IGO People – The Tuesday Push

Connecting Indviduals, Groups and Organisations to each other. Doing something so simple but in a meaningful and structured way is actually very complicated but that’s what IGO People does and does well.

IGO People

If you talk to the people behind this service, they believe very passionately about using technology to make the world better for people and the aim or one of them for IGOPeople is to get people to talk to each other and sort things out. It’s nice that if you have an issue you can address it to a group or company whether they are there or not and from the way I believe it works, they can officially come along and address youe issues. They need not be customer care issues either, just queries. We’ve already seen blogs as a place where people can get soapboxing and get satisfaction but IGO People is purposed to help you do this better with others around you.

It’s a very clever service and it’s Irish and it has some fun stuff happening on it already. Well done to them.

3 Responses to “IGO People – The Tuesday Push”

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  2. Paul says:

    Subscribed to IGOPeople for free month’s trial.
    Wished to contact them using the traditional means (e.g. landline, mobile and email). None of which works. As a result, cancelling subscription as of today as don’t know if this site is dead or alive. If this company is closed it would be simple to organise a recorded message on phone lines or set up an auto email response.

    On another note, if all of the founders have packed up and emigrated why not open up the site to a free subcription model funded by advertising. It mightn’t make anyone rich at the moment but would stand a chance at growing and figuring out other revenue models in the future. Sure’s there’s a few volunteers interested in manning it…

  3. Cormac says:

    @ Paul apologies for the contact details on the site, this has now been fixed. Please contact me at cormac@igopeople.com and I would be happy to help out. Best regards Cormac