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Getting the word out: Social/online media for NGOs

Monday, November 16th, 2009

NGOs and Getting the Word Out: The hows and whys of using the modern web

Facilitated by the European Commission Office Dublin*, this free half day event on the afternoon of December 8th is designed to help NGOs to decide how best to utilise web resources to communicate and campaign. Websites, blogging, Facebook and Twitter will be covered with relevant case studies. There will also be a panel discussion with NGOs who are already using social media and they’ll relay what they have learned so far. This event is free for NGOs and campaigning groups, places are limited and a maximum of two places per organisation can be availed.

Full details closer to the date. If you are an NGO/Campaign Group and want to attend there is a maximum of two people per organisation permitted. Form to sign up.

Update: Places are not guaranteed/those running campaigns to empower communities will get preference

*EC Office is sponsoring the space for this event. All organisational queries, send them to me.

Photo owned by priscillajp (cc)

Fluffy Links – Monday November 16th 2009

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Food and drink in Cork on Dec 3rd. Bloggers and online folks and offline welcome too.

Some Blind Alleys is throwing a Christmas Poem Competition. The filthiest, most miserable, and funniest poem wins a t-shirt and inestimable glory.

I’m looking for Facebook Ad Managers, Page coders etc.

The Unemployed blog is to be no more since the author found a job. Not in Ireland though…

Grab Radio is a radio application for the Apple iPhoneâ„¢. Listen to Irish radio on your iPhone, hear a song you like, purchase it immediately from iTunes.

As many people access the BBC iPlayer on a PS3 as a Mac.

Esquire mag, webcam and you have an augmented reality issue.

How to pose. In case you wondered.

Bloody hell. Some amazing places to see in Russia.

Free Avery labels.

Growing up is optional

Donkeyboy – Ambitions

Wild Beasts – ‘Hooting & Howling’

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

As recommended by the readers of this here blog and on Facebook. Album is so so. Bit common now for this kind of sound…

Wild Beasts – ‘Hooting & Howling’

Fun with flames, gas and music

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

In celebration of Science Week. via John Biggs is a Rubens Tube.

Fluffy Links – Friday 13th of November 2009

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Before you head out of the office to get blitzed, some late Fluffies.

John Cradden has an article about death and your digital bits. Well wroth a read. As is his blog.

Analogue mag now in another form. The next episode.

Forfas as a lonnnng doc on creativity and innovation.

So men leave a kiss in their texts to other men? So they’re Metrotextuals

The hidden Mafia War (facebook game) scams.

How fast do you gain and lose trust online?

Creative destruction.

This new Nokia ad reminds me of the old Playstation ads. A talking point but not for the damned product. Another adland fail. The ad is about the product not the creative or agency. The phone is going to be brilliant. Show me the phone!:

Fluffy Links – Thursday November 12th 2009

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

There are still speaking slots and arse spaces left for Barcamp Cork this weekend. G’wan, go.

Free tickets to the RDS Arts Fair this weekend.

Irish Online Shopping Directory, run by An Post.

Justin has created an iPhone optimised MET Office page.

The Living Room. Passed this on Clarendon Street the other day and noticed a sign in a window asking to observe the silence. Interesting concept: a silent space in the middle of a city to quietly reflect.

Dear Unions of Ireland

The Irish Future Internet Forum is on December 3rd in Dublin. Free in. Some interesting speakers.

This cartoon from Hugh Macleod says it so well. Lots of people in business do nothing more than clone. Copying businesses models, exact site designs, marketing campaigns from elsewhere. In the short term that works but a creative business (and I mean way more than a business that designs art) is the one that will have the opportunity to last longer.

Amazing paper video.

Massive Attack and Portishead – Glorybox

Using game theory to build a business

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Foursquare launched in Dublin towards the end of last week. Foursquare is a service that allows you to share what your location is to people you are connected to on the service. Most of it is done via a mobile phone. Smartphone or ordinary phone It has a prepopulated list of businesses for each city they’re in. So far so what. To encourage people to use the service it rewards you with a points system and a leaderboard to see how well you’re doing. The person that checks in to a location the most becomes a Mayor and they can be ousted etc.


A cool enough way to build a network and they’re already tieing in with businesses. Encouraging them to reward frequent users etc. They are also trialing hyper localised advertising which is going to be where the money is in the next few years, thus Google’s purchase of Admob yesterday for 750Million. Right now they seem to use data from Yelp but maybe we’ll see them tie in with a local provider like hmm perhaps?


One of the founders Dennis built Dodgeball a few years back and sold it to Google and was quite blunt at the crap way Google treated them after acquisition. Looks like this is everything Google could have done with Dodgeball. I’ve only been on it a few days but I love it. Right now it appears that there’s just around 100 people in Dublin using this. Tiny numbers but watch how it grows.

Maybe I should have done this as a top ten post and riddled it with keywords for traffic? Ah well.

Pat Kenny and RTE Frontline: Audience member goes defcon 5

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Welcome to the new media world. Minutes after Pat Kenny gets abuse from an audience member and it’s on YouTUbe:

Update: Higher quality version:

I’m now off to sue an old woman about a field…

Comfort zones

Monday, November 9th, 2009

I did a media interview last week talking about the web and of course Twitter and what it means. Preaching to the converted is actually unrewarding. It’s more a thigh rub than anything that stimulates parts above the neck.

I’ve done a few interviews with “outsiders” to web media and it’s through their grounding in a different environments that actually allows me to understand this web area better. Lots of questions were asked and I found myself considering this area using factors that never came into my head. I found what I was saying to actually be quite interesting. Hopefully they’ll have a recording of what I’ve said. I blabbed for 45 mins straight so who knows what was in there.

Last evening a college student asked to interview me for a college project, I get about 2-3 requests a month from college students wanting to talk about blogging or social networks or Twitter or the future of news and bits in these areas. Some of the questions I get each and every time but some are nicely nuanced that they make my greymatter buzz. So I might bitch and moan but generally I like doing them from what I personally learn each and every time. (Please note this is not a reason to email me asking me for interviews)

I think only from being outside can we see things in a better light besides always being on the inside developing our own exclusionary language and ettiquette. And it only took me 3, 892 blog posts to get to here…

Fluffy Links – Monday November 9th 2009

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Another good post on innovation from Brendan and this post from Shane on the cost of innovation is really interesting.

Everything happens on Twitter right? Well if involves booze. Twebt – Twitter blind wine tasting test. See the Bubble Brothers post on it or Brian Clayton’s post.

A new Irish Music Marketing Blog.

How much for a day’s work? How to calculate your freelance rate via Mary.

Upcoming Irish IT security conference. November 19th. Annnd a capture the flag event!

Congrats to the companies that made the Internet Growth Acceleration Programme list. A fine list of Enterprise Ireland backed companies. Shame there were no surprises though!

Saw these on Later with Jools. Good band: Stornoway.

Pedestrian friendly transport. Love it.

Via Pat: JED We Can – Ghostbusters