Fluffy Links – Monday March 17th 2008. Begorrah.

Via Sinéad and for the day that’s in it: Turn Irish with Irish Spring.

Exploding pints and other shenanigans.

Six word reviews of the bands that played at South by South West.

Someone wants to know about Mary Harney’s boobs.

Meant to linky this ages ago. Dreadful Thoughts, the rebirth.

When I become self employed, I’ll be buying this “My boss is an asshole t-shirt”. Hattip Alexia.

His Rickness is on Twitter.

Speaking of which. I’ve set up a bargain alerts Twitter account. Get bargain alerts via IM, RSS or text message. For now there are just updates from Budget Travel, more will be added. Do you have suggestions of bargain feeds to be added?

Free Intellectual Property Audit from Cruickshank.

Want to be a little scared about your privacy. The 10 biggest data breaches since 2000.

A crazy, mad and fun lecturer.

Via Adam – Just, just .. watch.

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday March 17th 2008. Begorrah.”

  1. Green Ink says:

    Couldn’t watch the whole thing. Started getting cravings for hamburgers and to blow my brains out.

  2. Levitat says:

    Cruickshank IP free 60… In my experience any patent agent will sit down with you for free and help you figure out how to protect your IP… The patent office and Enterprise Ireland’s IP division are good sources of free advice too.

  3. fústar says:

    Thanks for the mention (of “Dreadful Thoughts”) Damien.

    Next meeting 8 p.m, Thursday 20th March (2 days’ time) over at my online gaff.

    Sinéad and I will be lurking and waiting…