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App School by Contrast builds your dreams

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

So the Backstreet Boys of Irish Web Dev have come up with a great idea in these recessiontastic times: For one week they build an app for you. You do the dreaming, they do the making. You do have to pay them €865 and they take 5% but do realise that you have an experienced team building you a web app. That’s amazing value for money.

You have til Thursday to submit an idea. Hurry!

Facebook Ad Fail by

Monday, October 6th, 2008

If you are going to have a sponsored ad like this in my newsfeed: facebook ad

Sending me to a jobs search results page is wasting my time and only makes me want to give out that a media company should know how to do Facebook ads. are MORONS.

It’s a free 5k for your business

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Today is the deadline for the EI Innovation Vouchers though they are available again in November. They allow you to get a voucher to the value of €5000 and spend it with a University, Institute of Technology or a Research Group to do some R&D or work for you. Fair enough it might not be a lot and many of these knowledge providers scoff at the idea of doing something for that amount of money but you can pool your vouchers with other companies. Think about it. Look at all the other companies you are friendly with. Why not come up with an idea between all of you and run with it? Surveys, usability, testing out new food product ideas, creation of software or running stats on public data. Loads of possibilities. I’ve applied for one which I hope to spend with the NCI.

And on that note. Remember all that amazing data from the past 10 years of Why not use it and do a project using your EI Voucher? Don’t turn down five grand from the Government, you might never have the opportunity again especially in these hard times.

Business Blogging, Online Marketing training in Dublin

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Feedback from the talk I gave last week for the Irish Computer Society has been very good, thanks to the few dozen people that came along and who might now be reading this blog! The lunchtime talk was a taster for two training days I’ll be doing for the ICS. One is on Business Blogging and the other is on Online Marketing.

lining up
Photo owned by saragoldsmith (cc)

If you didn’t realise that changing the titles of your pages on you website can drastically improve your Google ranking, that your blog can potentially get you book deals, that paying for Google ads for your website name is a bit of a waste and that despite Bebo being horrible and rash inducing in adults you have to be there to market to those under 22, then it’s worth coming along to these courses. Both courses plonk you in front of a computer too so you’re doing practical stuff, not just watching me in front of 300 powerpoint slides.

I think there’s also a special price deal for non-ICS members and also if you book the two of them. Give the ICS a call if you do want to attend. They are the only Business Blogging (October 15th) and Online Marketing (October 29th) courses I’ll be doing until next year in Dublin.

Yemisi Blake
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Few more sponsorship opps for the Web Awards

Monday, September 29th, 2008

A few more sponsorship opportunities have popped up for the Web Awards.

Mulley Communications

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

I guess I should have blogged this before the Sunday Times mentioned the company name.

Once the Web Awards are over and done with, will be the home of Mulley Communications Ltd. Once again built and designed by the amazing John Blackbourn. After much pushing and encouragement (you happy now Keith?) I’ve now left the dayjob and am working for myself. The various training bits and bobs I’ve been doing will hopefully keep me going for the next while. What started off with Business Blogging training has now moved into Online Marketing training, Media/PR training and early next year (after I do some study) I’ll be giving training on Presentation Skills, something I think is really lacking in most companies.

Training is the core of the business with a bit of consulting and mentoring as well but I see myself as a trainer first. Of course there’s the Web Awards sideline and Mulley Communications are also working on two products for the media and advertising industry. More on that in January!

Now back to Web Awards planning…

inrgb business card front
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Irish Comms Minister uses to get feedback.

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

I’m impressed. Post here. And it was him, not a handler or some joker.

The event the Minister is inviting people to is a roundtable discussion or rather 12 tables of people discussing the Broadband issues. Representatives from Govt, the telcos, consumers, the regulator and wider industry will be at each table, if I correctly recall what I was told.

Places are limited so if you want to have your voice heard you can join the NGB discussion forum on Spammado
and give your replies to questions there. It’s very odd though that the forum is marked as private and invite only. It should be made public for people to read the replies from people. It also has pathetic rules (stored in a powerpoint file)such as “We will delete any bad language!”.

How does one call bullshit in a succint way? When you do enter that forum (if given access), you’ll see it almost right away.

Despite all those issues, please do try and join and get your opinion viewed. If you have issues let me know, you can always post your comments here.

Tuesday Push 23rd September 2008 –

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Download Music

Probably an established brand in the Irish Web Scene these days, is a simple service with all the complex stuff hidden away. Buy music off the site or via their SMS shortcode. You get a copy sent to the phone and to an online download link so you can have a copy on your computer too. All for a euro.

I’ve already covered the album that they brought out. One of the guys behind the site is Johnny Beirne who has been a music fan forever and always has been involved with independent music in Ireland so this site sprung from his passion in this area. Some of the best businesses out there have been created by people that have been immersed in their market and want to improve it or see a painpoint that can be addressed.

If you’ve not seen before, go and have a look.

If you want your technology/product listed on the Tuesday Push, then fill in this form here. We’re not interested in some rebadged or reskinned piece of technology, you have to have added some kind of IP to your service. To see the benefits of the Tuesday Push, read Gordon’s blog post on it.

Protest against Government bail outs of property developers

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

FYI via The Property Pin, Karl from is organising a demonstration outside the Dáil:

WHAT: Peaceful demonstration to protest against Government bail outs of property developers.

WHERE: Outside the Dail at the junction of Molesworth Street and Kildare Street in Dublin 2

WHEN: Thursday 25th September at 1:30 p.m.

WHY: Bailing out the property market is a mistake.

LinkedIn DirectAds launches – USA Only, some figures

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Edit: Well that’s a screw up! This was launched in July! Slow news Summer for!

LinkedIn DirectAds

Chris alerted us all on Twitter than the new LinkedIn DirectAds have launched.

Some thoughts and figures from playing around with LinkedIn DirectAds:

You can go er direct to the Directads creation page to run your own ads. It runs a bit like the Facebook SocialAds idea. Target ads to people. You can target them based on: Company Size, Job Function, Industry, Seniority, Gender, Age, Geography

LinkedIn DirectAds


There are 12,449,658 members in the United States who you can now target a LinkedIn DirectAd to. United States only right now, hopefully the rest of the world to follow. Also LinkedIn charge per impression, not click. The basic charge is $10.00 per 1,000 impressions. As you make your ad more targeted, they charge more. For example to target women or men only it’s $13.00 per 1,000 impressions. To target women aged 25-34 it’s $16.00 per 1,000 impressions.

I actually like that idea of charging more for targeting. Facebook doesn’t mind how targeted you get but there is more value in targeted ads really.Trouble is that LinkedIn will only allow you target based on two or less of the seven target types. This is odd.

LinkedIn DirectAds

Some additional figures :

Company profiles:

211,137 are self employed
513,697 in a company with 1-10 employees
640,016 in a company with 11 to 50 employees
802,168 in a company with 51-200 employees
562,431 in a company with201-500
479,299 in a company with501-1000
1,129,009 in a company with1001-5000
560,801 in a company with 5001-10,000
2,404,600 in a company with 10000+

Added up you get 7,303,158 who have filled this in.

Oddly, when you check the Seniority box you are told 1,296,023 are the owners of their business, yet 211,137 are self employed. Hmmmz.

Age Profiles

18,841 are aged 18-24
623,310 are aged 25-34
1,428,227 are aged 35-54
102,392 are aged 55+
When you tick all the boxes you get 2,172,770

So that means you are missing 10 Million people if you send an ad based on age


On gender there are 4,752,304 women from the U.S. on LinkedIn and 5,625,916 men. Which gives 10,378,220 that have filled in their gender. So 2 Million in the U.S. have not.

There are 1,423,490 people on LinkedIn who say they’re from New York


All in all, this is good. I’m sure mySpace and maybe even Bebo will come along now too and offer something like this. I hear it’ll be 2009 before mySpace can offer these type of targeted ads.