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Double Edged Razor

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005

MSNBC Article on getting the best shave. Wet shave, shave *after* a shower, double edge traditional blade, hair brush for lathering in the shaving cream, glyercin based aftershave balm. Probably better than what I’m doing now. Shave before shower, wash face with exfoliating solution from Clinique, then put on Clinique shaving cream by hand, then shave using Mach3 blade and then AfterShave Healing Solution. I have to say though that since I changed to this regime from the old shaving foam and scrape with the blade, I’ve noticed a better shave, smoother face and less burn. I’m not a frigging brainwashed Clinique zombie I swear !

Skype Plugin for Outlook. Quite handy for those that use one of the most popular mail clients around. Integrates Skype with the Outlook Contact List.

Hey fucker. Careful who you spammed.

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005

Seems some Irish crowd comment spammed Bernie today. I was going to leave a comment on his blog but I’ll leave a trackback instead and prevent me from duplicating. Howya Bernie ! I got spammed by an Irish firm before by email, and it was the 2nd month in a row I got said spam after requesting by phone to be removed. I got on to the Data Commissioner about this. They emailed me today saying the investigation can take up to 6 months. I’m happy to wait but I do think it’s a bit much waiting that long.

And then tonight some crowd spammed me offering U2 tickets and all I had to do was text a premium number. Well firstly I’m getting on to their ISP –, then I’ll chat with RegTel and then I’ll talk to the Data Protection Commissioners. Oh, just noticed they used MS Office to write the email. I’ll have a word with The Irish BSA too. Yeah, I’m a right prick at times.

This is the full spam that was sent to me:

April 2nd – The aftermath

Saturday, April 2nd, 2005

I want this pin clock. The digits are made by pins being pushed out. Trés funky and cheapish.

Apparently I’m now known as David Mulley on the Planet of the Blogs news aggregator. I’m sure that’ll change soon. 🙂 I think that site done by Dr. John “Making the Biggest Webste in Ireland” Breslin will become a very very important hub of activity in the next while. Citizen Journalism at its best it just might become.

What have the Brits ever done for us ?

Friday, April 1st, 2005

What have the Brits ever done for us ? The latest from Langerland is being sent around by mail and IM all day. It’s excellent. Also see their Dáil Resuffled video.

EPIC or the Google Grid. This is a timeline lookback set in 2014 when Google controls the news. It’s a really interesting idea though I don’t think Friendster is all that important. Yahoo360 might start to make an impact though. With Google almost promising limitless email storage webspace and online diskspace are just around the corner, as I predicted.

Where the fuck is the Scobleizer ?

Thursday, March 31st, 2005

Where the fuck is the Scobleizer ?

4th in Google for “Robert” too. Nice.

(I forgot to mention when I posted this the other day that he hadn’t updated his blog in a while and I missed him. Oh good fuck I am a saddo. )

Writing tips.

Thursday, March 31st, 2005

Can’t recall where I founds this, it was linked from one of the sites on my blogroll. Anyways there is some really good advice here about writing. You know it’s good when it’s so bloody obvious.

and now back to tech.

Thursday, March 31st, 2005

I’m not a Google fanboy, I promise but there are some new things from Google which I find interesting. It seems Google is now implementing prefetching on the first results for a search. This only works with Mozilla, Netscape and FireFox now but IE7 might bring it in. More details on prefetching. I’m sure malicious pages could stick in a lot of these prefetching tags so that browsers will follow links to spam pages that contain ads. I wonder could this be used to increase clickthrus ? With Google using this feature it will become known to a lot more people so the chance of abuse will naturally increase.

On to Google Desktop matters… Here’s how you can Integrate Google Desktop Search into FireFox. and this lists the growing List of plugins for Google Desktop Search. I especially like the Omnipage plugin for scanned in images and documents.

Ode to my Grandfather

Wednesday, March 30th, 2005

Wrote this for my grandfather for his funeral last week:

A saying goes: “Death is more universal than life. Everyone dies but not
everyone lives.” Walter O’Driscoll lived his life and lived it well. He may
not have changed the world and he may not have made his fortunes but he still
leaves us with a wealthy legacy that impacts on our daily lives.

Part of his legacy is 16 children, dozens of grandchildren and a few great
grandchildren, all who would not be here today without him. He may not have
had many assets to his name but he has still left us all rich through
millions of memories and thousands of stories that feature him. We’re never
going to forget the man who brought up 10 children against the advice of so
many. When the Govt wanted to take the kids into care after his first wive
died he wouldn’t have it. He sacrificed a lot for his kids and did his best
to provide a safe place in the world for them. They may never have known each
other if this man gave in and allowed the kids to be sent away.

We’re never going to forget this man. Everytime we see a packet of sweet
afton or smell tobacco we’ll be reminded of him. We won’t be able to look at
a bottle of whiskey or taste it without thinking of Walter. His children will
see his mannerisms reflected in themselves and their children. They’ve seen
it already and as time progresses will see it more.

While we’re sending Walter off today and we’re sad we should also be happy
that we got to spend time with him and we should be overjoyed that we have so
many fond memories of time with the man.

Jeff Jarvis on the Future of Journalism

Wednesday, March 30th, 2005

Jeff Jarvis says Journalism is a verb, not a noun: “no one owns journalism. It is not an official act, a certified act, an expert act, a proprietary act. Anyone can do journalism. Everyone does. Some do it better than others, of course. But everyone does it.

Realizing that — embracing that — will be the key to saving journalism: its quality and its business.”

There’s been some great debate on the future of journalism and a lot of very good opinions are being put up online. Not sure are print journalists debating it as much or at all. The state of journalism is this country varies wildly. There are some savagely brilliant journalists and columnists in this country but there are some godawful ones too and they can both be in the same organisation. Many slag off IT Journos but it’s not just them. It seems the most important thing for some journalists now is how to copy and paste news releases. I’ve even noticed some don’t even run a spell check on releases or a grammar check. Has journalism always been this lazy ?

The interactivity and user participation ideas that the BBC and Guardian are bringing about are steps to the new “Way of the Journalist”. It would be nice to see the likes of the Irish Times and the Examiner allowing people to comment on each story they print and if needs be re-editing the online versions of the story to make them more factual or at least provide additional links to other sources if people want to read more.

I had considered setting up my own online news site in August when my stint with IrelandOffline was over, but it looks like I have a lot more work to do with them before I retire. Maybe I’ll do it next January ? 🙂

Wednesday, March 30th, 2005

So I just signed up for which seems to be an Irish blog aggregator. But where’s the RSS feed so I can plug it into own aggregator ? What’s the use of aggregating blogs if you don’t provide a feed itself of them ? I have 75+ sites in my blogroll now (see the left at bottom), I’m more inclined to view the site in my aggregator than typing in the link and checking back a few times a day. Might be handy too if we could have a url to ping to let the site know I’ve updated my site like and provides.