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Bebo competition – Nintendo Wii as prize if 1000 enter

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

I’d actually have expected more people to have joined the Bebo competition by now. 200 so far. Current prize is an iPod Shuffle. If it reaches 400 then the prize will be an iPod Nano. If it hits 1000 then it’ll be a Nintendo Wii.

Get all your Bebo friends to enter. It takes just 60 seconds to enter your profile by going to and then adding this profile to yours.

Given that most people have 50-100 friends on Bebo, you’d think just a few persuasive people could have gotten hundreds entering this competition. Still it is an interesting experiment to find out how to engage the Bebo generation.

Ask the Bert at Davos?

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Jeff Jarvis has started to encourage people to make videos in which they ask some world leaders some questions. It appears if you are lucky enough you can have your video shown to one of the leaders and they’ll be asked to respond. He suggests putting them up on YouTube tagged “davos07â€?.

In another post he has a list and Bertie Ahern is on the list. Anything you want to ask the Bert? I’d suggest also tagging the video with “votetube”.

Fluffy Links – January 18th 2007

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Circuit board luggage tags. Right, like these will get through airport security.

Diane Duane aka Out of Ambit points to Hugh Laurie’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. Why is this guy not also writing comedy?

A proper fuck you to traffic wardens. Even if it did take 6 years.

Busted live on-air for cheating on her boyfriend. Ouch.

There really is no escaping some Cork bloggers.

Via Digg, Schipol airport has etched flies in urinals so guys aim at them and spill less.

For Steven. He gets the joke.

Borat acceptance speech:

Noel Dempsey on TodayFM around 6pm tonight – Tune in

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Noel Dempsey, Minister for Dialup Communications will be on the Last Word this evening on TodayFM around 6pm. As usual with a Minister, no opposition will be on but Matt Cooper will be asking some questions. I’d suggest that you tune in and text in and email in questions.

If you want to make a comment then email: or text in using the shortcode: 53102 (Normal text rates apply)

Linked – You in?

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

There are lots of various ways to network with people in Ireland, the pub, golf, organisations like the IIA, First Tuesday and IT@Cork and electronically there’s LinkedIn. I haven’t greatly researched this but the only business orientated social networking site that Irish people seem to use greatly is LinkedIn. Are there other sites that people use? Sure there’s mySpace and even Bebo which can be used for networking if you want it to be but LinkedIn is geared for business networking which while isn’t a whole different kettle of fish, certainly is fish with different stripes. Mixed metaphors are worth two in the bush.

I’m surprised that TCH via their site or haven’t started down that route. Perhaps instead Bebo will be the darkhorse and do something like this. Afterall if they can retain their Irish userbase then they’ll have more access to candidates than most of the job sites out there. Bebo Jobs anyone? A few more cells in a DB and hey presto, users can add lots of employment history and job preferences to their profiles. Actually is it one of the Irish Bebo investors that’s invested into some job site too?

Anyways, if you are on LinkedIn, say hello to me on it. This is my profile.

Bonus link Via Adam Platti is Guy Kawasaki’s guide to making a better LinkedIn profile. It’s like SEO for social networking! Makes sense.

Fluffy Links – January 17th 2007

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

One night stand sleeping positions and what they mean. Some are hilarious. Some are not.

See the movie Blood Diamond for free on Wedn 24th in Dublin, Galway and Cork. Only if you are in the draw early enough.

BT sponsored Young Scientists Expo had shit connectivity? More hilarity!

Cute designer buttons.

Making the song “Ironic” actually ironic.

Running from Camera. Fun idea. Set camera timer to 2 seconds and then leg it and see how far you get before the photo is taken.

Please turn off all screensavers before a presentation. BarCampers take note.

Via Jeff Jarvis. A public defender representing a prisoner at Gitmo makes a video presenting his defense.

Aine Chambers retires – [this space left intentionally blank]

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

Jett releases the sad sad news that Sligo Dame Aine Chambers has retired. She was the best thing to happen to the boring Irish Internet in ages. She’s been looking after Sligozone for ten years. That’s dedication. Ten years like! I think Jett is right about a lifetime award of some sort. Will the Netvisonaries give her a nod or the Golden Spiders? Come to think of it, I seem to recall I nominated her for the Netvisionary awards and I think others did too. What happened with that?

Aine, I wish you the best and I encourage you to at least keep taking some of the wonderful photos of Sligo which, might not be known by many but were used in some books. I wish the site was left stay there. It’d be nice for all those that Google for Sligo to find something that contains genuine Sligo content and not some damned spam trap for cheap hotels or whatever.

Fluffy Links – January 16th 2007

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

Here’s how to mess with your brain.

iRiver mp3 watch/wristband kind of thing. Girl from tomorrow anyone?

Via James. Google Sketchup to Second Life exporter. Nice. have a competition for men’s stuff.

China too expensive for cheap labour? Hmmm. If that’s so then they’ll go down the IP route soonerand completely fuck Ireland since they’re already building net infrastructure.

Cute pink glowing speakers. For all the barbie girls out there.

Funny indignant note left on a car that was bashed.

Beat Bebo bans in school and colleges.

One lucky son of a ..

For the AngrySpudsters – Tickle me Emo:

Blogging the Election – Attending Ard Fheiseanna

Monday, January 15th, 2007

Suzy recently posted about signing up bloggers to go to the various party conferences and press events. It would be interesting to see which parties would be open to the idea of letting bloggers attend and live blog from these very staged events. Will Fianna Fail with their poor record on broadband have proper net access at their Ard Fheis? Will Fine Gael provide enough strong coffee so the bloggers don’t fall asleep on their laptops when Enda tries to create a personality? If you want to attend events like these and want to do it under the brand then contact Suzy.

But bloggers don’t just have to cover political events. After reading Bernie’s coverage of the Young Scientist Exhibition I must say I am unimpressed with the coverage from everywhere else. A few papers did the usual end-of-event reporting and that’s about it. I emailed BT and suggested that next time they set up a space for bloggers and podcasters and let them freely roam and blog and talk to who they find interesting. A few bloggers at events like this would make a big difference and hopefully, just hopefully, some undiscovered gems will be found.

There’s lost of events that would benefit from inviting bloggers along. Even the Ideal Homes Exhibition would benefit. I’d suggest Oxyegen too but MCD might sue me or something. 🙂

Fluffy Links – January 15th 2007

Monday, January 15th, 2007

Jungle Book – Grow a jungle from a book, or at least some grass.

Download, print Banksy posters for free.

The PirateBay wants to buy Sealand.

Fantastic Wii death t-shirt. Pity it is sold out.

My fav blog post about the blog awards so far. I think this lady will be giving Twenty a run for his money this year.

An alternative to the fluffy links. The more the better.

This has been doing the rounds but very impressive all the same. Abraham Lincoln portrait done in pennies.

The best way to get rid of wartime sodium? Dump tonnes of it in a lake. Well done older generation!