Fluffy Links – Tuesday December 2nd 2008

Fergal’s post-Obama’s win blog post is sobering but hopeful about Irish Politics. Blog post of the month for November.

I so want to go whale watching after reading Calvin’s post on it. And so I have. Booked it after reading Calvin’s post and am possibly freezing some bits off on a boat off West Cork later today.

The IIA released their Business Blogging Whitepaper and are asking for comments online.

Geek Girl Dinner in Dublin this Thursday.

New Irish blog (to me): Muse

Nice interview by Krishna with Joe from RTE on social media.

Nialler’s latest podcast is out.

Good post from David Cochrane on using a mobile broadband dongle to create a local wifi spot.

Win a coolio prize for saying Rick O’Shea is cool.

Britt points out a great quote for our recessionistic times.

One of my fav blogs of late is The Dieline. Even if packaging design isn’t your thing, there’s some beautiful stuff on it.

Oscar Wilde is on Twitter, of course.

I can’t get behind that:

Thom Yorke – Black Swan (Not an official vid)

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday December 2nd 2008”

  1. Calvin Jones says:

    Hi Damien,

    Thanks for the link :-)!

    Sitting in the Celtic Ross in Rosscarbery looking out at a calm, if overcast day… should be a good one for spotting the not-so-wee beasties! Hope you have a great trip… while there are never any guarantees with wildlife, there are plenty of whales out there at the moment, and Colin knows his stuff.

    Look forward to reading a report of your day (and some pics?) here on the blog soon.

  2. Rahood says:

    Looks like you’re on the telly tonight
    TV3 00:00 Eircom Golden Spider Awards

  3. teamhair says:

    ah to be a fluffy link.

    cheers Master Mulley