Hey fucker. Careful who you spammed.

Seems some Irish crowd comment spammed Bernie today. I was going to leave a comment on his blog but I’ll leave a trackback instead and prevent me from duplicating. Howya Bernie ! I got spammed by an Irish firm before by email, and it was the 2nd month in a row I got said spam after requesting by phone to be removed. I got on to the Data Commissioner about this. They emailed me today saying the investigation can take up to 6 months. I’m happy to wait but I do think it’s a bit much waiting that long.

And then tonight some crowd spammed me offering U2 tickets and all I had to do was text a premium number. Well firstly I’m getting on to their ISP – eircom.net, then I’ll chat with RegTel and then I’ll talk to the Data Protection Commissioners. Oh, just noticed they used MS Office to write the email. I’ll have a word with The Irish BSA too. Yeah, I’m a right prick at times.

This is the full spam that was sent to me:

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