Fluffy Links – Thursday January 7th 2010

A must-read blog post from Sinéad on changing the world. Oh and she’s looking to intern in usability.

Blag nua. Advertising is dead. Not like blogging is dead, mind.

New blog. Harmless Noise.

Nice op-piece on Iran by Sandeep.

Motorocheck’s best selling car list of the past decade shows how rich this country was. Or debt laden.

The worldwide weblog awards have been canceled this year due to funding issues it seems.

Nancy Duarte blogs about the Alt-MBA programme. MBAs with clever people, without the pricey costs.

Wow, really geeky. iPhone controlled RC helicopter.

Thick ccents are making a comeback as a way to identify yourself or create an identity it seems. Wonder does an increasing mid-Atlanticising of accents cause this backlash?

No need to buy the first five seasons of lost. Summary in just a few mins.

And again thanks to Jim Carroll

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday January 7th 2010”

  1. Noel Rock says:


    …No comments on their post there? Does nobody care about those awards or something?

  2. […] Where words go to die « FlashForward Speaking of Lost… January 7, 2010 Via Mulley, comes this succinct 8 minute summation of everything important that has happened in Lost up […]

  3. Nay says:

    Thanks for the link, enjoyed Sinead’s post.

  4. It seems that the writers of this rubbish which I foolishly followed for far too long, are the ones who are lost. Making it up as you go along is a new phenomenon in US TV series. The people who brought us Lost now bring us Fringe and Flash Forward. Any bets in five years time we will still be wondering what in God’s name they are on about? Come back Tony Soprano!