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Fakeblogging wakeup call to Irish PR/morketing companies – Shane’s turn

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

There’s one of these a week at this stage. This time from Shane. Seriously guys when it comes to blogs and fakeblogging and fake campaigns the truth will out at a much faster rate than in traditional media. Anyways G’wan Mr. Hegarty. Fresh from crowdsurfing at the Irish Blog Awards, Shane has sharpened his bit of glass and is gutting the people behind some fakeblogging peanut campaign. When it got bad reactions they deleted the comments too.

However, not everything goes to plan. Comments come in telling you it’s not a real blog, and wondering if Glenda Gilson deserves any more publicity. They go up, but they’re taken down again.

Now here’s a Fake bag:
Fake shit
Photo thanks to SubliminalPudding

I was laughing away at this and then Shane updated the post to point out it’s my buds Thinkhouse PR that are behind it. The ones that fibbed about the Data Protection Commissioner apologising to them after I made a complaint (which was upheld) that they spammed me. It seems Pareto 3D are the ones that regged the fakeblog though. Loving the blurb from them:

Pareto 3D is an experiential marketing agency that commences a dialogue between your brand and your consumer

And then there’s ThinkHouse PR:

We are in touch. We understand the culture of Irish media. We have embraced new-media and use it as a key component of all our PR campaigns

Arghhh. I’m cringing here. I know Thinkhouse don’t like me and justifiably so but mon dieux (as he channels Delboy) could they not talk to real bloggers who know how this stuff can work without resorting to this. Talk to Elly Parker or Deborah Hadley or Lentil Bohanna or Tom Raftery or Brassy Dent about using a real blog to pimp wares which will not get any blowback. Fakeblogging simply won’t work in Ireland. Sabrina and Lucky Oliver are a good casemodel on how to do it right. At this stage I’d be willing to hold some kind of masterclass to all these companies for free if they promise to listen to the advice given over the day and to NOT try these stunts again. I’m deadly serious here. Am sure others feel the same too.

BTW, I do appreciate the linklove for the Blog Awards and sites though. Chairs.


Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Ryan Whalley deserved that Special Recognition Award so so soooo much. If you need someone to make you look good, Ryan is just ace. He’s a genius with a camera. Hire him to do the clicky clicky thing. He’s a photo ninja. The rest of his photos from the Blog Awards are up now and they’re pretty amazing.

Damien Mulley and the Mulley look

El Rickisante:
Rick O'Shea or El Presidente

El Rick with his haul. Smug? Yes.
Rick and the trophies

Brendan and a cuppa:
Brendan Zen Master Kehoe

Colm Modern InFactah Cadence:
Colm Bracken

Steven and Deargh:
Some of the Blog Awards behind the scene folks

An event isn’t a real event until Una dances on some tables. We win!
Una dances

Una and her friends. Trés hot:
Una and her posse

Yeah. Ryan suggested it, I swear:
Lick El Rick

Fluffy Links – Wednesday March 5th 2008

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Darren has a nice post about meeting his biological mother.

SoggyJazzBiscuit is back, he was never gone away you know and has this excellent Gormulator comic.

This is a rather excellent post from Declan and deserves a read. So do. Oh and leave a comment. He wuvs comments.

And then Richard has a nice piece too on the state of journalism in this country and blogs.

By the by, have you checked out the new look LouderVoice?

Via Mick The cat probably topped itself.

Not using your old mobile phone?

See what else Craigslist brings.

Attention audio fascists.

Kylie does it for money.

Big Pimpin’ Hosting

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Yes, that is our very own Michele Neylon from Blacknight with some Playboy Models. I hope Blacknight doesn’t mind the hotlinking.

Michele Neylon is just short of a hat with a feather and he'd be Snoop Dogg

Irish Blog Awards 2008 – Intro Videos

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

My Little Ponies

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

I mentioned I wanted a pony in a recent post. So what did I get? First a lovely card from Sharon from 1169 and counting and these ponies:


And then Elana and Michael gave me this:
More ponies

Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 4th 2008

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

This is how I Fluffy roll. People were wondering where I get the stuff. I generally have 20-60 tabs open in Firefox and towards the end of an evening I pick the best of them and put them into a Fluffy Links post.

My mate Stephen started a blog after 4 years of badgering. Say hello.

Jazzbiscuit has the scoop about my next project, the Irish Web Awards.

Bid for a Vote For Rick poster.

UK ISPS selling customers browsing habits? They doing it here? Why not?

More Blog Awards 08 photos.

Really love this one.

Loving Jonathan’s Blog Awards vid.

Follow the shafted trophy.

Via Everson is not what you think. Or is it?

CNet says blogging ain’t big in Ireland. Why am I still hungover still from Saturday then? Clueless.

Yay for badges.

Jackie Moon commercials:

Another Blog Awards superstar

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Every year my philosophy for the Blog Awards is to improve it as every year I realise we need to fix things for the next and the other thing is to add a surprise. Always have something in reserve to exceed expectations. Last year it was goody bags and champagne. This year the surprise was the election theme and the videos. Myself and John did a test run in a Starbucks on the Friday and it all went well. With my Dell laptop and WinDVD it worked fine. Sometime Saturday I realised that I forgot my power cable for the laptop. With about an hour and a bit til the show started I dumped the DVD on Alexia and went off to worry about something else. So what did she do? Well she saved the day. Sat behind Rick and manually fought with the DVD and Windows Vista to get it working. If it wasn’t for Alexia we’d never have seen the masterpiece that John put together.

Alexia Golez - Blog Awards superstar

Elly created stickers at the Blog Awards that stood for What Would Mulley Do? Without Alexia he would have been rightly screwed on Saturday night. Thanks Alexia. See, she is one to watch.

What Would Mulley Do?

Time to ban dialup

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

I finished writing for the Tribune last week (on a regular basis) but my final piece wasn’t published so as recycling makes sense and all that, here’s my piece about banning dialup:

There’s a healthy debate currently going on in Ireland about broadband, the availability of it and the speed of it. Ireland is far from a broadband nation and a lot needs to be done to remedy this. However with all the talk of broadband we seem to be overlooking dialup. Many on dialup could easily move to broadband but they don’t. Dialup is expensive, backward, dangerous and it’s holding us back. It’s time to ban dialup and give people the choice of broadband or nothing.

Eircom estimates there are still around 200,000 active dialup users in the country. Shockingly 60% of these users could move to broadband. Many of the broadband providers are a bit perplexed about this. While it’s true some of the highest users of dialup want broadband and are desperately trying to get it, there is still a glut of people who could move over but won’t.

Recent ComReg figures show that the average spend by dialup users is over €30 per month yet the cheapest broadband packages these days cost €20 or even less. If dialup customers were moved over on to broadband they’d automatically make savings on top of all the other advantages broadband offers. Those who say they only want to go online for a few minutes each month too no longer have to use dialup. Three Ireland have now released a pay as you go mobile broadband package. A 24-hour 3Pay Broadband top up will be €5 with a 500MB download limit. A week’s connection will cost €10 with a 2GB download limit or a 30 day will cost €30 with 10GB download limit. Other providers are sure to follow this connection model.

It’s not just about money though. Wth so many viruses and hacking attempts online the average computer in order to stay secure is downloading virus definition updates at least once a day. These updates take seconds on broadband to download but can take 10-20 minutes on some dialup connections. Couple that with essential security patches for operating systems and applications and computers are busy fixing themselves up daily. Even with broadband, a naked, just out of the box computer is vulnerable to attack until properly patched. IT Security consultant Brian Honan points out the ever-long battle to stay secure: “Even with a broadband connection a PC shipped from a manufacturer or bought in a shop could take so long to download and update all the relevant security software and patches to the system that it could be infected by the time it has secured itself. Of course this is even worse for dial-up users.”

Honan also points out that operating system updates and patches for Microsoft Office can be as large as 200-300Mb which some on dialup might have ignored: “I am sure there are still a lot of PCs out there running Windows XP Service Pack 1 simply because Service Pack 2 was too big to download.” I carried out a speed test comparison that showed downloading a service pack on broadband took 25 minutes but took as long as 14 hours on dialup. That’s if the person on dialup can allow themselves to stay online that long.

Finally, broadband is good for our broadband rankings. Turning off dialup for those that can switch to broadband would mean we instantly add 100,000 broadband connections to Irish broadband figures and would see us reach or get close to the European Average for broadband after years of trying. Something that would give the under-fire Communications Minister something to smile about at last. With hardly any effort or expenditure we could get away from the bottom of the broadband leagues. People are stubborn though and will resist change, even when it’s good for them. We succeeded with plastic bags and smoking. Now we need a dialup ban. It’s better, cheaper and safer for all of us that go online.

What is it with the Nordies?

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Lots of griping that nobody from the North won at the Blog Awards. Again some said. Some people wrongly said Slugger has been snubbed every year. They won the first year. Grannymar won and guess where she’s from? The Family Voyage folks have an odd accent too. Oh my god, are they from somewhere inside the Northern border?