Catholic Church in Ireland

The Report on physical, sexual and mental abuse committed by the Catholic Church in Ireland has been out a few days and there seems to be far more outrage in other countries than here. The various political leaderships seem afraid to make any comment about this, getting spokespeople to comment instead. Now all the talk is about the Church having to pay more money. Cash isn’t justice and it doesn’t help highlight one of the darkest things about Ireland. It is my belief that every time someone does a google search for Catholic Church in Ireland, the abuse report should be front and centre. The Church itself has worked long and hard to bury the atrocities they committed. So if you feel the same way, why not link to the Report with the linking text Catholic Church in Ireland. Many would rather this report be forgotten, I’m not one of those.

Update: A powerpoint version of excerpts from just one section of the report is now online. Please consider embedding on your own blog or sending this to people on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Great idea!
    so how does this work – can i leave a link here Catholic Church in Ireland like that or do I need to make it a hyper link- as in from my website?

  2. Hi Claire, you need to do the hyperlink from your own site.

  3. JCD says:

    More outrage elsewhere? Have to disagree completely with you there. People I’ve spoken too have not only been left shellshocked by the extent of abuse but also shamed.

  4. I am as outraged and hurt as anyone by the findings of this report, but I find myself feeling some sympathy too for the many fine people within the Catholic Church who were trapped by the inertia of an organisation trying to protect itself from the truth.

    I have firsthand personal experience of a number of priests who were convicted of abuse-related charges; truly evil people; but there are also men out there burdened by having to wear the same habit.

  5. Philip says:

    I see your post is on page 1 of Google’s Catholic Church in Ireland already

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  7. Damien,

    Well done for taking the initiative to promote this. I think so many people were shocked this week, and it is so easy to stay mute. Hopefully this will mean more people will read the report and learn from it.

  8. Patrick says:

    I like it. +1 from Limerick Blogger.

  9. In reply to Francis Mahon, I agree with your sentiment entirely. But the Catholic Church in Ireland must be effectively torn down, I believe, if anything christian is to be saved. The fact that some of the roof tiles are sound doesn’t mean a thing if the foundations are rotten, based on corruption, greed, fear and abuse of power. This is the first thing that I can properly consider as a moral challenge to me in my adult life, and I can only consider myself lucky (maybe spared is a more biblical word) that I’m not facing it as an abuse victim. Those religious men and women of moral conviction and sturdy belief will weather this, and please God will help to rebuild the faith of a shaken people.

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  11. johnmryan says:

    Don’t like this idea at all, messing with search engines in this way just leads to miss information in the long run.

    Don’t get me wrong the Catholic Church is a mess, and I am ashamed by them, but I don’t see any point in doing what you suggest.

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  14. @johnmryan – could agree with you in that I would instinctively prefer search engines to work organically. However this is not misinformation – this report and the circumstances and offences to children behind it are a valid return for a Catholic Church in Ireland search.

    IMHO, keith

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  16. johnmryan says:

    @keith bohanna Good point!, however this kind of activity does lead to misinformation. Anyway u’d have to be hiding under a rock not to know whats been going on, which makes the whole idea kinda rudundant, if not well indented, however it can’t do any damage I suppose!

    Listen to me I am a walking talking contradiction! Welcome to my world.

  17. Mary says:

    I agree with JCD. People are appalled – both by the abuse and by the willingness of the State to avert their eyes for decades. That’s the other real outrage here. The church is already on its knees. It’s dreadful that the religious orders will foot only a relatively small portion of the financial bill but the real crime was that when the civil authorities were informed, nobody had the cojones to step in. Sure we can focus on a now-toothless and powerless church – but that just distracts us from the State’s sins of omission

  18. Justin Mason says:

    done. I cannot believe the stitch-up perpetrated by FF and the Church regarding these cases of abuse… on top of the initial horrors committed, it’s truly appalling to compound that with a “get out of jail free” pass as it appears they have done.

  19. Sean Smith says:

    Just to illustrate your point about other countries showing more concern about this scandal, Nicky Campbell’s Sunday show on the BBC discussed it with Colm O’Gorman yesterday –

    Breda O’Brien in the Irish Times tried to spread the blame but I can’t be bothered putting in a link to that, however the Cedar Lounge Revolution take her to task –

    There needs to be a major debate about what type of society we really want in this country but the lack of comment coming from any of the political leaders is very disturbing. If change is to happen its going to have to be from the ground up…

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  22. tipster says:

    The front page of the CORI website lists “Dates For Your Diary”, and in a sick irony they have the gall to inlude 4 June: International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

  23. Peter says:

    This youtube clip of an appearance by Michael O’Brien on Q&A May 25th, is also very powerful and should be seen by everyone.

  24. mark swiss says:

    It’s May 2009. I am in New York. In Ireland where I was born the government has just released a 2,600-page report “Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse”. A report dealing with the sexual and physical and mental abuse of children’s who were under the care of nuns and catholic brothers. Children taken from destitute families and pleased in workhouses.
    For 1500 years the Catholic Church has always engaged in brutality, molestation, and mental abuse.

    Please see the documentary on pedophilia called
    Crisis in the Irish Catholic Church
    it’s on YouTube.

    For 10 years the citizens of Ireland, now literate and educated have been pummeled with Catholic Church scandals of all stripes. Financial, sexual, theological, scandals.

    What is changed in Ireland is not or the behavior of the Catholic church. What has changed are the people of Ireland. I cannot make it clear enough. It is not the behavior of the Catholic Church that has changed, they have always behaved scandalously. What has changed and made the scandal visible to all is the Irish people. They’re no longer browbeaten guilt ridden isolated under the direction of the very people indulging in the scandalous behavior. They now have an objective measure of what scandalous is and as a consequence is now a second authority that can stay, “look you f**kers this is scandalous behavior stop it” without fear of reprisal.

    There are apologists, even at this late stage, for the Catholic Church. People are still trying to place the blame on the congregation the, “sheep of the flock” for not speaking out. The fact that such apologists exist and still are blind to irony to express of there opinion simply shows just how deep the brainwashing is.

    It is becoming clear that the Catholic Church wherever else it might be is without a doubt an organized group of men engage in pedophilia and in hiding pedophiles.

    This particular pope as worked for the last 20 years covering up child sexual abuse by priests all over the world. If he were the head of any other organization he would be on trial. The Italian government would send troops into the Vatican, arrest the pope, and his immediate underlings and lead them out in handcuffs. to be charged with intimidation, pedophile, of obstructing of justice.
    I wish the Irish people the wherewithal to say enough already you f**kers get out.

    The Catholic Church is the betrayed the Irish people. They are a disgrace they should pack their bags and leave heads bowed in shame for they have nothing to offer.

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  27. Darragh says:

    Done and Doner. May those responsible rot in hell.

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  29. dePeatrick says:

    Well done, at no 2 in google with guess who at no 1? the catholic church official website.
    You cheered up an otherwise dreary day.