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Fluffy Links – Wednesday January 28th 2009

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Late in the day but here they are:

Walter is running an alternative to the Blog Awards. I very much support this.

Clown funerals. In Ireland. (Thanks Mick!)

Matching wine to Foodie blogs.

The Web 2.0 roadshow for Irish adland.

Dublin City Council have a blog for their City Development Plan.

Hack the Government day. (Their data)

The top pages on Facebook (by users) and their growth rates.

Via BoingBoing: Mark Lanegan and Kurt Cobain sing Leadbelly

No bloggers need apply

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Cos there’s loads of you after answering Sinéad’s survey on blogging. She now would like more normals to fill it in. (My dig, not hers) If you’re a non-blogger can you fill in this survey please? Thanks.

IGO People – The Tuesday Push

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Connecting Indviduals, Groups and Organisations to each other. Doing something so simple but in a meaningful and structured way is actually very complicated but that’s what IGO People does and does well.

IGO People

If you talk to the people behind this service, they believe very passionately about using technology to make the world better for people and the aim or one of them for IGOPeople is to get people to talk to each other and sort things out. It’s nice that if you have an issue you can address it to a group or company whether they are there or not and from the way I believe it works, they can officially come along and address youe issues. They need not be customer care issues either, just queries. We’ve already seen blogs as a place where people can get soapboxing and get satisfaction but IGO People is purposed to help you do this better with others around you.

It’s a very clever service and it’s Irish and it has some fun stuff happening on it already. Well done to them.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday January 27th 2009

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

So we’re having a “Blog Awards Week” instead of just a Blog Awards day. On Tuesday the 17th of February we hope to run some kind of Foodie Blogger event. On the 18th there’ll be a Blog/Book thingymajig and that evening is Collision Course II, on the Thursday there’ll be something during the day and then the Battle of the Bloggers at SoundCheck. On the Friday, there’ll be something too. All fun y’all.

New Blog: RecessionWoman

Not everybody can be rich and nobody should be poor, but we should be able to live somewhere in the middle with a minimum of bullshit.

Ben’s mature guide to the Blog Awards. Delighted to see he feels so comfortable wearing women’s clothes.

Got 5 mins for Niall O’K’s survey? Ag go wan. 5 mins. Just 5.

This could go on forever and a bit. Worst Irish Film names. “Jesus Christchurch Super Spar”

Klara’s new blog. She can’t have just two blogs though. Heard her next blog is all about Yaoi. Also know as Benslashfiction.

It’s wrong to laugh. That much.

MAXRoam and Dopplr. A very good fit.

Tofu almost sounds nice with this dish. Almost.

So Beautiful Jobs are another site offering free jobs listings but for the whole of 2009. A job site for the Beauty Industry in Ireland. Heh, they say facial a lot. About 13, that’s my mental age, like you needed to ask.

We Are Scientists – Hoppipolla Cover Sigur Ros

The push for companies on a Tuesday

Monday, January 26th, 2009

The Tuesday Push is coming back for another while. First one is tomorrow. There was a bit of a hiatus as I was busy with other things and also deciding the future of it.

Some clarifications
Unfortunately it seems people started taking advantage of what they saw as a free marketing resource for their company without having to give anything back, which is the opposite of what this is about. This is about a co-op mentality where the group involved with the Tuesday Push all helped each other out when it became the turn of those pushed. Many that signed up didn’t even want something pushed, they wanted to just help out. If you don’t have a blog or method of promoting people then the Tuesday Push is not for you. Creating a blog for this isn’t good enough either. Creating a blog and expecting 15 other blogs to talk you up on your first week isn’t going to wash either.

Another thing that people missed or I wasn’t clear about was the service has to be a unique proposition. Online stores are not unique. Rebadging off the shelf tech that was licenced or purchased is nothing new or very interesting, even if you’re selling yellow penguins that go moo in the store. Anyone can build a site using VBulletin.

Hopefully with these clarifications we can start to get attention to some clever and interesting companies and products which in turn can help the wider group.

Myself and Gordon will be looking after the Tuesday Push and there is now also a Tuesday Push twitter account. The next pushee is tomorrow and features IGO People.

The form for Tuesday Push is here.

Fluffy Links – Monday January 26th 2009

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Damien Blake is finishing up being a politician. He’ll still be in politics though. Best of luck Damien!

BizCamp is on March the 7th
in Dublin. With a tagline of “F**k the Recession”. Their stars, not mine. Turns out they mean “Feck” 🙂

Digital Marketing jobs from Cybercom.

Meanwhile: Rocket Jobs are doing free jobs listings for employers.

Agree with Johnnie. Litter is caused by male teenagers and they are pigs? Wrong marketing!

PopeTube not so hot. Maybe he should show a little more skin? He probably needs a bit of Queer Eye for the Pope guy.

Kevin Kelly on ownership in a digital world.

Via Steve – Art comes to the iPhone with the Brushes app. I’m seriously impressed:

Best way to get the kids to cycle to school? (They can’t take the bus now after the cuts) – Buy one of these cars, they’d sooner walk than be in it with you. A very QVC moment from the Greens:

Saying that, I applaud the Greens for at least doing something on the web. They even have a TD using Twitter and doing it properly.

Just to annoy

Sunday, January 25th, 2009


Stenner is the dude, not me

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

The Indo today (Heylo) suggested I was the one that did the Hope, Dope, Nope poster. No, I only pointed it out. Stenner is the genius that did that and the Rick O’Che one too.

Hopes and Dopes
Click on the image to get the full sized image or go here.

You don’t have to work with him, I do

Saturday, January 24th, 2009


National Broadband Scheme Launch

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

The Department of Communications invited me along to the launch of the National Broadband Scheme yesterday after I emailed them and asked them to invite me. Like the people who nominated themselves for blog awards, I was shocked and surprised at getting invited.

And the scheme? Lovely use of numbers to talk about this major investment. Minister Eamon Ryan talked about how all these new people on broadband will lift the whole economy in these dark days

He talked about his own web company he ran from his bedroom on dialup 10 years ago and I thought that’s exactly the speed some people are getting now and will still get with a mobile dongle at the edge of a broadband scheme area. Working from home is great though, pants being optional is fantastic. Wearing suits all day must be a killer for the Minister.

Anyway, if the vision of a nation of small businesses operating online is to come true then they’ll need something a damned sight better than a 3G dongle. I know some businesses do operate using one but they can basically handle email and very light web surfing. An office with 5-6 computers though? And only allowed one connection? Or do they pay for 1 per computer? 100 euros a month for a connection that a business in Dublin can get for 20 euros.

If you can’t get a 3G signal then they’ll give you a satellite dish and you still pay €19.99 per month for about 1Mbps down and a 15 Gig download limit. 8% of those under the scheme will get this and I’m sure given the cost of it, Three and the Department will do their best to give you a dongle when a satellite dish might be better.

This is the reality of rural life and broadband. Let’s see what Dave’s story is like in a year or two years or three years.

And for those in areas that the Department said are already covered? Yesterday the tone was polite but they were still saying “tough shit”. The Department said that they can’t subsidise people where there are line of sight issues with Irish Broadband or Digiweb or line failure issues with eircom. These apparently are technical issues and are up to the providers to sort out. The Department said the EU won’t let them subsidise, which again I’d argue is not correct. Once a statement from said ISP says they can’t supply to that person, then they can be subsidised. That’s what I read in the docs the EU sent to the Department.

So, for those who will still be shafted, one way of getting broadband is to find a friend who is in an NBS area and will be getting a dish not a dongle. Then have this friend either order another connection for the barn next door or get your friend’s neighbours not interested in a broadband connection to order one. A satellite installer will happily move it and reinstall it to your place.

Read more about NBS here.