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We can bullshit for you wholesale – The DCMNR and TIF edition (again)

Monday, January 14th, 2008

Broadband in schools and the people that exploit schoolkids to make themselves look good, an ongoing series…

So TIF (Telecoms Internet Federation) aka eircom’s mouthpiece have been talking up broadband in schools. Right. The unchallenged bullshit that was peddled in SiliconRepublic is that 98% of schools in Ireland now have broadband. BULLSHIT. First I do not believe anything TIF sends out so doubt it is 98% and second, half of schools have a satellite dish that gives them 512k Internet speed. That’s not broadband and this connection is shared between a whole school. That’s if schools actually use their broadband connections or have teachers trained to use the connections. Once again I see Eamon Ryan tacking on his crap to a TIF release too. Good man Eamon, that’ll really help the future of our country by perpetuating lies. Not everyone can go or afford to go to Gonzaga like yourself.

How the Green Party and Eamon Ryan are doing more damage to broadband than FF ever did

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

Eamon Ryan – Hatchetman for Fianna Fail
Eamon Ryan – Thief of future of rural broadband
Eamon Ryan – Doing more damage than Fianna Fáil ever did
Eamon Ryan – Making people appreciate Noel Dempsey as a Minister
Eamon Ryan – Bad for your broadband health

Pick any of those headlines, they all apply.

It’s bad enough that a once respectable politican joined a Government with the devil and took the Fianna Fail boilerplate for broadband excuses and perverted them to new lows and along the way had an Irish Times journalist join in further damaging Ireland by making misleading claims to the public about broadband but recent actions from Eamon Ryan have shown that he has done more damage to broadband in Ireland than any Minister before him.

Eamon Ryan has now killed the weak future that broadband in rural areas once had. He’s done this by dishonestly pushing the National Broadband tender further and further into the future while also this week removing the little funding that broadband rollout had and also quoted OECD figures which were NOT OECD figures to make him look good. Not only has Eamon done a hatchet job on broadband funding, he has knived the back of the rural population in Ireland with his actions. If Eamon was Minister in absentia, he’d be doing less damage. It’s terrifying to think it but the old Fianna Fáil and PD Government were better for broadband than the new greener Government.

People said give the Greens a chance, give them time, wait another while. It’s obvious now to me that we’re witnessing Stockholm syndrome from the Greens. Come next election I’ll do as much as I can to ensure that locally here in Cork anyone but Dan Boyle will get my vote and the vote of as many other people in Cork South Central as I can. This is not merely selling out, this is the murdering of a broadband scheme just for power.

Oct 2007 EU Report on broadband – Ireland still not near the EU average

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Report here.

But that won’t stop Evil Eamon Ryan telling more lies or ComReg or eircom or all the rest. Wait for the excuses. “Data is too old” “Data does not take into account 40,000 new mobile connections” “But but our growth rate”. “The Rural broadband tender will solve it all”

Data is from July 2007. Same time period as all the rest.
Mobile broadband so far has been a sham, it’s wireless dialup, not broadband.
Ah yes, growth rate. Here’s the headline girls: ” Proportionally growth was highest in Denmark (7.7 lines per 100 inhabitants), Luxembourg (7.1 per 100) and Ireland (6.7 per 100).”
We’re being outgrown on these rates by two countries already ahead of us and already with fantastic penetration rates.
The Rural Broadband Scheme/National Broadband tender is failure before it starts.

Also, look at the EU penetration rate:

Average penetration (number of subscribers per population) has grown from 14.9% to 18.2%

The EU penetration graph is like an accordion stood on its side. With the top part being stretched up, with less stretching in the middle and feck all at the bottom. The top performers (not us) are actually growing faster than us and away from us. It’s a shame the EU report does not show the growth rate for every country.

Some graphs:
EU broadband report

EU broadband report II

Eamon Ryan bullshits on Newstalk while Karlin turns into DCMNR apologist

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Download the mp3 of it here.

What really surprised me is how Karlin Lillington is now the biggest apologist for Eamon Ryan’s Department while Ryan is now using tried and tested DCMNR lies, not excuses but pure lies. Lies such as:

90% coverage.
Cable networks.
Late start.
Catching up.
Triple play.
A “settling down regulator”.
Cow-towing and excuse generating for low speeds.

I really can’t believe Karlin Lillington took up the whole “demand issue” crap as well. Stop fucking saying there’s 90% coverage. WE DO NOT HAVE 90%. It is not a demand issue or some god damn “unknown” issue we can’t see. The stats are fine, stop suggesting changing the rules so Eamon can look good. Saying we’re not that expensive for broadband when the only option is to rent a phoneline to get broadband is is expensive when you pay the most expensive line rental on the planet.

This is altogether shocking behaviour from someone I had respect for.

Update: Karlin has responded though does not directly address this post.

Regulatory Capture – Green Minister completely sells out

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Being away all week I missed this, but Via Adrian Weckler is news that Eamonn Ryan is now being run by his civil servants who say everything is fine in broadband Ireland. It is a shame that a party I gave my vote to is now signing off on lies that they once called shenanigans on. Between this and kissing the ass of corrupt ComReg in the same week it really angers me. At least with Fianna Fail, you knew they’d carry on doing what they did which was nothing. That’s not hypocrisy. A Green Minister now copying and pasting from previous statements by Noel Dempsey after complaining so much

I’ve been told that Minister Ryan used to read my blog along with other Green TDs. Here’s the story to any of you folks who still do. Irelandoffline might be gone but I will happily monitor all press releases and statements and point out to my press list the utter hypocrisy of your new statements.

Eamon Ryan is Comms Minister

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Goodbye Dialup Dempsey, hello someone that is more able to fix the communications problems than anyone to date. I’m actually quite happy and confident that Eamon Ryan is the new Minister for Energy, Communications and Natural Resources. There were bits of the Green Manifesto I disagreed with but I hope most of it is implemented. It was a very tough decision shutting down IrelandOffline last week but it gets a little easier to sleep knowing the new boss is not a Fianna Fáiler, PDr or Fine Gaeler. Fingers crossed. Minister, please do something about ComReg.

Update: Seven months later and Minister Ryan is probably the worst Communications Minister so far. A total disgrace.