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Green TD Paul Gogarty: Clap harder gays clap harder

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Update: Paul Gogarty has left his version below, which I believe and I’m altering the post to reflect this.

Via email from Deputy Gogarty:

I would suggest that the so-called quote be altered as it is factually incorrect and maliciously slanted. I never said keep putting pressure on the Green Party. ‘They’ refers to Fianna Fail, although the rest of that passage was not what I said.

It’s a bit like Peter Pan isn’t it? Apparently Paul Gogarty of the Green Party told someone that gay people need to make more noise if they want equal rights. He complained not enough gay people have been contacting the Green Party Fianna Fáil conservatives to beg and grovel for equality.

they (Fianna Fáil) as a party have had little input from members of the gay community, and that there has to be pressure from all of us in order for any changes to be made.

So we all clapped harder and louder to help tinkerbell so maybe all the gay people have to work that little bit harder for the hard of hearing Green Party Fianna Fáil. I know LGBT Noise are useless but they do what they say on the tin and Christ almighty David Norris never shuts up. How exactly should the begging letters be addressed to the Government? Glitter envelopes? Fabulous handwriting?

Photo owned by silens (cc)

Great work Indo!

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Via Elana. This is how you don’t protect an identity. Appeared in print and online edition.

Indo Screw up massively

More free Iron Man tix

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Go here!

Fluffy Links – Firday 18th April 2008

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Robin is seeking help to build a very clever tool for those that run a group blog.

This read as Urine to me when I saw it first:

The Beeb has a new blog comments policy. Hmmm. You need to register.

Host of Christian TV Youth Show comes out. Am sure the Homosexual Agenda snuck in to poison young minds. Will he keep his job?

Cluetrain Fucktard or Social Marketing Fucktard?

Their iProd is different to our iProd. An iPod that tells you to exercise.

A town in a tunnel. Alaska.

There are legal uses for this very cheap mass DVD copier. They say.

Conference speaker tips from the lad Kennedy.

Via Joel, the Terminal 5 song

Nine hundred

Thursday, April 17th, 2008


Since June 12th 2005 900,000 unique visitors have visited this blog. That’s not when I started the blog but the day I added tracker code to it.

900k visitors

Thanks for the visits, links and fights. By the by, I need to update my blog roll so if you’re not on it or the link is wrong, let me know in the comments.

Eamon Ryan – Green Party Sex God

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

It was in the Indo so it’s beyond fact.

The young wans in the Green Party are hot for Eamon and the lads are gay for him (in the gay way).

During a discussion on how to attract more young people to the party, Louise Archbold of the Young Greens got a bit frisky. “When all else fails, we just put up some Eamon Ryan posters and watch the girls — and some of the boys — sign up,” she said naughtily.

When he was winding up his speech on Saturday, Eamon got a bit passionate. In order to wrap the world in green cloth, he was prepared to take drastic action. “I will take off my jacket. I will take off my shirt!” he announced to a bit of lusty cheering.

Sadly for the womenfolk Eamon kept his shirt on, even when a spot of serious disco shapes were being thrown in the hotel bar late on Saturday night. The minister left the dance floor to vegetable-loving junior minister Trevor Sargent who made like a Mexican jumping bean during ‘Leim Thart’, Des Bishop’s as Gaeilge version of ‘Jump Around’.

Here’s Eamon in all his, er, glory. Of course his Kitt runs on vegetable oil. The fumes after the turbo boost are quite noxious.
Eamon Ryan is the HOFF!

God bless you Green Ink.

Check out these Bebo pics, here’s a good one. The puppet is the pink one. Bottom, middle.
Eamon Ryan is no puppet.

(Yes, Labour Kids, you is next)

It’s not fine and Dandy, it’s spammy

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

No no no no nooo. Marketing is NOT encouraging people to email 10 of their friends about your Café and sending the addresses to you in order to win something. That’s not viral. That’s very dodgy. STOP! Read what Salubri has to say on his blog.

Gossamer Dome
Photo owned by jurvetson (cc)

The Dandelion Café doesn’t seem to get that this is poor manners online. Shame.

Fluffy Links – Thursday April 17th 2007

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

You will never enjoy My Little Pony or Magnum PI after this, or maybe you will.

Jazzy and Greeny on the Emergency Planning in Ireland booklets.

Free John Gormley, Tibet can wait.

Jazzy again, take the cars off drunk drivers.

Why not! A facebook group giving out that the Irish Times is too big. Make it Berliner.

The Tony Fenton tree. No wooden or plank jokes.

Facebook has their own trends thingy. See mentions of Twitter versus Jaiku.

Great blog post from Mr Cridland on Radio in a Web 2.0 kinda world. The future, the present. Nice photo.

Skin Cancer is now following you on Twitter. Diseases having social network profiles, this is the future?

Wookie defense. Two girls one cup defense.

So yeah, the world:

Forgive them lady-god for they do not know what they do

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Uh oh. The UCD All-male Oogling Society aka Students Union have been found out for the women-loving pigdogs they are! Pigdogs I say. Oink oink woof woof.

Oompa Loompa
Photo owned by Photo-Mojo (cc)

Pictured above is one of the lovely ladies that will be taking part in the Miss UCD Beauty Pageant tomorrow. Rounds include:

  • Best tea making round.
  • The makeup application round which is judged both on depth of makeup as well as orangeyness.
  • The sports round which involves hula hooping using your own hoopy earrings.
  • The handbag lifting round for those giant handbags.

But women that enter this competition are apparently “sheep” so there will be a protest and an alternative beauty pageant held too. (No, that does not mean a drag queen event, there’s like one of them a week in UCD). We wonder, like men, do real women not wax or shave?

Here’s a quote from the Fundymedia page:

This year see’s the first (and hopefully last!) Miss UCD beauty pageant, sponsored by UCDSU ,alongside trashy tabloids The sun and News of the world. The first Miss UCD takes place on Thursday 17th April. The winner of the ‘competition’ will win automatic entry to Miss Ireland as well as winning beauty makeovers , clothes and a gym membership. Miss Ireland and hence Miss UCD bans all mothers, wives and women under 5’4 from entering.These sexist competitions have no place in Ireland and particularly in UCD. These types of competitions are demeaning and are an excuse for putting sexism on parade They encourage the idea that women should be seen as sex objects to be judged by men, as well as making women believe that to be desirable they have to conform to unrealistic types of ‘beauty’.

To oppose union involvement in Miss UCD, UCD students against sexism are holding a mock Miss UCD beauty pageant where the REAL Miss UCD will be crowned. At the event,which will be held Thurs 17th April at 1 outside the arts block, we will be distributing leaflets to highlight some of the challenges facing women in modern Ireland. There will also be speakers present from the Equality department , the Socialist party and more.
We ask all students and staff from all univeristys who oppose sexism to get involved.Come along on the day,show your support and say NO to sexism!

Tell you what, I will give 100 quid to any man who turns up to it with a “Woman, iron my shirt and make my dinner” placard. Yes it’s been done before but still. Pigdogs!

Fringing brilliant – Incoming and outgoing VoIP/Skype on Irish iPhone

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Fring released their client for the iPhone yesterday. Hubba hubba. Skype now on my iPhone as well as Voice over IP, GTalk, MSN and more. Thanks to Fring you can get free and very cheap calls on your iPhone and hell you can even port a landline number to it.

Fring on iPhone

And here comes the but:
Only works on WiFi right now. Edge doesn’t seem to be good enough for it but with the 3G iPhone around the corner, Fring is probably using this as a testbed for the newer version.

Ireland doesn’t have a lot of open WiFi points right now, well unless you are an evil hacker who breaks into eircom wireless modems, so it won’t be as useful or mobile but consider when you travel to the states or the UK with all their open Wifi points. Fecking heaven. Ring my Irish landline and I pickup for free in the States. Well done Fring.