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Fluffy Links – Saturday January 28th 2012

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Selling your ignorance, not your expertise. Charles Eames had a nice philosophy about work. The documentary is fantastic and somewhat revealing about the way they worked.

Do you bitch and moan about the Late Late on Twitter? Seems they see it as helping their ratings. Interview with their exec producer. Viewer numbers should be compared more to the population growth though.

EI want to fund you up to 50k. Terms and conditions apply. Seems sending in “I’m Damien Mulley” is not enough detail in an application for money.

Finally, a QR code that works for getting attention. It’s just…

Tom Watson’s reaction and not firing his intern for being stupid is probably a good way to respond by person or entity alike.

This sounds interesting. How does one become the number 1 gun in America? Glock – the musical, er the book.

DoneDeal sees a billion floating through their service. Woah.

Why privacy matters, even if you have “nothing to hide”.

Fluffy Links – Sunday January 22nd 2012

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

This really shows how infinitely small mankind is, view of the milky-way from the space station:

Leo Burnett’s letter to his staff telling them to believe in the products they do ads for. Makes sense today too.

Watched this documentary about the Eames (blocks anyone outside of US from watching unless you have a proxy). It’s fascinating and inspiring. A 90 year old architect in it describes being “really fucked off” when desert at one of their dinners was a few vases of real flowers and it was a visual desert. It’s hilarious. The architect is Kevin Roche, Irish born, Cork reared and went to the States and designed the UN Plaza amongst many other things. And he has a book out.

I’m sure people will think it’s horrid but Katie Price tweeting as part of a Snickers ad is an interesting way of doing marketing.

Interesting times ahead for RTÉ and the way they structure advertising.

Nice. is on the Washington Post Social Reader now.

If you had a lot of ads at the top of your webpages/website. Google now dislikes this.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday 11th 2012

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Social Media Measurement conference on February 15th. Cheap tickets for now.

PROC, the app. Quite handy functionality.

National College of Ireland are now running a Digital Marketing Course.

Getting Things Done. The philosophy. Want to sort your inbox and your business/personal life? The methodologies from GTD and other areas to calm the noise and get quality work done is being taught by Keith Bohanna on February 7th. Full details. Tickets. 15% discount for code: choochoo15

Great comment from Lar Veale on the importance of social media and the “ROI’.

Great slides on mobile marketing in the UK.

This Google video on how websites treat customers is very very true.

Modern World

Fluffy Links – Thursday 29th December 2011

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

A lunch will be held in Chapter One on Monday 30th January 2012. Executive chef Ross Lewis, who cooked for the Queen on her recent visit to Ireland is holding this lunch and all proceeds will come to Barretsown. Tickets are limited, and are priced at €100 per person to include food and wine. Bookings can be made by contacting

Investment checklist from Dylan Collins. A very very handy checklist.

Monster list from Robin Blandford on areas of data analytics that real companies have real issues with. A whole industry of data play right there for you. Data wizards will be massively valuable in companies in the next few years.

Jersey-shoreification of programming. I’m reminded of some irish people with this.

I like this from Marc Andreessen about online shopping, up to now it’s been very clinical and now at all like the social experience of shopping in a shopping centre or city centre. How do you change that?

The new generation of e-tailers are much more appealing to normal people–people who like to go the mall, have fun with their friends and try on clothes and compare clothes, and go home and brag to their roommate what they got on sale, and all the rest of it. A lot of new startups are not only very viable but also growing very fast because they provide a very different experience.

This ain’t going to help websites at all. Encrypted search results on increase, means a website doesn’t know how they were found…

Atlantic Conference, Ireland 2012.

Speakers at the 2012 conference include Leena Gade, Chief Racing & Test Engineer with Audi Sports, Ward Van Duffel, Managing Director of LEGO® Education Europe Ltd, Tony Hill,Director of the Manchester Museum of Industry & Science … keynote speaker is Carol Lynn Parente, Producer of Sesame Street. The winner of 11 Emmy Awards, Carol Lynn Parente will be talking about Sesame Street’s work to bring STEM education to its young audience.

Read outside your bubble.

Fluffy Links – Saturday December 10th 2011

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

12 bottle wine hamper giveaway on Competition closes on the 16th of December.

I’ve been compiling a list of Cork businesses that are on social media. Are you one and not on the list yet? Sign up so.

Lovely idea. Want Steve Blank to teach you about startups? Yes. Ok then. And free? Here you go.

Funky Christmas Jumpers, the app.

Future predictions using the Internet and specifically Twitter.

Get your essential Christmas gadgets.

Silicon Valley and racism. Direct, indirect or otherwise.

Build 3D paper letters from a nifty font.

How do you get more women to tech events?

Very Sonic Youth sounding:
Wye Oak – Holy Holy

Fluffy Links – Saturday November 19th 2011

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

The annual IrissCon security conference and HackEire, the ethical hacking event are on this year on November 23rd. Taking place in D4 Berkeley Court, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4,

Laughing Lion Tees has been born. All the t-shirts are illustrated by Jennifer Farley. Might make nice Christmas gifts.

Sarah blogged her experiences of Hard Working Class Heroes. Nice coverage.

Want landscape advice or it done for you? Gorgeous Gardens is around for that. They’re currently doing a “Recession Special” Christmas Voucher.

Steve’s Job. Stephen Cleary is looking for a job.

Startup advice in 13 sentences.

Welcome to the future. A full dual-core computer in a USB stick. Very James Bond.

Sports Stars and Social Media is going to be huge soon enough, even in Ireland.

BBC documentary on perfume. Part 1 of episode 1:

Fluffy Links – Friday October 28th 2011 (MDH day)

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Lots of free books for your Kindle, you know.

Can Ireland become the biggest social and games hub? Thoughts from Dylan Collins, the guy that is working to get startups to move to Ireland as of this week btw.

In case you were wondering, you can use this service from O2 to block texts from people

A set of podcasts from the University of Oxford on reasoning, critical thinking and argumentation.

Bit Google overselly but the Zero Moment of Truth should be read by anyone selling online.

How To… Create a Basic KPI Dashboard in Excel 2010

Audiofu Clinic next Tuesday in Crane Lane at 8pm.

How Our Social Circles Influence What We Do, Where We Go, and How We Decide.

Mark Cuban on the Occupy Wallstreet movement. Good advice that can be used elsewhere.

The 1%

From a marketing message, the Hello Divorce, Bye Bye Daddy posters were brilliant.

Prime numbers are lovely, right?

Feynman on curiosity.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday 12th October 2011

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Tiny Telephone Exchange. New band. Check our their soundcloud.

Internet Privacy and the Right to be Forgotten a talk by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Professor, Oxford. Tuesday 25 October at 12.45p.m. (Warning Deputy Dawg type droopy sad face after link)

A talk on emotion being a key part of marketing. I dunno. Not sure if this fully works. Also, you’re adopted.

A nice campaign from UNHCR. It’s called ‘do 1 thing’. You can support refugees and asylum seekers with the campaign by donating, campaigning or just learning a single fact and share what you’ve done. I like the fact that they really don’t push for donations. Other orgs in the charity space have been on record as saying they want donations and nothing more. Refreshing. The campaign runs until Monday 24 October. is an online store where you can buy eco-friendly products. Good name is that. Also they share tips for a more green halloween. Nothing to do with dressing up as the Hulk.

Lovely post by JP about Steve Jobs and how you can like his work and that of Apple even if you’re an open source supporter. And also reminded me to read this old Playboy interview that’s a fascinating insight into the man.

Agnes Obel. Cork. December. Woo.


Fluffy Links – Monday October 3rd 2011

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Tweekaboo gets nice coverage in the Business Post. (Disclosure: they’re a client)

Simon Geraghty is blogging about starting his own business and pine martins. Looking forward to more posts.

And on that. Giant giant list of apps/tools/resources for startups.

Netflix got into trouble from a lot of people for pretty much getting rid of renting physical DVDs but still paying the same for the service and then bringing it back as a sister business. One of the founders, now no longer there gives his take. He supports the idea and gives great insight into the history of the company. 95% of revenue was from selling DVDs not renting in year one and then they killed it off. Ballsy.

Nice post about the resurrection and plummet of Nixon both done via TV. Never heard of the Checkers speech before.

Nice post by Ian Power on how converts Facebook fans into paying fans.

Facebook and photos. Holy crap, every photo online appears to reside there now.

Cork Opera House, Corcadorca present The Winter’s Tale:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday September 20th 2011

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Mulley Comms wants someone to write about Hard Working Class Heroes for them. Expenses and ticket costs covered.

The Business Post covered the Mulley Comms Teen Smoking Survey recently. Some of the data was unexpected and eye-opening. Reasons for giving up saw cost and health equally matched and what many already know: the anti-smoking ads don’t work.

I’m going way up North in a few weeks to talk Online PR/Crisis Comms.

Cork based FundIt Project – Partly Cloudy are looking for support.

Culture Night in Cork is this Friday. I’m away, of course. Nice lineup of things to do. The Cork Printmakers one looks good.

Still reading the book – Nudge. Interesting bit in it that people will spend sometimes up to twice as much on desirable items because the option to pay with credit card is there.

Concern Worldwide will host the 10th annual NetHope Global Member Summit at Intel’s Innovation Centre in Leixlip from 7-11 November

Been doing the rounds in mainstream news now. Lovely way of lighting up homes in developing countries, for almost nothing using Coke bottles.

via Ebby Giant cows made from recycled car parts.

Midnight City by M83 from their new album