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As you wish – Princess Bride Twitter evening, August 13th

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

If you’re interested, a few of us Twitter folk are having a Princess Bride Twitter evening on Thursday August 13th at 8pm. At 8pm on the button we all press play on the DVD in our drives and start watching while sharing the experience (i.e. comment loudly) on Twitter. The event was party inspired by Graham Linehan’s Bad Movie night, except this is a very good movie but was more inspired by the Irish Twitter community who gather around their TVs from time to time and with their laptops exchange comments with each other about whatever is on the box. It’s a fun shared experience.

I was thinking the hashtag for the event could be: #asyouwish

Update: Sign up to attend via Facebook.

Life is good
Photo owned by (cc)

Anyone can take part but you might just want a DVD copy of the movie to fully enjoy it. Why not bring friends along too to take part in this, like a cult maybe we can convert people into The Princess Bride.

If you’d like to take part stick your name down in the comments or if you’d like to host a watching party in your gaff, do so too.

Helen at the Globe

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

On the way to the Tate Modern for their Futurism exhibition and after finishing my Mister Whippy (threw away the flake) I popped into the Globe Theatre to see what they had free in the next 36 hours. Helen was the only free show and at 7 this evening. Romeo and Juliet is booked out for the season! So I chose Helen and the fantastic girl behind the counter gave me the best seat in the house (C40) which is front and centre.


She also discounted it from £40 to £20. I knew nothing about it going in. After a few minutes I thought I’d skip out halfway as I was knackered but as the show got going I didn’t want to. Helen is played by Penny Downie and she’s energetic and playful and you can see the audience hang on to her every reaction. Paul McGann who played I in Withnail in I plays Menelaus and feck me he has not aged one day since Withnail. I thought he was one of the younger McGanns actually.

The play itself is so so story wise but it’s a comedy and is highly playful and interactive with the audience. I heard some girls bitch after about it lacking meat, pah. It was was the most fun I’ve had at the theatre in ages and ages. The ending reminded me of the Monty Python Alien in Life of Brian but you know, funny. A cute touch too was the cast came out and danced in sync for the ovations. Very cool and very obviously they needed a good bit of choreography.

This wsa my first time in The Globe. It’s beautiful. Smaller than I would have imagined. A few shots from the iPhone of it:



Anything on in the Globe is worth going to. Who’s been?

Fluffy Links – Wednesday August 5th 2009

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Off to London for some work and research for a few days and to find someone a birthday present. And this. Try and break as little as you can. Ta.

The Across the Water Tweetup is coming along nicely. Nov 14th in London.

Daniela gives a run-through of what’s happening in the Arts here in Ireland.

From a Facebook Ad no less: Bord Bia Marketing Fellowship.

This is a fully-funded programme, including all fees, and participants will receive a bursary to the value of €17,500 (plus a rental allowance).

Ireland is totally ass-backwards when it comes to the world of digital. Says the EU. Government spin will say the report is from old data, yes motherucker because it takes time to gather data from all EU countries. They’ll say it won’t take into account our recent broadband gains. The same jaded line is used year in year out. I’m sure they’ll mention the vapourware plan to “digital leapfrog” the world. Frogs thrive in stagnant conditions.

Via Max. BBC Radio 4 programme on Powerpoint.

What’s your Douchebag name?

Limited edition bottled water. Uhm, it’s water.

Helmet – Wilma’s Rainbow

Fluffy Links – Tuesday August 4th 2009

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Well done to Kevin on his new website: Back Page Football.

Darragh of the Digital variety has done up his site, have a looksee. Then there’s his involvement with the Listen and Learn Recordings:

Microwaves, calculators, iPhones and iPods, computer applications, Microsoft windows, Linux and administration tutorials and walk through’s, you want it, we’ve got it!

900k Irish people now on Facebook. Wowsers

Even UCC are getting into this new media lark with one of their night courses.

With a name like Another Bloody Water, it has to be Australian

Via Tipster. How interesting. Using Google searches to give more up-to-date data on unemployment levels than the official statistics.

100 episodes of Design Matters now available.

Merce Cunningham died last week. RIP.
“Split Sides” feat. music by Radiohead & Sigur Rós

A dance with Torture Survivors expressing the unspeakable with their bodies. Fall and Recover:

No Techcrunch I won’t delete my Twitter message

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

After I retweeted something from Pat Phelan about James Whatley quitting Spinvox I got this email from a Techcrunch staffer:

Mate would you mind deleting that tweet? We wrote a pre-emptive story based on an unconfirmed rumour. No idea how it ended up in our RSS feed and James could lose his job.

All best,

Techcrunch who published all those docs on Twitter yeah? And made a big deal about them being allown-up journalists yeah? Yeah, fuck off. Others seem to have gotten shut down on this. Not here. Screenshot too:

No thanks techcrunch

More detailed screenshot.

Google has it too, I expect they’ll get a DM too from Techcrunch.
No thanks techcrunch II

Update: The Techcrunch apology to James Whatley.

Arrr – There be Pirates

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Talk like a Pirate Day is on Saturday September 19th all around the world. Some stuff happens in Ireland every year but nothing hugely coordinated compared to the rest of the world. I’ve set up an Irish Talk Like a Pirate Fan page on Facebook. Amazingly over 2000 Irish people have chosen Pirate as their default language on Facebook so maybe we can do something as a group, big or small for that day.

Photo owned by gamaral (cc)

Fluffy Links – Saturday August 1st 2009

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Happy August!

New Irish blog: The Clink

@burkie is offering free websites to businesses, community groups and personal projects.

Kottke talks about creativity and distance from your area. Trying totally new non-linked things. New rhythms. *Cough*

Russian drunken Yoga.

Google won’t show ads in GMail if you have certain “horror” words in your GMail sig.

Good presentation from Paul on getting the most out of Twitter for your business.

Took me 14 years but I finally watch that exploding whale video: