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Sir Henry’s documentary – 120bpm

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

via Mr. T.

Rest of parts here.

Wiki for Sir Henry’s.

Fluffy Links – Monday January 11th 2010

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Unemployment map of Ireland over the past few years. The bad news map ):

Find a band has launched. It aims to be Irelands largest live music directory.

February 4th. Mediacontact are doing another Social Media Unspun (or Unspoon!). Starring yours truly.

New blog (to me) Eugene Loughlin’s blog.

Sing-a-long Sound of Music, Sugar Club, Sat February 6th. Facebook Page, tickets.

RENT. Cork Opera House, March 3rd to 6th. (Facebook Events link)

For the snowbound people. iPhone used as a hand heater. iPhone processor to 100%. Battery life probably 15 minutes.

Interesting to note that the Proposition 8 case in California will be recorded and put on YouTube.

Jónsi (lead singer from Sigur Ros) has an album coming out, really interesting to hear him sing in English.
Jónsi – Boy Lilikoi

Digital Festival, Dublin, Feb 24th 2010

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

There’s a conference on digital/social/earned media called “The Brainfood Store – Digital Festival” being run on February 24th. I got an email about it from the organisers. There seems to be a whole heap of these out there at the moment but there are three fantastic speakers that caught my attention:

Peter Kim, Managing Director, the Dachis Group.
Shel Israel, author – Naked Conversations & Twitterville.
Russell Davies, organiser of Interesting, blogger, author.

Tickets are €275 until January 31st, then they go up. I’m happily paying that to see these guys. I’ve seen Shel and Russell talk before, Russell’s blog is one of the blogs I click on first thing each morning and Peter’s company is changing the way businesses work by changing the way they communicate internally and externally.

OpenHW Audience
Photo owned by psd (cc)

The Dublin Tweasure Hunt

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Weather permitting of course. January 30th. 2ish. Ends 5ish. Note emphasis on ish.

Goblin 612
Photo owned by Everfalling – FREE GIRAFA! (cc)

Want to take part in a treasure hunt around Dublin City Centre? Powered by Twitter. Follow this Twitter account. Cash prize but the glory is the big thing, right? Clues sent out via Twitter so phone with a Twitter client will be handy. You may be asked to take photos while running about and send them back to HQ via Twitter too. Full details in the next few days. Prepping you for it now. Teams of up to 6 permitted. You can tag along without a team if you want though.

Massive thanks to Willie White , Project Arts Centre and Alexia Golez from Golez Heavy Metal Extractions for building this game.

Mulley events for January 2010

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Mulley events coming up this month.

The Marketing Institute Cork has a Marketing @ Night event on Thursday 14th January, 6pm . I’ll be giving a talk on business/marketing online.

On January 15th, staying in Cork I’ll be at the Press Council Privacy Seminar talking about: Blogging and Privacy. Jury’s Hotel, Western Road, 2pm onwards. Can’t find anything on their site.

I’m giving a free Online PR course in Dublin on the 23rd. Booked out. Queue of 40 for anyone that drops out. Stay tuned though as I’ll be making all the documentation for it free to download.

I’ve been asked to do a business blogging training course in Cork so that’s on the 25th. Limited spaces as it’s a workshop too. Takes place in Cork Airport International Hotel.

On the 27th I’m giving a talk at the Cork Chamber of Commerce on the usual suspects.

Fluffy Links – Thursday January 7th 2010

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

A must-read blog post from Sinéad on changing the world. Oh and she’s looking to intern in usability.

Blag nua. Advertising is dead. Not like blogging is dead, mind.

New blog. Harmless Noise.

Nice op-piece on Iran by Sandeep.

Motorocheck’s best selling car list of the past decade shows how rich this country was. Or debt laden.

The worldwide weblog awards have been canceled this year due to funding issues it seems.

Nancy Duarte blogs about the Alt-MBA programme. MBAs with clever people, without the pricey costs.

Wow, really geeky. iPhone controlled RC helicopter.

Thick ccents are making a comeback as a way to identify yourself or create an identity it seems. Wonder does an increasing mid-Atlanticising of accents cause this backlash?

No need to buy the first five seasons of lost. Summary in just a few mins.

And again thanks to Jim Carroll

Freelance Whales

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Jim’s show on Phantom last night played this band Freelance Whales, liked the song right away, caught a few more of their songs on their mySpace. Got the album. I hope they come to Ireland soon.

This is them live in a train station. Love the reaction of the girl to their sound:

And another fuller version:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday January 5th 2010

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

He’s gone. Sadsies. Manuel’s back. Gladsies.

A student at the Letterkenny Institute of Technology is doing a research masters in the area of social networking sites. She needs some help with her survey. Please take a short few minutes to help her by answering some questions.

Speaking of which, Facebook tripled in size in Ireland in 2009.

MediaContact (D: I do training events with them) are having a good news Friday on the 22nd. Send them good news and they’ll press release it for you.

Freedom of information requests show Minister Eamon Ryan likes his Cake.

Nice trends on Daddy Van Morrison and recent media coverage.

This is how you present like Steve Jobs.

Via YANP: Stream Contra, the new Vampire Weekend album from their mySpace.

Beach House – Heart of Chambers

While you’re waiting

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Why did you leave Twitter?

Monday, January 4th, 2010

The most frequently asked question of me in the past 3 months is the title of this post. I’ve gotten about a dozen phonecalls, a heck of a lot of private messages, instant messages, facebook mails, emails (remember them?) and even LinkedIn messages asking me why I wasn’t using Twitter. Some even seemed hurt, the same reaction some gave me when I went off drink for a year.

There were all sorts of bets happening when I headed to Cuba towards the end of October about whether I could stay offline for the 12 days I’d be away for. No hassle at all, though my text bill was massive.

When I returned from the holiday, I logged into Twitter and saw countless amounts of bullshit. There were hapless spammers getting everyone to hashtag Twitter messages about where they were from, wannabe experts on business and social media talking themselves up and retweeting praise about themselves and then the usual keyboard cowboys passive aggressively doing the whole “certain people” stuff. So I logged off for another few days. Nothing you can contribute to those conversations except “Shut up”.

Photo owned by sean_oliver (cc)

The slugtards blogged how I was too busy with work to use Twitter but that, like everything else they do and say was wrong. I deleted and removed some folks on Twitter and added more over the time and a much larger cull is needed before I start using it properly again. I still used it to have private conversations with people over the past few weeks. A few thousand messages since October, Twitter tells me. I’ve been using it as an information source too. Hands down, Twitter is more useful for gathering quality information than the 350+ news feeds I sub to with Bloglines. Human filters work. I was still reading Twitter on a daily basis and favouriting anything I found useful. You can see them here. Some people even subbed to the RSS feed of it. Bless.

Privacy is dead when Twitter is about
Oddly, even when not using Twitter in public, you will still feature in public. Anything you do elsewhere gets mentioned on Twitter by people and this includes media stuff, public talks, blog posts, Facebook status updates and even where you check into on Foursquare. It’s interesting for me that it shows you just cannot be private anymore. Unless the only people you know are not connected to anything or anyone online. Foursquare is a very small and closed network to me yet my activities are shared on Twitter by others and so to the public. When I met people on the street, there were Twitter messages about it. On a daily basis I was part of the Twitter space without being there. Very odd and something to consider.

And more. Most of the social media jesters put up numbers on their blog entries (while declaring it ain’t a numbers game) about how influential they are based on the number of times their posts were Tweeted about. The thing with Twitter is that it’s spambot heaven. Mention social media in a blog post and it gets tweeted and retweeted without you doing a thing. The 25 years blog post got 30 tweets from bots alone. Twitter is the web copied but with viraled content, morphing and evolving into a mess.

Flaming Marshmallows
Photo owned by jronaldlee (cc)

Did I miss Twitter?
And did I miss being on Twitter and conversing? Not really no. Every now and then I wanted to contribute something useful and ended up doing it via private message or emailing the person with the message instead. Or I wanted to tell some muppet to shut up. There was more of that alright. It was interesting to be there though and to be just an observer as all this data flew past. Once you take part, the data changes and corrupts the conversation you observe. It also showed that your opinion doesn’t actually matter in the greater scheme of things. Questions I could have answered would get answered anyway, when some eejit needed to be told he was clueless there was someone else to do that too. This is good and this is bad. It means that if someone in your group leaves or can’t contribute anymore then the group can still function. Distributed power etc. It’s bad for those that feel that they have to be a needed part of a community and need to define who they are in life. You’re not even a number on Twitter…

A friend (who also uses Twitter) believes that there’s a massive groupthink going on in Twitter. This is possibly true. It’s like being at an Ard Fheis at times. Reality gets parked as everyone claps each other. Maybe because sending out an opinion is easy, it’s sent to people who are interested in your opinion and it’s generally without consequence and so these factors combined makes you think somehow that your opinon is divine. There’s plenty of people too on Twitter who say absolutely nasty stuff on it that they wouldn’t have the balls to say in another setting. And they’ll get clapped for it. I’m an optimist about tech and social tech so I think that kind of stuff will all sort itself out in time. It’s still new and developing.

I’ve been back on Twitter since Jan 1st and using it as a plaything but it’s amazing that saying nothing for a while gets so much attention in a system that’s always about lots of conversing.