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BlogTalk 2010 – Galway – August 26-27

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

BlogTalk 2010 is back again in Galway. Registration for BlogTalk is €149 for two days (early bird). There are also have student / unemployed / one-day rates too.

Some of the speakers include:

  • Dan Gillmor (director, Knight Center): Activist consumers and responsible media creators in a networked age
  • Stowe Boyd (social tools authority): Social media blur: blogs, networks are turning into real-time streams
  • Don Thibeau (director, OpenID): Open identity for open government
  • Charles Dowd, Sonia Flynn (Facebook): The Facebook Platform
  • Ade Oshineye (Google): Social networks versus conversational networks

Full breakdown of talks.

Might be worth a visit for Dan and Stowe alone.

Fluffy Links – Thursday August 5th 2010

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Keith Bohanna is running a Getting Things Done training day at the end of August. Also, because he likes me, €25 off if you quote DM or “Mulley is a bollox”. Up to you.

Congrats to the IIA with their Digital Marketing Diploma course.

Laura Jane Cassidy has a competition on her blog for various booky type things.

Philipp Lenssen has brought out a book called “Graphic Adventures: Being a Mostly Correct History of the Adventure Game Classics”. Base material is Wikipedia articles. Great use of open content.

IDEO launch OpenIDEO which is a platform to share innovation ideas to improve the world by looking at specific projects.

Two slightly related. Don’t set goals.

Achievement in games might be a bad thing. What about Foursquare and the like?

Via Jim C on his Phantom Show:
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Fluffy Links – Wedn August 4th 2010

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

(This should have gone out on Monday, oops)

Want to win a Robert Roberts hamper? Gráinne has the details.

Great breakdown from Ciara on the costs of the new iPhone 4 in Ireland.

Drew B does crowdsourcing for a week, letting people on Twitter and Facebook make his decisions for him.

Lovely legal opinions highlighted by Google Scholar. Done in rhyme, rant, noir crime style and more.

Instapaper user? Longform is a service like editor picks of good content to read on it.

Mad Men fan? See how their furniture is done.

Beautiful. The 3D revolving yet stylish palindromical sign for the Victoria and Albert tube entrance.
And a video:

Troika_Palindrome from Troika on Vimeo.