Fluffy Links – Saturday August 1st 2009

Happy August!

New Irish blog: The Clink

@burkie is offering free websites to businesses, community groups and personal projects.

Kottke talks about creativity and distance from your area. Trying totally new non-linked things. New rhythms. *Cough*

Russian drunken Yoga.

Google won’t show ads in GMail if you have certain “horror” words in your GMail sig.

Good presentation from Paul on getting the most out of Twitter for your business.

Took me 14 years but I finally watch that exploding whale video:

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Saturday August 1st 2009”

  1. Dave Scanlon says:

    Much easier way of getting rid of ads in Gmail:

    1. Use Firefox 🙂
    2. Install the CustomizeGoogle add-on
    3. Tools > Add-Ons > CustomizeGoogle > Preferences > GMail > Remove ads and related pages
    4. Ta-da!

    Works for most of the other Google services as well.