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ComReg and eircom go to Court

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Or it looks that way. Looks like eircom didn’t like this recent ComReg decree on leased lines and so are going to Court about it and (put a cushion on the floor for the jaw) Comreg are going to defend.

This quick clip shows the previous relationship they had:

Vids from the Blog Awards Hotel

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

I went up to the Blog Awards Hotel today (Cork Airport International Hotel) to take some videos in order to show a few people what it will be like.

This first video is how it looks as if you are looking out the main door. Check-in for the hotel is on the first floor.

This is how it looks behind the stairs in the coffee/meeting area. Check out their hair salon!

We’ll have access to this whole area before and after the Awards ceremony.

This is the cloakroom/registration area:

And this is the area outside the function room:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday January 20th 2009

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Good luck to the youngfella Obama today. You’ll go far kid.

Been up half the night with the Blog Awards stuff, so the Fluffy links are weak today.

If there is only one post to read today, read this piece taking Brenda Power to task for her attack on the character of Tony Gregory. Dead men can’t argue back.

It is vital to the democratic process that political parties are not restricted from distributing information and contacting the public.

A very reactionary statement from the Green Party after they spammed people. That kind of justifies walking into your home if your door is open and dropping in a leaflet. They won’t be stopped if it’s for politics.

LinkedIn and Facebook Groups for PR in Ireland.

It’s long since dead but I was a great fan of The Parking Lot is Full.

Via Bookslut:

Former British ambassador to Uzbekistan has released his new book The Catholic Orange Men of Togo and Other Conflicts I Have Known free online after the threat of a libel suit by “mercenary” Tim Spicer scared off his publishers.

Get it here.

Via TJ. Someone in eircom on piracy:

Think of it as helping the health and good living of rich cocaine-sniffing rock stars by leaving them with less free money to spend on sex and drugs.

Not that U.N. Declarations matter much but interesting to see the U.S. Oppose one on banning countries making homosexuality a crime. The Vatican also opposed it.

Really interesting tactics the Heathrow protestors are using. Buy land, split it, make compulsory purchases a bit tougher.

Via Jim Carroll:
Errors – Pump

Today is “Complain to 2FM about Rick” Day

Monday, January 19th, 2009

As mentioned on Allan’s blog, today is the day to complain to RTE if you want them to reinstate the real Rick O’Shea show and reverse their no chit-chat policy.

If you want to complain, simply email
They will read it and so far they’ve replied to all emails. You might not think one email or a dozen pople emailing will make an impact, but it will.

I emailed RTE not because Rick is the Bloggie and Webby MC guy but because his show got me listening and texting and interacting and roaring with laughter or shock at what people said on-air or by text. Some of the shows were quite touching too. But now all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Of hopes and dopes

Monday, January 19th, 2009

I want this as a poster, as a t-shirt and as an election manifesto:

Hopes and Dopes
Click on the image to get the full sized image or go here.

Fluffy Links – Monday January 19th 2009

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Phil has now moved over to

If you’re old(er) like me then TeenCamp is humbling, yet kids much younger are now blogging in Ireland. We have Eyes of a Child and the lovely blog from a young girl I met at TeenCamp who wants to grow up to be a teenager one day. Her blog is called Girls Thoughts.

Suzy points how far the Government went to make sure Niall Crowley and the Equality Authority couldn’t do their job.

WTF moment. Paul can’t get decent marketing folks. 19 CVs he’s gone through. Hire Niall, he gets it.

Dave Kelly did a survey on mobile phones and their cameras and their web usage. Results are here and here.

Interesting Irish site on statistics about Ireland. Status Ireland.

New blog (at least to me): Yellow Roman Candles.

Bespoke Communications have a new blog. Nice to see a PR firm with an RSS feed and real blog.

Congrats to Brian Honan and his new book which you can pre-order.

Not just the blog awards that the mentalists come out of the woodwork to complain about. Choice Music bitchathon and on and on.

Great advertising for a hairdressers. Inspired.

PETA proves once again how mental they are.

Dirty Epics – We’re Coming Up

The above video was directed by Vincent Gallagher, an upcoming TV and Film director from Dublin. He received the title of Best Undergraduate Short in the Drama category for his final year comedy ‘Bright Idea’, awarded by the Royal Television Society in London. His films have also been finalists in the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, the Kerry Film Festival and the Kodak Student Commercial Awards. This is another of his videos:

Redneck Manifesto – ‘Hibernation Statement’

TeenCamp – First vid

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Ben in a “should give up the day job” presentation:

TeenCamp Tomorrow

Friday, January 16th, 2009

TeenCamp is just hours away. Temple Bar, Dublin from 1pm onwards. Pop in.

Enda in D’Echo.

Photo owned by borrowed time | demi-brooke (cc)

Fuck the Recession – Links to think about

Friday, January 16th, 2009

The worst thing you can do if you read the below post and what I consider some inspiring links and feel energised from them is to bookmark this blog post or any of those links. So let’s make an agreement before we begin. If you like this blog post, don’t bookmark it and don’t go off and write a blog post and link to this. If you really really want to do something go off and do it, there and then. Register a domain for a business idea, drop every damned thing and do that. Way better than that, walk out of the office or where you happen to be with a pen and paper and using the energy or elation that you have, plan something out on a pen and paper right then. But do not, do not, DO NOT bookmark, do not consign to the back of the browser drawer these webpages. This allows your excited brain to eject those feelings and move back into doing something comfortable, routine, mundane.

But do not spec out an elaborate plan either. Concentrate on one piece of it. See that piece as a a whole part and work on figuring out that and that alone. Forget the overall system that it ties into right now. You want to challenge all parts of your brain and get them working together. Visio is evil. Wire diagrams are evil. Bookmarks (I’m just reiterating) are evil. It is better to build a nut and bolt for a system than it is to spec it out. Yeah you want to build a new car but concentrate on the alternator for now. (Spot the guy who calls the AA to start his car)

Here’s another thing. If the idea turns out to be shit. Grand. Your brain however has now been exercised. It’ll let you know it liked it. Pretend that silly joke about the guy that made 1up and 2up and 3up and gave up at 6up is true. Think of these as warm-up laps and one warm-up lap you realise you’re not so much running as flying. When it all clicks and it all makes sense you’re going to have a good environment to start. Here’s why:

The economy is going to shit but with it prices are falling down, people need money, companies are charging less, people are charging less, many are happy to take a job that pays the mortgage and will work at home afterhours doing work to pay the other bills, work you can provide, non-unionised labour is going to be cheaper, people will want to work on things that help their portfolio and get their name spread if YOU do well. Inflation is going to go into negative percentages soon. 2009 is the best year ever for those with spare cash or who can rob a piggy bank for some. Fuck the recession, break the routine. Fuck the recession, try something. Fuck the recession, build something. Fuck the recession, fail at something. Fuck the recession, start again. FTR. And yes I have badges that say this.

One in a series. And being another. And Hero.

And with my lecture to you out of the way…

Photo owned by karpov the wrecked train (cc)


The mobile web is here. Look at how much mobile web traffic the iPod Touch has created. Think app store.

An idea that started on Twitter is expanding out now that they have traction.

Om Malik talks about 2009 being the year of the hacker. Go try things out. Go write stuff, go break stuff, go use your spare time to do.

Less features, less rules, less restrictions and the community will evolve your platform.

“Given fewer rules, people actually behaved in more creative, co-operative, and collaborative (or competitive, as the case may be) ways.”

Tim O’Reilly suggests working on the stuff that matters. Brilliant essay.

I’ve been a professional developer about ten years now and I don’t want to do it any more. I don’t mean developing, I love coding. I mean work.

Read on.

Fluffy Links – Friday January 16th 2009

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Nice guide from Steph on how to get to the Blog Awards. Plane, train, automobile, boat and maybe foot.

Still looking for Blog Awards judges. We have about 50 judges now. Another 30 are needed. There are lots of blogs to judge. Lots.

Gareth asked me to Fluffy Link mySwiftstore which allows anyone to get themselves selling online quickly. Linked!

Newsweaver are looking for a Head of Marketing.

Via Iaino Dual Pricing. Nice price comparison site for Irish and UK prices.

90+ productivity links for twitter addicts

Rick was the new Doctor? Jaysus. Missed that.

Another ceremony has an award for Irish Blogging. You can’t apply if you’re heterosexual though. What if you’re in the closet, can you be nominated then?

Internet > Newspaper. Lovely project where the best web bits of 2008 were made into a newspaper. Amazing typography.

So some guy suggested newspapers should teach the Internet a lesson by not updating their online presence for a day. Six additional and sarcastic suggestions.

No WiFi in Hell, it’s official. Damn. Laptops running Vista too.

Via Kottke: David O’Doherty – Very mild superpowers

Via Monster Munch: Puppies: