Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 18th 2008

Love it.

Go Speed Racer, GO!

Steve likes to film baggage handlers. No, not in a sexual way. He reserves that for people in the bakery section of Marks and Spencers.

The making of the cover of Twenty’s Book.

Piaras is in Tokyo and it’s not expensive in comparison to home

The Beeb is also being censored in China over Tibet.

So a Channel 4 report says people trust online news more. Online people that is. Since the survey was done online.

More stats via James Cridland

Pages viewed and time spent is growing at a faster rate than unique visitors. EU grew 12% in “minutes spent per Unique User”; but only 4% in Unique Users themselves.

The average user spends 23.4 hours online per month
Visits 42 web domains every month
Views 2,331 page impressions a month.

Radio’s outperforming total internet growth: there was a 34% growth for radio in US in the last year; and 31% growth for radio in EU.

The tricks of car salesmen.

God is a bit sarcastic today, no?

So BT were also involved in monitoring the tarffic of their users and passing it on to advertisers. Did they do it in Ireland? Will eircom try it? Should they be stopped?

Lost Boys 2 Trailer, why like?

11 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 18th 2008”

  1. roosta says:

    Lost Boys 2 looks diabolical, but there is something exciting about seeing Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog again. Could be fun in a this-is-completely-shit but-theres-Corey-Feldman sort of way. Unfortunately everyone else seems like they came straight from “The Hills”

  2. 73man says:

    roosta: it’s 80s authenticity up against 00s lack of talent

  3. Anthony says:

    “let’s go kill some vampires”
    That line of amazing dialogue just about says it all.

  4. John says:

    They’re not making a sequel, are they? Next thing will be Blade Runner II and I will cry.

  5. […] The level of political comment filtering through to the parades was great to see, with floats of pharmacists beating up Mary Harney and several Taoiseach’s throwing brown envelopes into the crowds. It is funny too, how we all laugh along with it, and the man in charge ignores it all and keeps on trucking. Stall the Ball has some related pictures on this theme. (found via Captain Mulley.) […]

  6. Justin Mason says:

    that Phorm thing is fucking awful. I bet one of the Irish ISPs is dying to try it out here….

  7. Niall O'K says:

    Surely that Lost Boys thing is a hoax, a fan-made trailer, ANYTHING but real… isn’t it?

  8. Steve says:

    Who says its not in a sexual way???

  9. Rahood says:

    bookmark .theregister.co.uk/2008/02/29/phorm_roundup/
    If you want to keep your eyes on these vermin.
    To date the register has been on the ball.

  10. Paul McClean says:

    “The average user spends 23.4 hours online per month”

    — the average user is a pussy.