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Look what I found on the YouTubes – Mario “Gift Grub” Rosenstock

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

Via the Indo:

The lawyer for radio comedian and Gift Grub star Mario Rosenstock yesterday strongly denied his client has ever been arrested or charged and has questioned the authenticity of a new dramatic video clip of his client.

Well, is this authentic?

No doubt Uncle Raybo D’Arcy will suggest it is a fake.

The denial comes as the video clip, reportedly taken while Mr Rosenstock was at a Dublin Garda station, has been obtained by the Sunday Independent. The clip has not yet made it to internet sites like YouTube or Blogorrah but has in the past few days been circulating on mobile phones.

All change!

Green Party would be ideal Twitter users if they signed up

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

The Green Party just sent out another press release:

Green Party awaits Fianna Fáil response on viability of new negotiations

Fianna Fáil has contacted the Green Party to investigate whether there is a basis for new negotiations on agreeing a Programme for Government. Further to those contacts, the Green Party has sent Fianna Fáil a document. The Green Party awaits Fianna Fáil’s response.

Almost small enough for a Twitter. Just as transparent and honest enough too for Twitter.


Friday, June 8th, 2007

Someone nominated me for a Bloggers Choice award for best Political blog. PayPerPost sponsor the event.

This whole universal search thing from Google

Friday, June 8th, 2007

I think I need some of the Google experts to explain this to me. After reading the interview John Battelle did with Udi Manber -the guy looking after Google Universal Search I remembered I had an email from Dave Davis to answer. I’d asked him some of his thoughts on this whole area. I’m actually getting bad at emails these days and if they are not answered right away I forget about them quite quickly. Anyways, back to the main topic of this post.

Jeff Jarvis talked a bit about universal search here and said:

Until now, you structured your pages and metadata in certain magical ways and — if you were hip — got yourself linked a lot by linking out a lot and — voila — you rose into Google heaven. Now you have to figure out how to put some Google helium into your videos and photos and news headlines — all of which can now appear on the blessed search-result page.

And you also have to figure out what people get when they click on those things: where are your brand, your ads, your links? If you distribute your stuff onto more sites out there — if your video becomes a hit on YouTube and on bloggers’ embeds — does that get it higher on Google? What does this do to destination and portal strategies?

Right. That got me thinking. So if you’re doing stuff now, it might well worth be considering working harder on your videos and photos and so forth and they will show up in the main result pages? Or begin to start doing videos. Would a video with a few tags get to the front page above a well SEOd page? Anyone know how well videos ranked compared to pages?

My biggie though is this: Say you are 9th on Google for the search “banana in pyjamas”. Now with universal search, they find some videos that match that and stick them in 4th or 5th position. I assume you are going to get bumped down the list and your coveted 9th place is now 11th or 12th and with it a big drop in traffic. Is this how it will work, or will you still remain in 9th spot and the vids are stuck on the page too but not in an actual placing? Are they packing the pages more into the same page?

If not, how in the feck are you going to climb that ladder once again, especially if you have to get back on the first page with 10 other ultra-competitive sites?

Actually “banana in pyjamas” turns out to be a good example as a YouTube video is 3rd above the Wiki and IMDB entry. Would have thought they’d rank WAY higher than the vid. So what are the opinions of my well-educated readership?

Edit: Some stats on the effects of Universal search.

Ah screw it, here’s the vid 🙂

Fluffy Links – Friday June 8th 2007

Friday, June 8th, 2007

Public service announcements about blogs and online stuff. Oh no, oh my!

10 Attributes of Really Lazy People.

I want. I want. Adam also wants.

Lessig’s disclosure agreement is fantastic.

John still has some good domains up for sale. Big prices. I wonder would he “rent” them to someone in return for equity in an idea?

An iron and phone interface. Errr.

Via WalterThe list of 2007.

Terry McAuliffe (Chairman of the Hillary Clinton Campaign) at Google. Talk about a Clinton lickarse:

It could be you! Or me – IRMA on the warpath again

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Via Una of the Rocks.

They are stealing from our artists and affecting the livelihood of many people in the music industry.

Dick, you’d want to be very careful saying that about the people you want to bring actions against. Surely you need proof of that before you make such a soundbite?

Mr. Doyle also warned parents to be ever vigilant with the family computer as many young people were involved in file sharing probably unbeknownst to their parents.

But you’ll still stiff the parents with a whopper of a bill, won’t you Dick? Or will IRMA just forgive the parents for the sins of their poorly educated kids?

Update: Commentary from Digital Rights Ireland. Older commentary 1 Older commentary 2 – One mass moan

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

I’ve registered as a way of documenting poor customer service and ill-treatment by telcos, airlines, shop, rail companies and all the rest. It isn’t quite the Irish Customer Care portal that was previously mentioned since to start with it will just be gripes about services. The design uses some standard fugly theme which needs to be modified to make it look a bit purdy.

Any Irish blogger that wants an account on this blog, let me know and I’ll give you access. Terms and conditions apply to lessen (but not remove) the risk of me getting my ass sued and there’ll be a writing standard too.

Have I mentioned lately I am a little miffed with SAS and Sky Handling Partners? 🙂

New YouTube Interface?

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

My first time seeing it anyway. Both the below videos now automatically suggest other videos to watch, as you watch it, compared to the old choice at the end. Very iTunes looking too the way they are displayed. Also you can copy and paste the embed code direct from the video. Even more reasons not to go to YouTube and a way to make the videos more viral again.

Via Gavin is: Crystal Castles -Air War

Via John is fun with simple digital effects:

Fluffy Links – Thursday June 7th 2007

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Fantastic productivity blog.

Spread the word about your favourite unknown blogs.

And it’s only 2007 and they have come up with a way of allowing sensical personal domain names in the .ie space. The loopholes were so easy that the whole process was a joke.

Watch Russian news on YouTube.

Nice broadside to tech journos/gadget reviewers.

Another weird music selling model. Stream for free, buy to transport on your iPod. I can see them run out of money quickly if they are paying royalties for every stream and not passing the cost on to the customer.

I want. Headphones with a slot for an iPod Shuffle.

The FCC are told cop the fuck on by the Courts.

Paris Hilton – Terrorist:

Gardai terrorising a man that seems mentally ill

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Via Blogorrah. Cos it’s not like there’s any kind of crime problem in the country. Enda is promising us 2000 more of these pups? These are the same people who bitched about wasting Garda time when someone pranked them? Offline copy made, in case it gets taken down.

Update: Noted Blogorrah nemesis Ray D’Arcy said the video was highly edited and suggested there was no wrong-doing by the Garda. In fact he referred to him as that “poor Garda” because cameraphones are so dangerous. One would have thought Ray realised that sometimes what you see is what you get. Remember those “doctored” O’Gara photos which proved to be real our Rayness?