Green Party would be ideal Twitter users if they signed up

The Green Party just sent out another press release:

Green Party awaits Fianna Fáil response on viability of new negotiations

Fianna Fáil has contacted the Green Party to investigate whether there is a basis for new negotiations on agreeing a Programme for Government. Further to those contacts, the Green Party has sent Fianna Fáil a document. The Green Party awaits Fianna Fáil’s response.

Almost small enough for a Twitter. Just as transparent and honest enough too for Twitter.

One Response to “Green Party would be ideal Twitter users if they signed up”

  1. […] From their twitter-tastic Green Party press office: The Green Party announced tonight that, should progress be made in talks with Fianna Fáil on the formation of a new government, on a limited number of remaining points of contention, it will hold a Special Convention of its members on Wednesday evening. Following a resumption of negotiations with Fianna Fáil this morning, the negotiation teams managed to reach agreement on a number of outstanding issues over the course of the day, including climate change, education and political reform. Green Party negotiators are hopeful that a deal can be finalised on a programme for government that can be put before Party members on Wednesday. […]