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Fianna Fáil’s John Hanafin on Church Child Abuse

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009


On that corruption of anger, it is important to look at whether those who did wrong were doing so by instruction from the top, as happens, say, when people overreact and use the words “concentration camp”. In a concentration camp, the instruction from the authorities is to treat people in a certain manner. The children were not treated according to the diktat, rules, regulations and statements of the church and those who did those things were further away from the church than the poor innocent victims.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday May 26th 2009

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Anyone but The Chairman.

Show and Tell is tonight. Odeon. 7pm.

Fruits competition from Made in Hollywood.

Eibhlin Byrne electioneering.

New blog: The Mirror Crack’d

and Nother. Unstranger.

Magnet Networks are on Twitter and are interacting.

Top 5 Funniest things people said to me when my father died.

Milton Glaser. A docu.

Ode to George:

NCI and Metro want to give you 20k worth of education and more

Monday, May 25th, 2009

The competition is the ‘Change Your Life Education Fund‘ – entrants submit a 2,000 word essay with an application form (available from NCI website), and could win a prize package worth €35,000. This is made up of an education fund worth 20K (with NCI), and other supports like mentoring, executive coaching, a laptop & software, gym membership, book allowance and even a personal styling package.

The essay in 200 words or less is the answer to the question: Why do you want to change your life, and how could education help?

There are more details on the website.

Fluffy Links – Monday May 25th 2009

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Gordon Murray’s new company Murrion Software has a blog called Murmurs.

Arguing on the Internet. A guide.

Good List of speakers so far for 3D Camp in Limerick. On June 9th.

Via David: New website for parents of kids with Autism living in West Cork.

New blog: At least to me – Superboreen.

The Economics of Attention.

Offset 2009 in Dublin. Designy goodness. This looks great.

Yer man Hurley from Lost has a blog. Talks about food a lot. Now now.

Swimming Pool marketing.

If Movie companies went a little bit too far with viral marketing:

Via Thrillpier Neil Young – A Day in the Life

Joe Higgins social media press conference

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

So at 5pm this evening a few bloggers and Twitter folks and normal people will be at the IFI where Joe Higgins will be doing a press conference type meeting where he’ll be asked questions on his campaign to be an M.E.P. and other things like that.

You can direct questions to him via his Twitter account if you’re not there and you can also watch and send in questions via uStream. (The vid below will go live around 5pm):

Live video chat by Ustream

Here you cans send in questions:

Fred Wilson talks disruption at Google

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Catholic Church in Ireland

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

The Report on physical, sexual and mental abuse committed by the Catholic Church in Ireland has been out a few days and there seems to be far more outrage in other countries than here. The various political leaderships seem afraid to make any comment about this, getting spokespeople to comment instead. Now all the talk is about the Church having to pay more money. Cash isn’t justice and it doesn’t help highlight one of the darkest things about Ireland. It is my belief that every time someone does a google search for Catholic Church in Ireland, the abuse report should be front and centre. The Church itself has worked long and hard to bury the atrocities they committed. So if you feel the same way, why not link to the Report with the linking text Catholic Church in Ireland. Many would rather this report be forgotten, I’m not one of those.

Update: A powerpoint version of excerpts from just one section of the report is now online. Please consider embedding on your own blog or sending this to people on Facebook and Twitter.

Eamon Ryan says No to eircom nationalisation but…

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Speaking at the TIF Charity Ball tonight:

eircom’s future

Clearly the role of the incumbent, eircom, will be important in the context of investment for high speed broadband. I am aware that the ownership of the company is under consideration at the moment. It would not be appropriate for me to comment on any specific proposals that have emerged in this regard. I can, however, indicate that State ownership of eircom is not on my agenda. Nevertheless, the Government does attach very significant importance to eircom given its national telecommunications reach. I want to see an ownership and management in eircom that is focussed on efficient operating structures and on investment for the future. I believe eircom has much to offer an investor with a long term, strategic focus. The company generated revenues of over €2 billion in 2008 and had an operating profit (EBITDA) of over €700 million. However, the short term ownership model that we have witnessed in recent years leaves much to be desired and I would not welcome a similar model again. I would welcome, and indeed I would seek to facilitate in whatever ways I can, an investor who would have the capacity to invest in a long term business model that is bandwidth focussed. Cross platform competition is clearly critical to market development and the policy environment will continue to encourage platform competition. Similarly, open access and consumer protection will continue to be key policy and regulatory priorities. In that context, I believe eircom offers a collaboration minded investor, with a strong commitment to truly open access, a significant opportunity for solid investment. I further believe that the regulatory principles that I outlined above can facilitate eircom, and indeed, all service operators in making the necessary investment on a commercial basis.

Sounds like the State will help an investor out if they guarantee some things. I wonder would the Government do like they did when they bulk bought international bandwidth and resold it at cost?

Labour leader stays silent about church abuse but please watch his TV ad

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Not one comment from Eamon Gilmore about the Ryan report on their website. A big speech about unions though. It seems the most imporant thing for Gilmore right now is the TV ad that makes him look like Dad No. 1 in Ireland. That’s front and centre on the Labour site. All that Labour has thrown out is a comment about how Pat Rabbitte was right. Yeah, because the most important thing to say after a report of mass rape, deaths and abuse is Pat Rabbitte feeling smug. Labour care more about politics than the victims of abuse judging by their leader’s silence.

But then this is the party where a member of their core team supported a child rapist and wasn’t even censured by the party. Again, Labour and silence on child abuse.

Almost Fluffy Links – Friday May 22nd 2009

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

On Sunday Joe Higgins is holding what could be classed as a social media press conference. Bloggers can meet and chat to him in person at the IFI and it’s streamed on uStream so those at home can tune in and ask questions via UStream or Twitter.

Meanwhile RTE has an Election Blog that even allows comments and they have a whole host of new Twitter accounts including one from Prime Time.

Free vegetable seeds from Glenisk.

Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones