The push for companies on a Tuesday

The Tuesday Push is coming back for another while. First one is tomorrow. There was a bit of a hiatus as I was busy with other things and also deciding the future of it.

Some clarifications
Unfortunately it seems people started taking advantage of what they saw as a free marketing resource for their company without having to give anything back, which is the opposite of what this is about. This is about a co-op mentality where the group involved with the Tuesday Push all helped each other out when it became the turn of those pushed. Many that signed up didn’t even want something pushed, they wanted to just help out. If you don’t have a blog or method of promoting people then the Tuesday Push is not for you. Creating a blog for this isn’t good enough either. Creating a blog and expecting 15 other blogs to talk you up on your first week isn’t going to wash either.

Another thing that people missed or I wasn’t clear about was the service has to be a unique proposition. Online stores are not unique. Rebadging off the shelf tech that was licenced or purchased is nothing new or very interesting, even if you’re selling yellow penguins that go moo in the store. Anyone can build a site using VBulletin.

Hopefully with these clarifications we can start to get attention to some clever and interesting companies and products which in turn can help the wider group.

Myself and Gordon will be looking after the Tuesday Push and there is now also a Tuesday Push twitter account. The next pushee is tomorrow and features IGO People.

The form for Tuesday Push is here.

17 Responses to “The push for companies on a Tuesday”

  1. Michele says:

    That makes sense 🙂
    I get a lot of random queries from people asking to be featured on

  2. Joe Scanlon says:

    Sounds great – looking forward to helping out

  3. Gordon says:


    Are there any prerequisites or contact methods for

  4. Niall Larkin says:

    As “one of those who just want to help out” I love the Tuesday Push idea and ethos. More power to you guys.

  5. Michele says:

    @Gordon – I have to like it or find it useful – it’s wholly subjective, so if you wanted to submit a football site you’d really be out of luck!

  6. Gordon says:


    Cool. I was curious for future reference, I don’t have anything to request anyway, especially not football related.

  7. paul savage says:

    I must start pushing. Is there a list available in advance of what we will be writing about ?


  8. Good to see the Tuesday Push back.

    Delighted that IGOpeople is up for the push! – if anyone wants to know more or chat what we are up to and how we are getting along – get in touch

  9. Gita says:

    So we keep pushing through blog / twitter and … ? I would like to know what should be written too.

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