Double Edged Razor

MSNBC Article on getting the best shave. Wet shave, shave *after* a shower, double edge traditional blade, hair brush for lathering in the shaving cream, glyercin based aftershave balm. Probably better than what I’m doing now. Shave before shower, wash face with exfoliating solution from Clinique, then put on Clinique shaving cream by hand, then shave using Mach3 blade and then AfterShave Healing Solution. I have to say though that since I changed to this regime from the old shaving foam and scrape with the blade, I’ve noticed a better shave, smoother face and less burn. I’m not a frigging brainwashed Clinique zombie I swear !

Skype Plugin for Outlook. Quite handy for those that use one of the most popular mail clients around. Integrates Skype with the Outlook Contact List.

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