Fluffy Links – Monday March 4th 2013

The beatings will continue until morale improves. Or, well, the pushing of Stories.ie will keep happening until tickets are sold. I’m quite proud of this event.

Google Analytics Workshop in Dublin on April 2nd I’m helping to organise.

I. Just. I just. Uhm. Bad Robot Surgery.

Rise of the Citizen Influencer. Hmm. Not a fan of “citizen” whatevers or “influencer” whatevers.

Amanda Palmer’s TED talk isn’t mind-blowing or anything but sensible. Worth a watch. Can already see some of her statements being “appropriated” into talks by others.

Edelman Digital talk #promnight.

Henry Rollins – The Iron.

Fun anti-piracy method from Tweetbot.

DCENR’s Twitter policy is simple but good.

Adobe ad: Digital Marketing Bullshit test.

Right here, right now. (from the era where you had to have a dancer when you were a band)

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