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Fluffy Links – Wednesday July 16th 2008

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Annie’s Yellow photos rock.

I had these links partially in draft for a while and never normally include two links to the same Fluffy links but this is a lovely piece of writing from Annie on relationships that deserves attention. Annie is a writer. One of these real-life talented folks who can reach that place in your brain that makes chemicals change. No she’s not LSD. I’m certain in the next while she’ll get some kind of writing gig or gig that uses her talent at storytelling. Go Annie.

See, I like this. Practical stuff from MJ on starting your business. All the basics you need to know.

Seriously. What the fuck? Kids’ Light sabres banned by UK airport cops. Please DIGG this.

Was in London yesterday playing with a Lenovo Thinkpad x200. One of them small laptop yolks. Lovely machine with built-in 3G.

The story of Off We Go publishing (Limerick company). Fantastic. Mother decides to publish her own books for her son.

James Cridland is not so enthusiastic about the new iPhone 3g.

Via Despod – Family Guy – Over

Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 15th 2008

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Did I mention the Irish Times Facebook App? 🙂

Labour asks: Ou est Super Gorm?

where's John Gormley?

Disgruntled Nation. Newish Irish Blog.

G’wan the Bock.

Neil Gaiman gives a little insight into the free online book project he started with his publisher. Big success it appears.

Sigur Ros’s new deluxe box set is coming out and whoever orders it will have their name in the booklet that comes with it. Nice idea, right?

Falling pics and a little documentary on it.

Via Jonathan Hopkins, I adore adore adore video ads for books. Especially when they’re enhancements to the book and not just a bland ad. Like this one for Charles Leadbetter:

Tricky – Council Estate:

Fluffy Links – Monday July 14th 2008

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Don’t forget the Facebook competition I’m running.

Via Riemann’s Cut – JazzClub er Cork Jazz Festival blog.

An Authors@Google video: Farhad Manjoo wrote “True Enough” a book where he presents findings from psychology, sociology, political science, and economics to show how new technologies are prompting the cultural ascendancy of belief over fact. 9/11 for a start.

The Irish Travel Agents Association now have a blog and discuss various current travel topics.

Typography badges. Mmmmm. Nice.

What a clever green marketing idea. Or almost green.

The “Low-Car Diet.” Beginning 21 July 2008, Zipcar are challenging North Americans to go car-free for a full 30 days. They will replace participants’ car keys with a complimentary transit pass, a free one-year Zipcar membership, drive time credit and a number of other perks from local partners. In the New York City area, Zoo York will aid the car-less participants by donating skateboards.

A twitter timeline if there was a zombie attack.

Fast art.

Looks like the guy that did that calendar of hot Mormon guys is in trouble with his church.


Max Payne Official Movie Trailer

Neon Neon: I Lust U featuring Cate Le Bon

Fluffy Links – Friday July 11th 2008

Friday, July 11th, 2008

The Irish Times Politics Blog. Good to see that Harry is back blogging too.

Nick digs out the iPhone Business packages from o2. No free company to company calls.

Win an iPhone from Carphone Warehouse and SiliconRepublic. You still have to sign a contract with 02 though.

Some nice deadtree coverage of Irish Tech companies.

Give feedback on Ireland’s digital future.

So if you’re in the media and you want to contact someone on about a story, you are no longer (or never were apparently) allowed to message the person or contact them. You must leave a post in the new Media Interaction Forum and then someone else will contact the person and relay your message. Oh and they tell you that you can’t act like a dick.

Via RowanPresentation Revolution on Inigo Montoya.

Fat Pig Chocolate. Great design.

Vincent Browne in Marketing Magazine.

Michael Beirut talks about Mad Men. So I’ve now ordered it from Amazon. Cheap too.

Noah and the Whale – 5 years time

Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 8th 2008

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

In Dublin on Thursday, want to go to a mobile networking event?

New blog – The Green Capitalist. Good post about Ulster Bank and their green incentives for mortgages.

Ghost Estates in Ireland. Interesting Google mashups.

A judge riffs on pringles. I kid you not. has upgraded. Hooray!

Conor Pope does not like bluetooth marketing. Does anyone else dislike them?

SEO tips for more blog traffic.

Want your stuff to be in an art gallery?

Great post from JP.

Fun with Google Images type stuff.

What the F**k is Social Media?

Be the last person on the Internet to see this:

Fluffy Links – Monday July 7th 2008

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Wear Che Guevara t-shirts?

Ryanair Irish Court Case on screen scraping.

James Dyson, the great marketer and maker of shitty vacuum cleaners doesn’t get the iPhone.

But I really wanted to like the iPhone because it’s thin—one of the clever things about it—thinner than any other phone, and fits easily in your pocket

Someone in Kinsale likes Daniel Craig.

Hunter S. Thomson and procrastination.

Imagine the green is red.

Reach out and touch faith.

Don’t forget to tell the Oireachtas what you think of their sites.

New blog (to me) – Stuart Lawler.

New travel blog.

SligoIT media students need to chat to Jim Corr:

Fluffy Links – Wednesday July 2nd 2008

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Blog Post of the Month should be announced over there later today.

SoundCheck is back and is weekly. Thursdays in Spy. Free in. Cheap booze too.

Charity Poker tournament in Cork on July 5th.

Via MariaA photography exhibition from users.

Zinadoo now allows you to upload video to your mobile site.

Nialler has a nice assortment of music on this post. Check out the bands Heathers and Fleet Foxes.

Zoomii – Check out a very visual way of going through Amazon.

A zettabyte is

Google’s advice on spotting SEO cowboys.

Inside CRM has some great stories on SEO cowboys too.

Via I guess I’m Floating, a quick preview of the new album from Cold War Kids. Great to see YouTube to promote albums:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 1st 2008

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Donncha has a nice video of crazy Kathy Sinnott threatening legal action after Germans caught her signing in to “work” on a Friday morning with all her bags packed to fly away to Ireland and not “work” that day. Apparently she had worked all night instead. Of course!

Marie Boran from SiliconRepublic has restarted her blog – The Strange Quark.

Thomson Safaris – assholes.

Karen Schwartzman, a spokeswoman for the company, had this to say in response to their name being associated with the murder:
“Obviously it’s a tragedy. But the fact this company has had its name associated with this nightmare is another tragedy.”

Mick has a great post on the latest on the Robert McCartney murder.

I’ve signed up for a co-working space in Cork.

Via Kevin, where in Ireland do porn searches come from?

Ewan has a great post on presentations. Study it.

Spiritualized cover True Love Will Find You in the End.

After a massively damaged reputation, Real Networks are starting to claw back some goodwill, thanks in part to blogging.

What is Boing Boing up to with the deletions?

Gotta love Who Fans.

MSTRKRFT – Street Justice

Fluffy Links – Monday June 30th 2008

Monday, June 30th, 2008

I’m at the Tour De Force event today so blogging is going to be light. I met some of the folks last night and they’re some of the friendliest bunch of tech people I’ve encountered. Here’s some stuff to keep you slightly entertained while blogging is light.

Beer and food competition from Bubble Brothers.

M83 are back again.

Via 12 Stories. Are you a visual thinker?

Solar powered plant pot. I like.

For the Philip Pullman fans.

New blog – The Connolly Column. From Cob H.

Marketing’s Wheel of Misfortune.

Passion Pit. Yay.

Nodal Points. William Gibsontastic.

Fluffy Links – Friday June 27th 2008

Friday, June 27th, 2008

I love this post from Maryam. Amazing how people can change depending on who they interact with.

Nice blog, 12 stories in 12 months.

New blog: Double Negative.Yeah right.

Swasticow the full length movie. Gott Ja.

Cian Foley from has a new book out – For Focal Sake.

Via Roosta101 PhotoShop tips in 5 Minutes.

Dublin free WiFi is actually ripoff expensiveFi.

What do Creative Generalists do?

Ahhh 404 errors
, oldies but.

Check out Slow Club
This is a song called “Me and You” but their song “Dance til the morning light” really rocks.