Intexticating – Texting while drunk

Yes, we have all texted people while drunk. Its funny when you look at the sent items the following morning and go “Oh sweet jesus”. more on Intexticating.

The Call Centre Diary. A diary of a team lead that works in a call centre. Its like a tamed down version of the BOFH. This being real life I guess the deaths per day in the place is kept low. Its funnier than the BOFH since these people are real. I love the guy with the nickname Thrush, he got it because he is an irritating cunt. I’m going to use that. 🙂

Nice article in the Guardian about Philip Pullman. I like how he sent his fathers ashes into the air with 40 firewords, a great way to spead ashes. Theres also a Dark Materials play now. Would love to go and see it. Two 3 hour plays in fact, I wonder what got squeezed out to cut the trilogy down to 6 hours.

The Decalogue was waiting for me when I got into work today. I look forward to watching these ten movies. Also Lambs album – Between Darkness and Wonder arrived too.

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