● Fluffy Links – Tuesday 22nd January 2008


The Limerick blogger, leads once again. Now thay have nice directory of social network profiles of the Limerickati.

Simon has a great post about Facebook from an EU Data Privacy point of view.

Blacknight are doing IPv6 websites now.

via Una: Apple and Braun. Influenced?

Fluffy badges are doing the rounds I see.

The Secret History of Silicon Valley. “How Stanford the CIA/NSA Built the Valley We Know Today”


The Bebo Boomers.

The Chancer loves Mary Kennedy but they point out others like her more.

Walmart just put a nail in the coffin of a lot of publishing houses.

Slash and Lenny Kravitz – On the Run

Joy Division – Disorder (fan vid)

3 Responses to “● Fluffy Links – Tuesday 22nd January 2008”

  1. i can’t wait for the day that i earn a fluffy badge. especially since i saw le catch from the album archive showing off his.

  2. 73man says:

    Yeeees….earned it…..

  3. Damien B says:

    They’re like Blue Peter badges for a digital generation 😀