Fluffy Links – Friday October 28th 2011 (MDH day)

Lots of free books for your Kindle, you know.

Can Ireland become the biggest social and games hub? Thoughts from Dylan Collins, the guy that is working to get startups to move to Ireland as of this week btw.

In case you were wondering, you can use this service from O2 to block texts from people

A set of podcasts from the University of Oxford on reasoning, critical thinking and argumentation.

Bit Google overselly but the Zero Moment of Truth should be read by anyone selling online.

How To… Create a Basic KPI Dashboard in Excel 2010

Audiofu Clinic next Tuesday in Crane Lane at 8pm.

How Our Social Circles Influence What We Do, Where We Go, and How We Decide.

Mark Cuban on the Occupy Wallstreet movement. Good advice that can be used elsewhere.

The 1%

From a marketing message, the Hello Divorce, Bye Bye Daddy posters were brilliant.

Prime numbers are lovely, right?

Feynman on curiosity.

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday October 28th 2011 (MDH day)”

  1. dahamsta says:

    I get nothing on that O2 page. Blank article.

  2. Link fixed. Someone reads my blog, yay!