Fluffy Links – Friday July 11th 2008

The Irish Times Politics Blog. Good to see that Harry is back blogging too.

Nick digs out the iPhone Business packages from o2. No free company to company calls.

Win an iPhone from Carphone Warehouse and SiliconRepublic. You still have to sign a contract with 02 though.

Some nice deadtree coverage of Irish Tech companies.

Give feedback on Ireland’s digital future.

So if you’re in the media and you want to contact someone on Boards.ie about a story, you are no longer (or never were apparently) allowed to message the person or contact them. You must leave a post in the new Media Interaction Forum and then someone else will contact the person and relay your message. Oh and they tell you that you can’t act like a dick.

Via RowanPresentation Revolution on Inigo Montoya.

Fat Pig Chocolate. Great design.

Vincent Browne in Marketing Magazine.

Michael Beirut talks about Mad Men. So I’ve now ordered it from Amazon. Cheap too.

Noah and the Whale – 5 years time

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday July 11th 2008”

  1. Wendy Limerick says:

    Damien Mad Men is one of the best shows ive seen in ages wait until you see all the smoking and the drinking!Cant wait for Season 2.

  2. Markham says:

    Is this not boards.ie doing an MCD? Trying to control the conversation because they don’t like its tone?

    As a reasonbly long-time member of boards.ie, why should I go into a holding area if I want to make contact with someone over a message posted in a particular forum?

    There have been times in the past where, in the course of my work in journalism, I have contacted people through boards.ie, blogs, Bebo pages, Facebook, etc, and had positive resonses from those I’ve contacted and got great stories to boot. Sometimes it’s just the most effective way to make contact. Sometimes people choose not to respond.

    I would have thought that posting a sticky of media interaction guidelines, or some sort of basic etiquette guidelines would be a better middle way in dealing with the media. For the ignorant few who merely sign up and post straight away, ignorance will out. Boards users (for the most part) have the cranial capacity to spot a cancerous hack with malicious intent and out them for what they are.

    Using these media sensibly isn’t difficult. Simply affording your intended recipient the courtesy of telling them who you are, who you work for, and what your intentions are usually does the trick. No-one is obliged to respond to a PM on boards.ie, never have been, never will be.

    In any case, what journo worth their salt is going to dump a comment in the media holding pen, sit, wait and hope that someone spots it?

  3. I entered the Carphone Warehouse comp but I kinda feel bad because they got the question wrong – Apple was founded in 1976 not 1977

  4. http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showpost.php?s=c4a472abf7952c45c21fd531c2b986df&p=56216703&postcount=2

    “Don’t bother expecting good responses if you’re questions are ridiculous, or if you are actually trying to be stupid(Yes, a lot of people are like that). If your a newbie, be sensible and you will be treated as any other older user.”

    Top class your/you’re/you are juggling.