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Fluffy Links – Tuesday December 2nd 2008

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Fergal’s post-Obama’s win blog post is sobering but hopeful about Irish Politics. Blog post of the month for November.

I so want to go whale watching after reading Calvin’s post on it. And so I have. Booked it after reading Calvin’s post and am possibly freezing some bits off on a boat off West Cork later today.

The IIA released their Business Blogging Whitepaper and are asking for comments online.

Geek Girl Dinner in Dublin this Thursday.

New Irish blog (to me): Muse

Nice interview by Krishna with Joe from RTE on social media.

Nialler’s latest podcast is out.

Good post from David Cochrane on using a mobile broadband dongle to create a local wifi spot.

Win a coolio prize for saying Rick O’Shea is cool.

Britt points out a great quote for our recessionistic times.

One of my fav blogs of late is The Dieline. Even if packaging design isn’t your thing, there’s some beautiful stuff on it.

Oscar Wilde is on Twitter, of course.

I can’t get behind that:

Thom Yorke – Black Swan (Not an official vid)

And the winner of the SEO competition is…

Monday, December 1st, 2008

The winner of that competition is, if we go to

Winner of Geansai Gorm competition

Congratulations to Paul Savage for his Geansai Gorm site

Honourable mentions: Cormac Moylan for going pure Irish and including the fada and seeing where it brought him. Some nice research into how Google really doesn’t pay attention to the Irish language too.

Keith Shirley for running Google Search Ads just for this competition. A fantastic way of getting the attention of the people interested in this competition. Well done Keith.

Shame we saw some sites banned by Google for spamming. Hilarious that a fake press release made news in Limerick.

Many of those involved found it a learning experience though some I’m sure were bored to death by it too being the experts that they are. For the Web Awards 09 there’ll be some kind of practical part that will either be about pure SEO or recognise it. (Best Practice this year had an SEO element to it.)

The Blogging Bank – RaboDirect now have a blog

Monday, December 1st, 2008

RaboDirect Blog. Comments are open. Their GM is blogging along with other RaboDirect employees. This is certainly a first for Ireland. Impressive.

piggy bank
Photo owned by IngaMun (cc)

Of course we also have the No Nonsense Blog too. (Currently featuring Roddy Molloy)

And we have the fun Irish Mortgage Brokers blog from Karl Deeter which takes no prisoners and has pictures of KITT and Arnold from Diffrent Strokes.

So in the very conservative world of finance we have banks, mortgage brokers and insurance companies blogging. If they can do it, other industries can too.

Fluffy Links – Monday December 1st 2008

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Grandad’s new book is out soon. Pre-order.

Indiecater have a Christmas Album out. All new tracks from some great artists. It’s December, I’m allowed to use the other C Word now. Shurrup.

Nice work from Cormac on looking at Google search results that come back in Irish but are pretty weak at giving good results for what was asked.

Fine Gael did a dumb thing? Noooo.

What a cool editing/writing policy from Bloomberg. No buts.

Social media might not be right for you. Perilous waters. Danger Will Robinson.

Go, topping monthly web stats already.

This was one VERY weird interaction on Twitter.

Sorry but I don’t see why a bit of work 20 years ago on a song entitles you be like an ugly Baldwin brother, you know, living off that whiff of fame forever after. I think the BBC were far too sympathetic to the artists over this. Copyright should be short-term advantage not some damned nobility right.

Fox News told Fox off by Obama’s people.

Us Now – Documentary about Government, Web 2.0 and participation

Via YANP – Will it Blend does Thanksgiving:

Via Frank Das Shadow – Navigate The Menus: