune:

● Fluffy Links – Thursday January 17th 2008

Thursday, January 17th, 2008


Via Danger The Irish Cancer Society have a new initiative called Care to Drive where volunteers will drive for cancer patients who are unable to drive themselve to treatments. Great idea.

Someone buy this t-shirt for Zaniac.

Richard’s back and talking Hilary.

Check out Rosemarie’s Wedding Planner blog. I taught her! 🙂

As per Conor there is now a last call for applicants for the Female Entrepreneurship in Ireland and Wales intensive tailored 6 month programme to aid women in business in the South East. Website.

Value Ireland, I mention it now and then but it’s worth subscribing to.

Forget not the Fanny Waters blog.

And they mocked us when Guinness got robbed. Robbing banks? easier than ever.

Having a pair of balls will now be illegal, on your car that is.

Yay Josie, nice rebuttal of that Facebook article.

Alice Cooper – Only Women Bleed

My badges arrived

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Fluffy badges

I’ll let you know the plan for em later.

● Fluffy Links – Wednesday January 16th 2008

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Rob has created Webfrigerator. Have fun with it by using lots of inappropriate words.

Via Gav. Lorcan, our mate from yesterday’s fluffies has a Bebo.

Michael Lynn can’t get away from Suzy, can he?

Do it.

Going on the PhotoWalk before the Blog Awards?

Des shows off an app that makes web videos out of your photos. Love the music Des.

Like the idea of the design police but trouble is lots of the self-imposed enforcers in Ireland are more graduates of police academy.

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone is playing Whelan’s on March 9th. So so there.

Should Yahoo! join Open Social?

More ways of imposing crap on your blog readers.

Right so we all know Tom Cruise is the crazy and it seems his chat up line to Jennifer Garner was “Do you know what freedom is?” but have you seen the leaked scientology video that he’s in? It keeps appearing and disappearing off YouTube but Gawker has it here.

Yael Naim – Puppet

● Fluffy Links – Tuesday January 15th 2008

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Alexia has two videos from the Young Scientist Exhibition 2008 and both are well worth watching. The Web browser for the colourblind was my pick of the event.

Robin shows we are still very much geographically limited. World ain’t flat yet.

Via Anton Emily Dickinson – I’m Nobody

The sponsors for the Irish Blog Awards 2008 are…

Via Anthony. Seriously. What the Fuck!

Best comment on Mark Zuckerberg on 60 minutes came from Jeremiah Owyang

Also, how well did you do as a 23 year old on national TV?

The Blog of Anthony McIntyre:

Former IRA volunteer and ex-prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh, 4 years on the blanket and no-wash/no work protests which led to the hunger strikes of the 80s.

More business models for giving away free content.

Via Mick:
Logitech Webcams – Working Late

Via an email: If Carlsberg did speed bumps

Fluffy Links – Monday January 14th 2008

Monday, January 14th, 2008

Blog Awards stats: 500 people have made nominations so far. And 541 different blogs have now gotten nominations.

We still need lots and lots of judges. Apply if interested.

Check out the LouderVoice competition.

Twenty nails it. Waters is a fanny.

More ways of making money from your free services/content.

Britt talks about vomit comets.

Weaker sex?

Blogging the Qur’ an. I’d sub to this and others if I got a daily word of the day or verse of the day and an explanation of it. Great way to learn.

Via Niall Larkin, when we visted Loopt, the guys from the company did a cover of Eleanor Rigby, a great cover actually:

Yet another Britney cover but this is a damned fine cover by Yael Naim

Fluffy Links – Thursday January 10th 2008

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Stephen on Irish Rail, again. He should start a group blog.

Greens in not thinking things through shocker.

Next Fine Gael might learn to count.

Via Richard, get 30 days free trial of Wordze.

Choice Music Price details. Well done Jim et al.

iPhone listens to music, guesses the tune?

Twitter + Politics.

A fictional kiddies book about Microsoft Home Server. Uhr.

Tony Bourdain rocks.

David Allen explains Getting Things Done at Google:

Fluffy Links – Wednesday January 9th 2008

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Want to be a Blog Awards judge?

Check out the Irish Family History blog.

Want to try some of my Dirty Chai?

Via Value Ireland, the chair of the quango-loving and mostly clueless Consumer Association of Ireland has a personal blog. (Not associated with CAI). The CAI are the yesmen of ComReg when the EU comes calling. The CAI get paid a lot of money to be on ComReg’s consumer panel so never really rock the boat. They get €1500 per half day meeting to be exact and happily listen to lies and perverted pricing stats which are reguritated to the EU when they come to town.

So Labour are starting to box clever?

Check this video and explanation via Daithí. Journos with backbones.

Belle and Sebastian cover Dinosaur Jr.

OfCom got it pretty much right when it came to being a telcoms/broadcast regulator. Their old boss just got a massive job in Downing Street.

Mike thinks Data Portability is a problem in the EU. Legal scholars, can you give some constructive feedback? Oh and check out this comment from Scoble.

Kelly Shoes News.

Fluffy Links – Monday January 7th 2008

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Michael Nyman is stung via Facebook by an ex-lover.

The viral marketing for Cloverfield is brilliant.

Bill Gates last day spoof video.

Write on the backs of things.

David Lynch complained about movies on phones, this is his complaint being watched on my iPhone: