Fluffy Links – Friday 13th of November 2009

Before you head out of the office to get blitzed, some late Fluffies.

John Cradden has an article about death and your digital bits. Well wroth a read. As is his blog.

Analogue mag now in another form. The next episode.

Forfas as a lonnnng doc on creativity and innovation.

So men leave a kiss in their texts to other men? So they’re Metrotextuals

The hidden Mafia War (facebook game) scams.

How fast do you gain and lose trust online?

Creative destruction.

This new Nokia ad reminds me of the old Playstation ads. A talking point but not for the damned product. Another adland fail. The ad is about the product not the creative or agency. The phone is going to be brilliant. Show me the phone!:

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