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Friday, December 5th, 2008

Via Ciarán. Looks like it’s only of the current front page. Phew.

Mulley Wordle

Fluffy Links – Friday December 5th 2008

Friday, December 5th, 2008

Sweary is back.

Best Wedding Photos and Wedding evar!

Sabrina did a great blogging masterclass the other day and her slides are online. I’ve certainly learned a lot from the slides alone. I shoulda been there, shoulda woulda…

HPV vigil happening in Cork and Dublin on December 10th.

Via David The blog of Hackett|Flynn Publishers Agency.

New blog: Assistant to the Brand Manager.

Paul Dervan found this absolute gem of a service for finding and seeing photos on Flickr called
Rowan points out a great presenter.

Via Chris. It’s the fact they rectangled out the horse’s eyes for the photo that’s hilarious.

Very handy tips for PR companies
that want to get digital but these guides apply to ALL businesses that want to keep up to speed with the world.

Synch your Facebook with your mac address book.


Via Fabulist: Washington – Clementine

Via YANP: Magic Weapon: “Charles (The Red One)”

Gilmore for Taoiseach, Bertie for President and Paisley for Pope

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

The Obama kool aid is in effect in Labour too. How many times did Gilmore say change?

Anything less than Gilmore becoming Taoiseach (what are the Paddy Power odds?) will make their recent conference look like a complete farce. Check out all the Gilmore for Taoiseach Posters:

Gilmore for Taoiseach, stupidity for currency

One further comment, how many people under 30 years of age are up on that stage? New Labour, old bones:
New Labour, old bodies

Oh and: Cringe. (Isn’t that the tune to Oh Christmas Tree?)

More Christmas gift ideas – Buy some Irish Art

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Eolai has an art sale on again. I bought two from him last time round and have ordered another two now. Buying someone an original piece of art is always fun. Prices start at $25 and go up to $95 and includes free delivery.

Cliffs of Moher

Also while we’re talking about Art, “Colours From the Heart” is a new exhibition from Anne Rigney. It opens tonight in The Front Lounge, Parliament Street, Dublin at 6:30

Green Party – Caption contest

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Fun with the Green Party Flickr Stream.

Trevor Sargent in Ethiopia and still pedantic – “Only one R in Organic actually” (Original):
Trev in Ethiopia

Oh look and there’s Super Gorm and Ming the Merciless. (Original):
Super Gorm Agus Ming

Super Gorm and his no no no, not going to make any super phallus jokes. (Original):
Super Gorm agus ... well

It’s no longer Super sandal weather, it’s Super hatty weather! Weeeeeeee. (Original):
Super Gorm agus super hatty

Fluffy Links – Thursday December 4th 2008

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Ciaran Rooney has a new blog. Simple address too: yet the same crew took off Mr. Weckler.

Via Una: Graham Linehan very pissed about a bad Irish Times “profile” of him. File under fiction it seems. He’s since toned down the post but this is how it originally opened:

There’s a profile of me in the Irish Times today, which would be flattering if the thing wasn’t such a load of shite. Conjecture, myth-making and truthiness posing as my life story.

And again Via the Rockser: Fionn Times has a blog.

Via Adam is news that Michael O’Toole, the Crime dude for the Irish Daily Star is blogging.

Matt Cooper has a blog. And he has videos of Maurice Pratt!

Via Christian, Cybercom are running the Vodafone Pass the Pressie campaign on Bebo. It’s a bit better than yer man with the loaves but no fishies since it’s genuinely interactive, not write a poem interactive.

Via Enda 8 hours battery life to this very cheap netbook.

BizBookReview – Business Books reviewed in 140 characters or less.

Amazing design for a Blackberry welcome pack.

Via BoingBoing Michael Geist’s Copyright docu (48 mins long):

My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes

Via Red Mum – Boomtown:

Go Adam Douglas!

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

19, from Fermoy and running for local elections with the Greens. Already in the press. Anyone younger running in the locals?

Adam Douglas

It’s good to see young people going into real politics and not the make believe world of the Youth Wings of these parties. I really do wish him the best of luck and I hope him and a good many more younger people get seats. I wonder is this one of the answers to Fergal’s post? No page yet on the Green Party site for him but at least he can use the Internet!

Christmas present ideas? Buy some books by Irish bloggers

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Twenty Major’s first book.

Pre-order Grandad’s book.

Grab Kieran Murphy’s wonderful Ice Cream Book. Book of Sweet Things.

Declan Burke’s The Big O (I only half read my autographed copy before the bag it was in was nicked. Irony…) and also Eight-Ball Boogie.

Get the Mr. Amperduke Graphic Novel.

Get Paddy Brown’s The Ulster Cycle: Ness comic.

Any I’ve missed?

Update: Yup
Via a comment from Rosie Homepages the book. Available in the next few days. Book of stories/works from Irish Bloggers.

And another. Big D’oh!
Rowan’s essential book in today’s uncertain times: Where’s My Oasis?: The Essential Handbook for Everyone Wanting that Perfect Job

Not one that perhaps you should give your friends or siblings but still an Irish book by someone that blogs: Trying to Conceive: The Irish Couple’s Guide

Gingerbread Man 7
Photo owned by librarianidol (cc)

Sue Pool: eircom, o2, Vodafone or Meteor: Who’ll sue Eamon Ryan first?

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Bear with me here…

Via the National Dialup Scheme Three Ireland now are getting Government money to expand their mobile broadband market into areas other broadband providers are not going. Great. The EU says that’s cool.

But Three’s network is all data with voice going over it. Where they have service they have all service. Broadband and voice. Where three doesn’t offer a service, they use Vodafone. They pay them for this. If the Government pay Three to go into an area they were not before then they can offer voice too. Fabuloso! They can dump Vodafone and save a pile. But I bet those areas have a voice service from Vodafone, o2 and Meteor already don’t they? Now the taxpayer is giving an unfair advantage to Three in the mobile area.

Photo owned by markhillary (cc)

Wouldn’t you sue if you were these boys? And then there’s eircom with some good exchanges that could have been enabled. They have good lawyers too.

So who’ll sue first?

Fluffy Links – Wednesday December 3rd 2008

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Irish people search less for property and more for porn. Related?

New to me. Lugus.

Handy competition from Curious Wines.


Shane Ross covers the shenanigans from FÁS in regards to his FOI requests.

Micksgarage Winter Driving Tips.

Irish man does Facebook for dogs. No? Jaysus.

Online retail traffic for Thanksgiving not so good compared to last year though good for some.

This is modern marketing. Neil Gaiman encourages his readers to come up with clever ways of marketing his new book and in return he’ll send them personally signed goodies. A decentralised marketing army doing 100s of small things to spread the word, all for the price of a few pieces of merchandise.

Malcolm Gladwell fever online at the moment. So a person is an Outlier, what about a brand?

Living Colour were a band around in the late 80s early 90s and had some great songs. Found three on Youtube, pity SonyBMG has denied embedding them. Nothingness. Love rears its ugly head. Cult of Personality. Leave it alone.

The brilliant John Caddell on Phantom played this the other night – Garland Jeffreys – Hail, Hail Rock’n’Roll