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Bye bye Eddie O’Sullivan

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Slán and all that. I got the news from Cathal Garvey on Twitter.

Statement: (via Newstalk)

At the conclusion of the Six Nations Championship and having given my role as National Team Head Coach much consideration, I have come to the decision to step down. In doing so I would like to thank my management team and all the players that I have worked with during my tenure as Irish coach. Their commitment and professionalism in representing their country has been consummate throughout. I would also like to thank the IRFU for their unwavering support of me as coach to the team. In addition, I would like to thank the Irish rugby supporters who have played a huge role in driving the team on to some outstanding performances in recent years. Finally I would like to wish the Irish rugby team and the IRFU every success in the future, in a professional sport that is becoming more demanding and competitive by the day. I will not be making any further comments on this issue for the foreseeable future, and I would ask that the privacy of both myself and my family at this time be respected.

Unsubscribe button in GMail

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

We have the Archive and Report Spam buttons inside GMail. Wouldn’t it be great if Google had an Unsubscribe button too for those emails that come in via Newsletters? Much better than having to go into each email and finding and reading their method of unsubscribing from their mailing lists. Perhaps if Google and Yahoo! and Hotmail came up with a common standard like nofollow it would get a wider adoption?

GMail wants

In return GMail might more strongly ensure these newsletters don’t get marked as spam.

Fluffy links – Wednesday 19th March 2008

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Shotgun! Want Richard to ride with you on your long commute? Richard is looking for the longest commutes in Ireland.

Des talks about the computers for school scam.

Via Johnny. Check out Home. A new film about an Irish Immigrant’s journey in New York.

Via Daithí (way back) is this fontarific talk from Michael Bierut.

Thought police in action. Cops want potential trouble kids to have their DNA tagged.

Apparently the best talk at TED this year. A neurologist talks about her experiences when she suffered a stroke.

The ESB rolling some cable. Or maybe not.

Nice interview with George Clooney, then Esquire showed him two girls, 1 cup. Yeah nice.

Conor O’Neill on the iPhone’s multitasking ability.

Luminescent gravel, I like. Vandals would have fun though.

Never before but now I want to play around with polaroid cameras.

How to get out of Facebook. Also go here.

How new tech and the net aids conspiracy theories.

Bulgarian Music Idol 2 – Mariah Carey – Without You

Twenty’s book

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Was in Hodges Figgis and saw the book at Number 26.


That’s not right though, so made a change:

Better. Now, everyone go and buy it in Eason’s or Waterstone’s or Hodges Figgis

Three Ireland – Not so good customer care?

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Liam is far too patient with the way they’re screwing him around.

Limerick – Centre of Irish Blog O’Sphere grows yet again

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

So it appears that there are now over 50 Limerick blogs after In the Little Smoke compiled a massive list. Then of course Limerick Blogger itself is now under new management and there are lots of talks about greatly expanding the site to serve the large community of people that hang around the site. One of the first new moves is an aggregator for Limerick Blogs called Planet Limerick.

University of Limerick
Photo owned by worak (cc)

Blogwise, Limerick is where it’s at. Now if the other 31 counties could hurry up and do that.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 18th 2008

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Love it.

Go Speed Racer, GO!

Steve likes to film baggage handlers. No, not in a sexual way. He reserves that for people in the bakery section of Marks and Spencers.

The making of the cover of Twenty’s Book.

Piaras is in Tokyo and it’s not expensive in comparison to home

The Beeb is also being censored in China over Tibet.

So a Channel 4 report says people trust online news more. Online people that is. Since the survey was done online.

More stats via James Cridland

Pages viewed and time spent is growing at a faster rate than unique visitors. EU grew 12% in “minutes spent per Unique User”; but only 4% in Unique Users themselves.

The average user spends 23.4 hours online per month
Visits 42 web domains every month
Views 2,331 page impressions a month.

Radio’s outperforming total internet growth: there was a 34% growth for radio in US in the last year; and 31% growth for radio in EU.

The tricks of car salesmen.

God is a bit sarcastic today, no?

So BT were also involved in monitoring the tarffic of their users and passing it on to advertisers. Did they do it in Ireland? Will eircom try it? Should they be stopped?

Lost Boys 2 Trailer, why like?

Is knocking Ireland patriotic?

Monday, March 17th, 2008

I have often thought about creating “The real face of” type websites for various issues in Ireland that annoy me. Long list I know. This got me thinking about it again.

I was thinking of one that would be made to point out the many flaws with Ireland for potential tourists. I’m sure Discover Ireland/Fáilte Ireland would be massively annoyed with a site about the “Real Ireland” which would rank very highly for “Holiday in Ireland” or “Irish Holidays”. It seems quite sad and damning that the only way to make a lot of Irish society or the Government react or to enact change is to embarrass them into doing it. Perhaps if enough people pointed to a site with a tourism reality check then the Government and Tourist boards would do their best to get rid of ripoff artists, filthy B&Bs and crap transport systems.

The same would go for a site dedicated to explaining what happens if you set up a business in Ireland. Sorry, Dublin only, no proper broadband, all sorts of stealth taxes etc. etc. If that ranked on the same page as the I.D.A. and Enterprise Ireland, I’m sure that would not be liked or appreciated. Perhaps it would bring about change? The Government are great with their unpatriotic protestations when someone does a reality check, would a site like this which knocks Ireland be unpatriotic, should there be an element of talking up the country too to balance the site out?

hmm...Shamrock - a SMART INDIAN restaurant?!
Photo owned by fergie_lancealot (cc)

Google is the great equaliser these days, for those rich enough or in a country developed enough to let all their population access an unfiltered Internet that is. So a great equaliser to a tiny percentage of the world… If everyone can see sucha reality check via a simple search, will there be a positive reaction eventually?

It could be done democratically enough too (messer suggestions and mob rule Wolfetone song style voting would just be removed) with people suggesting what the worst things about Ireland are from a tourist perspective and the top 5 would be displayed on the front page with all the others on the next pages. Is this viable?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Fluffy Links – Monday March 17th 2008. Begorrah.

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Via Sinéad and for the day that’s in it: Turn Irish with Irish Spring.

Exploding pints and other shenanigans.

Six word reviews of the bands that played at South by South West.

Someone wants to know about Mary Harney’s boobs.

Meant to linky this ages ago. Dreadful Thoughts, the rebirth.

When I become self employed, I’ll be buying this “My boss is an asshole t-shirt”. Hattip Alexia.

His Rickness is on Twitter.

Speaking of which. I’ve set up a bargain alerts Twitter account. Get bargain alerts via IM, RSS or text message. For now there are just updates from Budget Travel, more will be added. Do you have suggestions of bargain feeds to be added?

Free Intellectual Property Audit from Cruickshank.

Want to be a little scared about your privacy. The 10 biggest data breaches since 2000.

A crazy, mad and fun lecturer.

Via Adam – Just, just .. watch.

Happy Bockday

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Missed it by a day but the Kingpin of Limerick blogs celebrated two years yesterday. Well done Bock and fair play for bringing a whole load more people into the Irish Blog O’Sphere via your blog.