Fluffy Links – January 18th 2007

Circuit board luggage tags. Right, like these will get through airport security.

Diane Duane aka Out of Ambit points to Hugh Laurie’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. Why is this guy not also writing comedy?

A proper fuck you to traffic wardens. Even if it did take 6 years.

Busted live on-air for cheating on her boyfriend. Ouch.

There really is no escaping some Cork bloggers.

Via Digg, Schipol airport has etched flies in urinals so guys aim at them and spill less.

For Steven. He gets the joke.

Borat acceptance speech:

5 Responses to “Fluffy Links – January 18th 2007”

  1. That girlfriend clip is so cruel! She completely deserves it though!

  2. tipster says:

    I was in Schipol some years ago at the time one of the big soccer torunaments was on (What is the European competition between countries called? — not one of the competitions in which Liverpool play Juventas but the one where Ireland play Greece).

    They had small (wee?) plastic yokes in the urinals that suspened a disc of plastic with a football printed on in it about an inch up from the bottom of the urinal.

  3. Niall says:

    Oh Fawlty Towers… watched the whole lot back to back recently… on a ‘day off’… the Borat acceptance speech seems to have been removed though… blasht…

  4. Hardeharhar says:

    Maybe its wasn’t supposed to be funny…but it was. That just goes to prove that you reap the seeds you sow. The girl deserved what she got.