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Monday, April 19th, 2010

Public events where I’ll be in the next wee while:

Still some spaces for the Branding and Communications workshop on Thursday 22nd with it@Cork. Free for members.

Also a few spaces have opened up for the Online PR Course in Dublin on May 4th.

Measure It! meanwhile is on May 5th in Dublin. Two hour event from 10-12 in the Odeon. For PR people, marketing people and those in digital who want to share practical solutions on issues they are having with social media.

Media2020 is booked out. My 5 min talk on gadgets might have me show off my iPad. Using Keynote for iPad to design the preso.

Social Media for Business with Limerick City Enterprise Board. June 9th. Massively subsidised for members.

Preparing a 4 min presentation

Friday, April 16th, 2010

So for TEDx Liffey last night I was given 4 minutes to talk about being happy in business.

240 seconds is 4 minutes so I figured I’d do 8 X 30 second talking points. I started off by jotting down a few quick thoughts on some rough paper. Followed by some thoughts on two pages of notepaper. From that I wrote down the slide headers on a post-it.


After that I rewrote out all 8 points again. I then proceeded to read them out and time myself. Came out to be about 4 mins 10 seconds after a few read-throughs.


And from there was typing it up:

After that it was creating the slides which only used the text from the headers with the last slide taking lyrics from a Pogues song.

Upcoming public events I’m at

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Galway, Cork, Dublin

To answer some of the emails and messages about training events:

April 14th, Blogging Workshop with Galway Executive Skillsnet.
April 22nd Building Cost Effective Reputation for your business Free for it@Cork members.
April 29th Social Media for Business in Cork with PFH – €150
May 4th Online PR Training Course in Dublin – €210

My last Blog Awards

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Was not this one. Luckily I didn’t publicly announce my retirement. This was meant to be my last Blog Awards but a few things didn’t go the way I wanted them to go on the night so the beatings will continue til the morale improves and I’m happy with a Blog Awards. Maybe I’ll get it right the 6th time or the 7th.

Notes like the below make it all worth it though:
Note from a new blogger

Please do blog and email and give thanks to the organisers. It takes considerable effort to run this and year on year less thank you emails are sent while complaint emails go up. It makes a difference between the organisers enjoying doing this or seeing it as a chore.

Thanks to Nathalie for the photo. Thanks to Jim Caroll and Rick O’Shea for positive messages about running events.

If you’re a progressive hotel you’ll be emailing and offering your hotel facilities at a deep discount. 300 good spending bloggers, most will stay in the hotel if it’s of good value and many will take lots of pics of the place too. The Blog Awards is not going to be in Cork, Dublin or Galway next year. So loads of choices.

Update on the Dublin Twitter Treasure Hunt tomorrow

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Have a look at the twitter account DublinTweasure.

It starts at 2pm in Dublin City Centre.
What you need is a phone with web access, a team and knowledge or access to knowledge.
Cash prize for the winners too. Full details of what will be asked of you will be on the Twitter account.

Update, these were the clues:

Where is Suzanne walking? Frankly I haven’t a rashers. She’s awfully
good looking though.

Near broken spears and swans in flight we saw a vision. We were tied
up all winter.

Where Moore met Parnell sounds like under a little sign you go
downstairs to have a bite with a Polski wuj.

Harry jigs on, mixed up. He brought water into town but died in bath.

Where saol’s for sale two dogs show the way.

What will Damien give me, what does he have in store?

It’s a stitch up! There’s a singer on top of my brother, on Charles
Chetwynd. I’m beside myself with worry.

Shake up a regal she moth then have a hot one, you’re nearly there.

This was written after I was shot, Nancy.

Good news for Friday

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Good News Friday is this Friday. Media Express is allowing you free access to their press release system if you send out positive press releases this Friday.

You can sign up now and even compose your release and then time it to go out on Friday. The idea is that Friday’s news then will be full of positive news on the day which is normally the most depressing of the year.

Download a prep pack too. (PDF) Light the scented candles, drink some hippy tea and start putting together nice news!

A Good Old Standby
Photo owned by me’nthedogs (cc)

The Dublin Tweasure Hunt

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Weather permitting of course. January 30th. 2ish. Ends 5ish. Note emphasis on ish.

Goblin 612
Photo owned by Everfalling – FREE GIRAFA! (cc)

Want to take part in a treasure hunt around Dublin City Centre? Powered by Twitter. Follow this Twitter account. Cash prize but the glory is the big thing, right? Clues sent out via Twitter so phone with a Twitter client will be handy. You may be asked to take photos while running about and send them back to HQ via Twitter too. Full details in the next few days. Prepping you for it now. Teams of up to 6 permitted. You can tag along without a team if you want though.

Massive thanks to Willie White , Project Arts Centre and Alexia Golez from Golez Heavy Metal Extractions for building this game.