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Irish Blog Awards owns the airwaves

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

Had an interview with Newstalk this evening about another ComReg report with dishonest facts. Did this from home and then sped into town to go on the Fanning show on Radio1 at 1900 to talk about the Blog Awards along with Kieran Murphy. On the way in and finding a spot to double-park in, I’m listening to TodayFM and they’re talking about the Blog Awards with Piaras. At home this evening doing final preps for the Awards and Rick O’Shea on 2fm is talking about the Awards and ohmygod but Twenty Major is on the show!

I think there’s something in the Irish Times tomorrow too and tune into Six One News tomorrow night as you might see some faces behind some of your favourite blogs. 350 have now registered to go, which is fantastic too. This thing is turning into a Carnival. Actually, does anyone want the Awards show to be part of a blog carnival next year? A few events all weekend with the Awards show as the highlight?

So yes, today was another insane day and tomorrow is worse. Meeting people in Dublin from early morning til late afternoon, then talking at Trinity about my work with IrelandOffline then going to see “I’m From Barcelona” at the Village.

Lastly, the staff of Bubble Brothers and especially Julian fucking rock. I’ll explain more on Monday, if I survive the weekend. I won’t probably post on this blog again until I get home late Sunday evening. I hope everyone has a good time this weekend and please remember not to take these things too seriously, only I should be stressing!

Fluffy Links – March 1st 2007

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

Via Anthony, is the best of Olli Williams.

Google Ads are free speech, apparently.

Why pilots say “Roger”.

Details of Second Life event running at the same time as the Irish Blog Awards.

Tracker devices in our staples now. Scary.

Evelyn Rodriguez is running a series called “Forty Days of Everyday Inspiration” on her blog. Well worth checking out.

Over the forty days I’ll share tips for everyday inspiration. This won’t be philosophical, but practical

Already had “I’m From Barcelona” on my blog a few days back but they’re back again because they play the Village on Friday night. I hope to go along if my talk in Trinity is over in time.

The many faces of Blogorrah – Metro Mention

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Metro mentioned the Blog Awards today and had a pic of the Blogorrah folks. They look different to the photo in the Irish Echo don’t they?

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Fluffy Links – February 27th 2007

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Laser Etched Beans with messages that unfold as the sprout grows. Weird.

Richard tears apart another website.

Videos from the Taste conference. Yumm.

Via Blogorrah. Not seen this before but am sure it did the rounds – the iProd.

Seth Godin gives some good tips on making name tags. Make your own for the Blog Awards!

Via Kevin Burton The PS3 Song or how Sony fucked everything up for themselves:

Fluffy Links – February 26th 2007

Monday, February 26th, 2007

100 seats left for the Blog Awards. Not registered? Do so now. Sponsorship slots left too.

Edelman Dublin has started a blog. Hooray. Well done to “No. 1 on Google for my first name” Piaras and the others in Edelman for that. Hopefully they might show up in the top ten Google search for Irish Public Relations Company. Piaras owns the phrase “Irish public relations” you’ll notice 🙂

I shall call this photo “Where is the love?”.

As Suzy points out, some previous blogging regulars are back again.

Jeez. Matty Kiely’s is closed. Matt was great. He’d go on holiday and put a sign in the window “On holiday” and leave it at that. Fantastic fish and chips in there though.

Microsoft Paint on an ATM. Hah.

Via Fred, Arcade Fire played on Saturday Night Live (video below) but also Fred posts a very very old SNL video of Peter Tosh and Mick Jagger doing Don’t Look Back.

Arcade Fire – Intervention

Peter Tosh and Mick Jagger:

285 now registered to go to the Irish Blog Awards

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

Finalising the last bits and pieces this weekend for the Blog Awards. 285 have registered to come along so far. As I mentioned before on the Awards blog, there’s room for about 400 people. Details of the night are here.

Fluffy Links – February 23rd 2007

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

Fluffy links without any actual links. (Advertising standards have been notified.)

Silly Bee

Look Around You – Iron

Scary HIV ad.

Diamond in your mind

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Moving on…

Solomon Burke – Diamond in your mind(Live). Song written by Tom Waits. The album this came from is fantastic.

“Are you and D still going out?”

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

A text message comes in at 1.48am this morning and woke me. It was from a friend asking me “Are you and D still going out?” Instantly I knew what was happening. He was at some college function where she was too. I texted D and her with “What the fuck has just happened?” She replies back she’s seen him kissing another guy, a friend of ours.

My heart is already broken and racing by this time. Eventually after what seems like hours(it was minutes), he rings me and we converse. He is sorry but goes on to say he should have ended things in January but did not have the backbone. I’m quite vexed but calm enough. I calm a bit more after the phone conversation and text him to say I accept his apology. He’s an asshole, yeah, but I can’t but forgive him. I care too much or some bollox like that.

Myself and D have been on and off for years at this stage. I was begining to think this time was for real this time and he’d be the person I’d be spending the rest of my life with. One of the main motivators for doing the law degree in UCC is to become better versed in Irish law so I can work on campaigning for better rights for people including gay couples. I still have the dream to settle down and raise a family though a gay couple raising kids, I’m still not fully decided on.

No matter how a breakup happens and where the guilt/fault lies you always feel that it is your fault too. If you were a better boyfriend then there’d be no cheating. You failed. There is something wrong with you if someone doesn’t want to stay with you and goes off and cheats.

Needless to say I’m a little sad today and the lack of sleep since around 2am this morning doesn’t help. I’m also not in the mood for eating. Years back a situation like this happened with another guy I was seeing and for a full week after, everytime I did get to sleep my brain just went over the situation again and again and again. I think that’s what hell would be like for me. An endless tiring loop of the sadder part of your lives.

I was meant to be going on a stag weekend in Galway this weekend but am going to cancel that now since me getting drunk now is a bad idea. When in a black mood and drunk I become a not so nice person. The timing of this is fucking annoying, I’ve been under enough stress with getting the blog Awards going and now have this to deal with. Oh yeah and my home pc is knackered too. “Comes in three” someone is bound to say. Shut up. 🙂

Maybe something good that came from this was the first person I texted was a friend I fell out with a good while back. Despite all the reent acrimony it was him I turned to and it was him that was supportive and at 2am. Thanks B.

Now, if you managed to read this woeful shite to this point, you may wonder why I wrote a personal blog post. It is, afterall, not my style. I try and keep my personal life off my blog and reserve the blog for such intelligent things as fluffy links and digs at regulators. Well, as I’ve said to many a person in recent times, I think blogging your thoughts allows you to frame them and understand yourself better, so I guess I’m now being an example. The other thing is that some of the blog posts at the Blog Awards this year, as well as last year are/were quite raw writings dealing with personal issues and situations. Deep insights into people without them putting a shield in place. I’d almost feel hypocritical at this stage to praise all these bloggers and then not make this public. So there you go, my soul or part of it on a plate. My finger has been hovering over the publish button for half the morning. One more of many deep breaths. Here we go…

Blog Awards Stats – Nice one Caitriona

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Caitriona has gone all stat porn for us and done some nice Blog Awards 2007 statistics. Enjoy. Maybe they can use them on RTE 1 tomorrow?

Also, we’re still looking for sponsors!