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Tuesday Push gets syndicated by SiliconRepublic

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Big thanks to Thomas and Bernice from BVisible for putting this together and to John Kennedy in Siliconrepublic for believing in it and offering these new online and offline spaces. Edit: Added in thanks to Bernice and BVisible!

The Tuesday Push, a co-op of people that big up a product or service every second week will now also be syndicated on SiliconRepublic and Digital21 and we may see it pop up in print as part of the eThursday Supplement in The Irish Independent. Woo.

Gordon and myself have updated the page that lets you know the criteria for a Tuesday Push. It should be clearer now. Want a push, you have to push. One for all, all for one. Cliché this, cliché that.

We have a good deal of people pushing away and giving amazing feedback on those presenting themselves but most of the companies that submit themselves for a push are not pushing other companies, thus they get rejected. If you want in, start pushing. It’s worth it as you’ll get great coverage once you get covered but probably more importantly, the people that push every second Tuesday are a mighty fine network of people and their combined analysis is worth a fortune and from what I can see they’re educating each other a lot too.

If you are a company that wants coverage then consider signing up but know the payback is medium to long-term. See SiliconRepublic article on this.

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A fun week of events

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Three events this past week proved fun.

Socialist party social media press conference
First was the Socialist party social media press conference on Sunday. The first time a political party in Ireland did a conference for bloggers and interacted with them in the room, on uStream so there was streaming video tot he web and also taking questions via Twitter. Bit of the future right there methinks. Joe Higgins was a good host and his team of supporters did a great job making it all fall into place.

I + 1/4 of an N
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Show and Tell with Sony Ericsson
This was on Tuesday night in the Odeon and muchos thanks to them for supplying the venue for free. Big big thanks to Sony Ericsson for sending along a very patient staffer and to Clarify, their PR people, for putting it together. Looks like we’ll have more Show and Tell events over the next while with the format slightly changed after feedback. Details on how other companies can take part in Show and Tell.

MeasurementCamp Dublin
Wow, didn’t it do well? 70 people turned up MeasurementCamp Dublin. Big big numbers. Loads of new faces. This is going to be a monthly event and maybe we can bring it to other places in Ireland besides Dublin. Enjoyed myself at this and well done Lauren for putting so much effort into it.

Fred Wilson talks disruption at Google

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Show and Tell with Sony Ericsson, Tuesday 26th of May, Dublin

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

The Show and Tell series of tech meets as previously mentioned will kickstart next Tuesday evening at 7pm at the Odeon in Dublin with Sony Ericsson showing off some of their gear and telling us of upcoming products. Given it’s the first event we don’t know exactly will the format work or not but it’s worth trying. No sales pitches, just geeky goodness.

If you have questions you want to ask of Sony Ericsson in advance, leave them here or email me.

If you want to attend, leave a comment below. We’re limiting places to 25 people.

On the phone @ Manchester, UK
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Event: The Changing World in Sales – “Buyers Are Not Buying” – Dublin, June 3rd

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Burlington Hotel. At 7am. Thank god it’s only around the corner from where my bags stay in Dublin.

Big blurb:

This is a meet event organised by the Sales Leadership Ireland Linked In Group. This is a not-for-profit initiative.

SECTION 1: Interactive sessions with Speakers (45 minutes)

1) Introduction to Sales Leadership Ireland
– Niall Devitt, B2B Training

2) “Removing the New Bottlenecks in today’s Sales Processes” – 10 minutes
Niall Devitt of B2BTraining will lead a discussion on how sales challenges are always changing with changing markets, how to identify these changes and how to respond.

3) “Partnering into New Markets” – 10 minutes
Donagh Kiernan of Maidsfield Associates will present a case study of how corporate partnering is an effective method of entering new sectoral or regional markets.

4) “Engaging with Customers through New Media” – 20 minutes
Damien Mulley of Mulley Communications will discuss how new media can be used to communicate with your market and gain new business.

SECTION 2: Key Challenges Roundtables (1 hour)

Maximum attendees 30 – 3 round tables of 10

A number of identified Key Challenges in the industry today will be discussed and debated to share insights on how challenges can and are be met by members. The key challenges will be collected from the Sales Leadership Ireland – Linked-In Discussion Group.

For more details go to news and discussions sections @

Brainwashing the old guard in the cult of social media

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

There are many who see commercial companies and their PR reconnaissance staff as a bad thing for the web. Coming online and whoring various crappy products and services. Influencing bloggers by buying them a few drinks. Silencing critics by giving them a few freebies. I don’t agree. I see commercial companies joining the online space as a good thing but maybe not for them if they want to keep their comfortable status quo. The more the web is about everyone, the better. We need a realistic cross-section online like we have offline.

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter are a cult and we have the opportunity to brainwash so many companies into becoming truly open sourced in terms of IP and of attitude. Social media is infectious. Get close to it enough times and you’re a convert. A company will start blogging and Twittering and infecting itself despite all their internal rules. This social media cancer will come in and bit by bit will replace the rules based and rules drive old school attitudes with the idea that sharing is fun. All of a sudden the CEO is blogging and having conversations with other CEOs and all done in public. Customer support is done in public, metrics are shared in public. Look at the Conservatives’ website where they now share expense claims live on the web.You can even subscribe to them!

Kool-aid lunch box
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Look at how the best cults work. They are open to new members, they welcome them and nurture them while introducing their beliefs and livestyles and all of a sudden you have a convert. Then you get the convert to convert people.

So if you’re a company with bad customer service and you expect that to continue, that does not want to hear what people are saying about you and wants to dictate to the public, not have the public help run your organisation, then stay away from the web, it’ll kill you. Block Facebook, block blogs and especially block Twitter. All it takes is one person in your org to get converted and the illusionary walls you created for your fortress company will come tumbling down. Koolaid anyone?

Fuck The Recession – Word of mouth beats all

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

This blog of late has not been firing out the usual daily Fluffy Links and other semi-regualr afternoon posts. I’ve just been mad busy. So much for a downturn. Life for me and Mulley Communications is good. On a daily basis I’m getting people ringing me asking me to do training or consulting. Sometimes I’ll send them to someone else, I just don’t have the time. 2009 is when companies are thinking differently and some are taking skills back inhouse. They’re doing their own PR and Marketing or they are embracing the online medium for the first time.

This post isn’t bragging but to point out a very interesting fact: I have never sought work from anyone. No coldcalling, no emailing offering services. All the work is coming to me from people recommending my services. People, some of whom I don’t know, I have never met but they were a talk of mine or read this blog. Thank you!

angel of happiness
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The other interesting fact is that Google brings me nothing. Despite ranking well on this blog and on the Mulley Communications for various terms, people don’t contact me after finding me via Google. This is fascinating isn’t it? Twitter brings me work, people who read this blog, people who have seen me talk at events. All places where I am more human and where I have hundreds of interactions with hundreds of other people. Despite the huge effort put into SEO, it’s word of mouth that gets me business.

I did a post a while back about working with the media to get coverage. Is all about people and knowing them and it’s also for me about people knowing me. Just like the advice to never turn down a press interview, if asked to talk at an event, never decline if you are free and can make it. If there are 300 people, 30 or even 3 at the event, go there and one person at a time if needs be, show your ability and authority to them. Volume doesn’t matter in a world where everyone is one step or two away from millions of people. If one person recommends me to one other after an event then I’m sorted.

I also suggest to people that are doing press to act as a router for the media. If someone from RTE rings you up and it is’t your area, don’t leave it at that. Find someone that does cover that area and give those details to the media. Help them to do their work. The same goes when people ringing me ask me to build them a site or do traditional PR or do tech support. I’ll find people for them.

Express Your Feeling!
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Always add value to a connection

Connections to me are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Phone
  • Conferences
  • Talks

If you get an email from someone, give them something of value back. Same with phone. Twitter. You get the idea. Go to Barcamps and contribute. Do this either by adding to a discussion or sitting on a panel or giving a talk. Give talks at colleges or companies if asked. Paid and unpaid. If you can send people home with new knowledge then they’ll associate it with you. It’s amazing the way people have sent me business over the past 12 months soley because they saw me talk at an event. One thing to note though is this is the long game, not the short game. Momentum to get word of mouth recommendations takes time to build but so far in my experience it hasn’t slowed down. Fuck the recession, give out value to get it back.

Want a discount for the iQ BootCamp?

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

iQ Content have offered those that read a discount of 20% on tickets to their Bootcamp. This is probably the best web training event in Ireland every year and covers everything that a business that’s serious about the web needs.

So you get 20% tickets for this three-day event but because there is an early bird offer on right now, you can actually get a 40% discount. The event is on June 9th-11th 2009. I think I might be doing something at it too, not sure, if not I’ll still be going.

To avail of it all you need to do is enter Fluffy as the discount code when booking online.

Package design is great

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

All the same product:


Another gobshite wants to regulate Irish Blogging

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Simon Palmer from Republic PR, come on down. People are saying things on the Internet that he can’t control.

Simon wants a code of conduct and a watchdog for those that blog. I bet he’d also like women to lose that vote that we gifted them with recently.

Ideally, the Irish blogging sector should have a professional membership body with a code of conduct. Even better, they could come under the remit of a watchdog for blogs that would have a role similar to an ombudsman.

Simon suggests he contacted Irish bloggers to have coverage about a client removed. Can those bloggers he contacted step forward?

These days, though, news spreads fast, so the story was quickly on the blogs. When I started to contact those blogs, I presumed they would also want to ensure the information they were covering was correct.

The reaction, however, was surprising. The majority of bloggers couldn’t have cared less whether the details they’d printed were accurate or not.

How many bloggers? I’m thinking he contacted a dozen the way that’s phrased.

They seemed to think they had turned into Ireland Inc’s answer to Perez Hilton just because they were writing a blog. Others justified passing on inaccurate information by saying that they were repeating what had been written in the papers, which is simply passing the buck.

So come on folks. Can the Irish Perez Hiltons step forward and show us the emails that Simon Palmer sent you? No comments by Simon on any blogs either. Blogging relations 101?

The bit of the article I find most troubling and actually sinister is how Simon goes about his business with the media:

It allows me to bring them closer to the story by giving them‘‘ off the record’’ information, or details on an ‘‘unattributable basis’’, confident that I am protected by their professional standards and that what is agreed as off the record and unattributable will remain exactly that.

Unfortunately, this is not something I can feel confident of when dealing with most blogs.

Yeah bloggers have a low tolerance for bullshit and fakery I suppose. How sneaky is that? What a cynical way of dealing with the media. That’s the complete opposite to transparency and openness.

I’m not at all surprised it was someone from the PR world that wrote this. If ever there was an industry all about control, it’s this one. Well it used to be actually. Thank god this is changing though. It’s great to see so many Irish PR companies embrace the new ways of doing business and communicating. Many of those that have yet to do so are asking how to do it and are going about educating themselves. Not all though. Some seem to want to lock the doors and windows of their firm and hope that web thing will go away. Slightly embarassing too that the PR Institute of Ireland was all hip and cool by including a Twitter question in a recent exam. And getting it oh so wrong. Still, they tried.

I know, let’s censor and create a special code of conduct for PR companies that they have to tell 100% of the truth and can’t do the shadow lurking off-record bits anymore just because one of them is clueless. Yes, let’s rail against 1000s for one of them being a fool. Oh right yeah, that’d be stupid.

The Republic PR website is a hoot too. Check out their balog. Love this phrase too.

Marketing over the internet is a critical part of any companies marketing

Who the fuck wrote it? Marketing over the Internet. Is that MoIP like VoIP?

Update: The PRII have their AGM next week. Head along to Jurassic Park and spot a brontosaurus.

Tommy has his say.