App School by Contrast builds your dreams

So the Backstreet Boys of Irish Web Dev have come up with a great idea in these recessiontastic times: For one week they build an app for you. You do the dreaming, they do the making. You do have to pay them €865 and they take 5% but do realise that you have an experienced team building you a web app. That’s amazing value for money.

You have til Thursday to submit an idea. Hurry!

3 Responses to “App School by Contrast builds your dreams”

  1. Hoting365 are also supporting with €3,000 euro in Hosting on our enterprise Cloud Platform to ensure the app has a safe, secure home for the first year of its life.

  2. Cheers for the mention and for reviving the band gag! 🙂

  3. Allan says:

    That sounds like a great value. I like how they want some skin in the game. I was just over on their blog asking if they still build for clients. I saw that they had launched their own product and thought they might want to focus on their own thing.