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Fire in Cork (II) – R&H Hall on fire

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

People are landing on this site for pics of today’s fire in Cork.

Have a look at Despod’s photos and also this one of a tug. Donncha also has photos. Julian has photos too.

I got these pics via someone in Apple. I don’t know your name but will give attribution when I get your details.

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Updated again. Another picture.
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Update: The humour has started: Suspected Terror Attack in Cork

The photoshopping has started

Silo Fire Cork

Moo Flickr Cards – Wow

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

Via Tom Coates comes details about Moo Flickr Cards. Choose your favourite Flickr pics. Make 100 different cards for $19.99. Add your personal details on the back. Now I wish I had a Flickr account. I wonder would Treasa and Ryan be interested in making business cards for me?

Remember Remember the 7th of October – Guido Fawkes to give a talk at “Blogging the Election”

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

Guido FawkesGuido Fawkes is coming to the “Blogging the Election” conference on October 7th.

Guido and his peers have changed UK Politics. They stuck with stories the press gave up on and forced them back into the spotlight, they uncovered new scandals and they fact-checked the hell out of the media and politicians. They’re that annoying guy in work that says “Actually that’s not the case”. They may annoy a load of people but everyone knows they’re correct. I wonder how many spin doctors now fret about this new breed? Their influence seems to be growing too.

A quote from Guido in reply to one of the begrudgers:

Go to the Oxford Union and ask our future political class who they read more often – the Times’ Peter Riddell or Guido Fawkes’ blog? Next ask them who they trust more? It is no contest. With 200,000 hits a month and rising, my politics blog is more trusted than the Times’ pompous political columnist.

Having Guido at the blogging conference should be educational and fun. Now if we could get some sponsors … 🙂

Iain Dale’s blogging guide is out

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

Iain Dale’s Guide to UK Political Blogging has been released.

It includes articles by Adam Boulton, Francis Maude, Ben Brogan, Kevin Maguire, Guido Fawkes, Lynne Featherstone and Tim Montgomerie and is chock full of great information. (Jesus, I wrote “chock full”) It has tips and Top 100 lists and gives a very good overview of the UK Political blogs. Some of his tips are:

Iain Dale’s Top Ten Tips for a Successful Blog

  1. Write something every day
  2. Don’t write an essay. Be short and snappy
  3. Interact with your readers who make comments
  4. Don’t try to copy another blog. Make yours unique to you
  5. Choose a blog name that is easy to remember and not too long
  6. Don’t pander to what you think people want to hear
  7. Be controversial, but not for the sake of it
  8. Don’t be afraid to offend or be offended
  9. Link to your favourite blogs and ask them to link to you
  10. Sign up to a Stat Counter which can track how many hits you get

Download the guide here. Iain will also have the guide distributed at the party conferences. Good move. Well worth reading even for those solely interested in Irish politics. Guido Fawkes was ranked no. 1 political blogger. As Mick mentions he’ll be one of the speakers at the Irish Blogging Conference.

Blogging Consultants by Hugh

Monday, September 18th, 2006

Blogging Consultant

Hugh Macleod is on the money.

Renew your passports now to avoid RFID passports?

Monday, September 18th, 2006

Bruce Schneier says renew those passports now. Someone from the UK in his comments says it’s too late for those in the UK though. Is it too late for here?

P Annette’s blog

Monday, September 18th, 2006

Anyone else been approached by Blogburst? MTV won’t allow you to say “Pimp my” anything anymore. Just ask Ogra Fianna Fail.

BarCamp needs people to give talks, BarCamp needs projectors, BarCamp profiles, BarCamp pre-event meet up

Monday, September 18th, 2006

We still need people to give talks at BarCamp Ireland. If you want to give one then add it to the wiki. I’d really like to see a talk on something like “Business Opportunities in Second Life.” Maybe Sabrina can partake? (If she finds a dog minder)

We’re also going to have a Pecha Kucha talk. What’s that says you? A speaker has 20 slides and has 20 seconds to talk about each slide. Rapid fire and fun. Everyone should have a go.

Also if you are going and even if not presenting, add your profile to this Profile Wiki page so we all know a little about each other before the day.

We’ re still looking for AV equipment. Anyone want to donate some for the day? Bernie will bring a projector along too.

Twas the night before BarCamp. Pre-event food and drinks in Wagamama’s. Do come along.

Fluffy Links Sept 18th 2006

Monday, September 18th, 2006

New blogs on the block for September 18th.

Bye bye Potato. You’ll be missed.

We’ve always done it like that. Very management.

Some useful APIs.

Euan Semple talk at the LIFT conference:

Jeff Jarvis has some nice video stats:

nearly 40 percent of internet users download and watch videos on the web and — get this — 54 percent of young people want to create or share their own content on the web

In the the future everyone will have their own TV channel.

Scoble on videoblogging.

The Viral Video Chart. Can we get an Irish version?

Via boing boing: The Girl with the error-message eyes. Very William Gibson.

Cheap cinema tickets – €5.50

Sunday, September 17th, 2006

The Omniplex cinemas have a special offer at the moment for cinema tickets. It applies to the Omniplexes in Cork (Mahon Point), Santry, Limerick. Oranmore, Galway. Just go to to book them.