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Fluffy Links – Monday April 15th 2013

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Free online class. Building an iOS app. 3pm EDT = 7pm GMT on April 16th

Do you run Open Coffees or informal meetups? Some handy tips on running meetups.

I’m asked a lot these days to recommend candidates for Digital Marketing jobs so I’ve put a form together where you can add your name if you’re looking for a job in this area. I won’t tell your employer, I won’t add you to a mailing list and I won’t sell or give over your details to a recruitment agency.

Got an Irish e-commerce site? The IEDR’s Optimise project can help you out.

That stool rocks. “We send a digital file to a maker located near you, they make the stool and send it to you.” That’s local business from an er non-local business. You can also get it here.

Visual storytelling lessons from Citizen Kane, one of Roger Ebert’s favorite films.

What is the Business of Literature?

Facebook Home will probably win the day.

Great advice from @ZeFrank: “If you want to be something, start being it.”

Fluffy Links – Saturday April 6th 2013

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

Japanese Film Festival in the Triskel next week.

Finkbeiner test. When reporting on women in business/science, some guidelines.

RTÉ doing radio dramas around science. Each Sunday for a month.

Facebook Advertising workshop by Barry Hand on April 18th.

April 17th, Twitter class in Limerick by me. Massively subsidised.

New site for the lovely band Waking Up Sunday.

Apple is widening the gap between itself and Samsung and the other raggle taggle bunch of device makers.

Reeder is now free. What will it turn into when Google Reader goes?

Fluffy Links – Sunday March 31st 2013

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

How the Daily Mail is winning when it comes to making money online. Everyone else is looking at paywalls, these guys are opening and raking in the cash.

Pre-order the print version of The Holy Numbers.

ISL. Irish Sign Language. Some learning resources.

Music with the solar system dictating the beat. Solarbeat.

From the ashes of those kicked out of Phantom is 8 Radio. Listen online or using one of those analog things.

Some fantastic tips from Business Insider on how they operate. The underling theme seems to be OBSESSIVES.

via, this is mesmerizing:

Just at what point in your company timeline do you decide to try and make society more complicated so your product gets to be used more to make society less complicated.

Self-publishing. The actual work involved.

Haunted – The Pogues

Cork from Glucksman

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Fluffy Links – Sunday March 24th 2013

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Nice interface for Facebook. Only see updates from connections that share links.

Speaking of Facebook, Facebook Ads workshop on April 18th.

We were getting a baby for Christmas.

These 8 bit glasses please.

Memento is a life-recorder type device. Takes photos every two minutes throughout your day and you can upload them all up later.

Why not go for the original guy? Mad Men can use a Beatles song, they can do this.

Désacraliser (literal translation: ‘to remove from its pedestal’) is the word that Privat uses. Via Mrs Tyrell.

The right way to use Evernote:

Get motherfucking Bulb:

Dave Grohl, SXSW

Fluffy Links – Sunday March 17th 2013

Sunday, March 17th, 2013 has changed direction (nobody was buying tickets) so we’re doing it on Thursday evening in the Clarion and it’s free. A few tickets are left if you want to grab them.

Two upcoming training courses hosted by Mulley Communications:
Google Analytics workshop on April 2nd

From Rookie to Pro: Facebook Ads workshop on April 18th. have an Easter competition currently running.

Amazing resource. So many Irish historical pieces collected by a fishmonger all through his life. Took nearly a decade to sort all the information too.

They might have been the next U2, documentary on Lir, fate seemed to have other ideas.

BBC4 now doing Neverwhere as a radio play. Great cast.

David Lynch Blue Velvet cupcakes. Can you guess what they look like? Yeah…

Crafthouse. An evening with Robert Ballagh.

Watched Searching for Sugar Man last night. Wow.
Rodriguez – Cause

Fluffy Links – March 7th 2013

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Google Analytics Workshop on April 2nd with Laurence Veale. Starting to fill (only 9 places at it) so you know what to do…

And if you want to do a digital marketing course over 4 weeks in Cork in April, I’m doing one for the Cork Chamber.

Good to Know. Handy app from Publicis for anyone into marketing and digital planning.

PINC programme looking for female entrepreneurs for their part-time business startup course.

Outsource human tasks to other humans. Task Rabbit.

Xboxonly movie release. Not a bad idea and could be a great platform for independent movie distribution. Same for bands.

Bugs by Tracy Letts, play we’ll see in Cork, if they get enough funds.

Oh yes, the company now has a Facebook Page.

The technology gap between the young and old is widening. A younger generation knows more and is immersed more while an older generation feels more lost. And so seems to react by setting up Government committees to reign in this tech freedom.

Fluffy Links – Monday March 4th 2013

Monday, March 4th, 2013

The beatings will continue until morale improves. Or, well, the pushing of will keep happening until tickets are sold. I’m quite proud of this event.

Google Analytics Workshop in Dublin on April 2nd I’m helping to organise.

I. Just. I just. Uhm. Bad Robot Surgery.

Rise of the Citizen Influencer. Hmm. Not a fan of “citizen” whatevers or “influencer” whatevers.

Amanda Palmer’s TED talk isn’t mind-blowing or anything but sensible. Worth a watch. Can already see some of her statements being “appropriated” into talks by others.

Edelman Digital talk #promnight.

Henry Rollins – The Iron.

Fun anti-piracy method from Tweetbot.

DCENR’s Twitter policy is simple but good.

Adobe ad: Digital Marketing Bullshit test.

Right here, right now. (from the era where you had to have a dancer when you were a band)

Fluffy Links – Thursday February 21st 2013

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop from Dena Walker on Feb 27th taking bookings for the afternoon version of it now. Selling out fast,

Samsung may be selling a tonne of phones and taking more market share but Apple dominates on profit share.

What Colm learned so far from his WhoIsMyTD web service.

Hilary Claire Woods‘ new album preview sounds lovely.

How Paul got 1000 likes on a page of his.

Iran captures a US drone. Reverse engineers it. Releases video the drone had recorded of the flight. Military propaganda comms from Iran now. Israel are amazing at this.

The history behind Siri. So much more to come from Siri it seems. Also, shocking that this appears to be original content on the Huffpost that isn’t a list.

Terry O’Neill exhibition in Wandesforde Quay ends this week. Go see it. Meanwhile the man himself has an iPad app called Goddesses.

Eirigi show you how to sabotage a water meter and get your neighbours in trouble. I think.

Fluffy Links – Sunday February 17th 2013

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Karl says get rid of the 100s of Millions in R&D grants in order to fire up real innovation.

Fascinating comment. Netflix – “Become HBO Faster Than HBO Can Become Netflix

Opening up charity data. UK only right now. Be nice to have here given so many orgs say they’re charities when they are far from it and not even registered.

Bridget Megarry on preparing for her death:

Take out long-term serious illness cover. We didn’t. Having a terminal illness is expensive. We have been saving hard over the past few years for our retirement so I have no hope of a medical card.

One huge KMZ file for Google Earth of all electoral divisions in Ireland. (Pay to access)

The Moves app tracks the steps you take, distance traveled, locations etc. etc. Free. Soaks up battery though.

Via Dangerous Minds: Baby Metal. J-pop death metal.

Sweet Brown ain’t got no time for a toothache.

Never knew who she was, just liked the ad. This is how she became famous. Reminds me of reactive marketing like that now legendary Oreo in the dark tweet.