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Am I not a good person ? Am I not a good soul ?

Sunday, January 4th, 2004

Listening to an Irish band called The Tycho Brahe at the moment. I like the below song the most just for the two lines “Am I not a good person, Am I not a good soul”. The singers got a beautiful voice and shes backed up by musicians that seem to be mature enough to play quality music. The lyrics throughout the album are very Poetic and convey some lovely imagery. More Tycho Brahe Lyrics here.

Some other lines are:
“Thinking about the wizardry of dreams
How a man can turn a girl into a saint
Because it’s easier to hold onto the pain
It takes courage to let go”

Mmmmm. Yes.

Song Name: Defiance

There is a knot inside
I’m unable to make sense of this world
This world
The pain is doubled by the light from others’ windows
And it is trebled by the darkness on the ground

Am I not a good person?
Am I not a good soul

Well I do believe in magic but I cannot make it work
I have doubts
Such doubts
I may be lonelier than ever at this juncture
But I like myself enough to stick around

Am I not a good person?
Am I not a good soul

I am trying
And I mean it
I’m not a liar
But I fail sometimes
And I mess up
And I clean up
But the fault is
All mine

Am I not a good person?
Am I not a good soul

Resoltions Revolutions 2004

Friday, January 2nd, 2004

2003 I liked. 2004 I’ll like too I hope. Maybe its a good year. My shit is finally in order I guess. I have a longterm plan formulated for about 6 months. Posted bits from it before on this site.

Summary: New job. Holiday to Africa or Japan. New love. New qualifications. Posisbly College. Social Anthropology looks good. Philosophy in UCC looks interesting too as does Sociology.

Christmas Cleanup

Sunday, December 28th, 2003

So over this Christmas Holiday Season when I have been getting fatter and unhealthier I did a slight spring cleaning of my domains.

So as it stands I own the following domains.: Have an idea but not the time to develop it. Needs a good DB designer for it to work. This started as a satirical website for buying human organs online but now its Kevins weblog.

Corkonia – Cork City Website Not sure what I was going to do with this site to be honest. It was going to be a directory site or a tourism site or something. Might keep the name for another while. I was thinking actually of creating a website for people doing their driving test and have maps of the various routes they take you on for the test. Could be a handy resource. The website would be payed for by advertising the local driving instructors.

Digihive This was going to be the site for my online business, whatever the fuck that was going to be. I just host subdomains off it now.

DodgyList – All things Dodgy. A guy at work has a “dodgy” list where he basically mails out links to soft porn and pics of babes to a load of people. He really does email out some quality stuff. I used to post these links in a private forum on but its a private forum so I set up dodgylist for uploading pics and sending out links. I need to develop it further though.
lgbyouth/glbyouth – Irish Gay Teen Website I want to set up a resource site for Irish Gay Teens. Well irish Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered and Questioning teens. Theres no resource for Irish teens like this and I feel something like this is needed. If the site only every gets read by one person but they find it useful then it was worth it. I need to sit down and work on this soon. I’ve left it too too long.

Nicecock Its just a website with a picture of a male bird, as in a Cock. You know, the opposite to a hen. I think I’ll expand it a bit more and create a CafePress Shop to sell t-Shirts and stuff.

Peoples Republic Of Cock Its a piss take of the Peoples Republic of Cork, or was meant to be so but I think I might just make it a piss take of Cork itself. Make it all official looking apart from the name. I’d like to see how far up the Google Rankings it would get when a search for Cock is entered.

The Mulley Family Group of sites:
We have – Mulley Genealogy and These all need to be developed by me too.

Damn I have too many domains. *sigh*.

All About My Mother

Saturday, December 27th, 2003

“To Bette Davis, Gena Rowlands, Romy Schneider…
to all actresses who have played actresses,
to all women who act,
to men who act and become women,
to all the people who want to be mothers.
To my mother.”

Thats the dedication that ends All About My Mother

Its a superb piece of directing, writing and acting. The cast rocks, the dialogue is just amazing and hollywood screenwriters should take note of how to write. My god its inspired me to write good dialogue for my works. I just read the review of this on IMDB and I have to seriously object to it. This is a great great film with so many interesting characters and events. Its bizarre enough to be true.

answering texts

Friday, December 26th, 2003

Got a few txts of late. Think I’ll reply to them here as I don’t have to pay for the pleasure and theres not a character limit for my character assasination.

text 1: I got one txt giving me a hug “even though you don’t like me anymore”

Ooooh, clever. Make it out to be somehow my fault that you are a lying cheating manipulative weasel. I don’t know of many people that could keep liking someone thats lied so much to them, cheated on their best friends more than once, tried to act the victim nonstop by giving puppy dog eyes and acted innocent when all fault was theirs.

I don’t have time to waste in my life putting up with people like that and then suffer the fallout all around me because I know this person. Its a pity I was so damned blind for so long but I guess while I come across as a cynical bastard I still have lots of faith in humanity.

This time I was wrong, its not my first time being wrong and its far from my last time. This doesn’t mean I’m losing faith though. Humanity is still great and the majority of the people will do good not bad.

Its not like I got seriously fucked over though. Thank god. Although karma probably owes me one of them from my own past behaviour. Its a pity I wasted so much emotional energy on one person. Still I’d do it again. Bring it on.

Intexticating – Texting while drunk

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003

Yes, we have all texted people while drunk. Its funny when you look at the sent items the following morning and go “Oh sweet jesus”. more on Intexticating.

The Call Centre Diary. A diary of a team lead that works in a call centre. Its like a tamed down version of the BOFH. This being real life I guess the deaths per day in the place is kept low. Its funnier than the BOFH since these people are real. I love the guy with the nickname Thrush, he got it because he is an irritating cunt. I’m going to use that. 🙂

Nice article in the Guardian about Philip Pullman. I like how he sent his fathers ashes into the air with 40 firewords, a great way to spead ashes. Theres also a Dark Materials play now. Would love to go and see it. Two 3 hour plays in fact, I wonder what got squeezed out to cut the trilogy down to 6 hours.

The Decalogue was waiting for me when I got into work today. I look forward to watching these ten movies. Also Lambs album – Between Darkness and Wonder arrived too.

Watchmen Quote

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003

The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown.

The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”…

… and I’ll look down, and whisper “No.”

I laugh but I do not smile

Thursday, December 18th, 2003

I don’t smile enough really. I laugh a lot though. I laugh but I do not smile. Maybe it stems from the fact that I had braces when I was a kid and hated to smile with the metal monstrosity mouth I had.

Or maybe it came from my talent to hide emotion and wear that poker face of mine. Sometimes people don’t know how to read me at all, especially if they don’t know me first and I want to play with them a bit. You know in the initial meeting someone they’ll try and figure out your personality, what you react positively and negatively to and then from there know how to feed your ego and in a way ingratiate themselves with you my saying and mentioning things you like. And they try this with me and I don’t react.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 16th, 2003


Just to brighten up your day. Well mine really. Don’t know about you.

Credit Card Sized Memory

Thursday, December 11th, 2003


Another one of these I want thingies – Portable USB Memory the size of a credit card.

I think I finally sorted out my DSL. It took emailing the head of EsatBT to do it though. Its sad when you have to jump so many rnaks in order to do this, but thats what was needed in this instance.