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Testing out the 3 SkypePhone

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

I got one of the 3 mobile/Skypephones, the one that retail at €99 and allow you to call anyone who uses Skype and vice-versa. If you want to help me test it, add me to Skype, I’m damienmulleymobile and let’s see if this aul thing will work. Please don’t call til after 2 today though 🙂

Update: I just got two more of them in the post but these don’t come with sims so have to buy some.

Update2: Only in the past few minutes (It is now 1647) have your requests to add me to your contact details come through. 11 of you so far. 🙂 Bit of a bloody lag there. Rax, I think I accidently declined you!

Fluffy Links – Tuesday November 27th 2007

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

The next Barcamp is in Kilkenny around Feb 2008.

The EduBlog Awards have been announced. Nice one Josie et al!

TiVo seeps into daily lives.

In the week where grown ups showed how scared they are that their kids are rejecting privacy, the UK Govt removed a hell of a lot of it for the kids. Some week. And so Ze Frank on Privacy.

Using the Wii to teach kids maths.

Seems being featured in an iPod ad is the new movie soundtack superstardom. They just need to start a record label now and win win.

Molecular Gastronomy – A video!

A few years ago we thought these pound shop watches were shite. Now they’re cool and retro.

Via Sinéad – Bill hicks on marketing

Boards of Canada – an eagle in your mind (fan vid)

Fluffy Links – Monday November 26th 2007

Monday, November 26th, 2007

This was meant to go out this morning after sneaking out last night for a few seconds and sneaking back into it’s box again. Tut tut. Here ya go.

Anyone else going to answer Sinéad’s question?

A two for one special from Dave. Dave points out that if your ad is sexist to women it will be banned but not the other way around. Not that the ad companies are obliged to listen. Dave also rants about the BT Complaints webpage and a wiley little thing that probably cuts down on submissions.

Michele points out that Camtasia or at least an older version is free. This is a great app for doing video screencasts/video tutorials.

Paul Browne has a fantastic post on why you should blog for business.

The other Paul has a good intro to Google’s Open Social. Open mehole.

Una’s Book nSupp has started. A book club done over food and booze.

If there’s one Facebook app you need to install it’s the Nothing application.

Erm, when you sang their national anthem you said they had big you know …

One laptop per child, one future.

iPhone sales in the UK are tanking?

Al Murray ripping into an American:

Ronnie Johns mocking Chopper:

Paddy’s Valley – The meets and greets

Monday, November 26th, 2007

With just a few days to go for Paddy’s valley, we have visits in place with Google, Apple, Facebook and SocialText and hopefully a few more to be announced as well. As well as that, Enterprise Ireland have organised an event on Tuesday evening where some of the Paddy’s Valley companies will pitch in front of some American VCs. The event starts at 1630 and ends after 2000. The Irish Ambassador will be in attendance. On Thursday we’ll be meeting the members of the Irish Network in San Francisco for another networking event from about 5 onwards. If any Irish company wants to contribute to the bar tab for the Thu night event, let us know.

We’re also trying to meet with some Irish folks that work in San Fran and the Valley while we’re over and a few of us are inviting other Valley people to smaller dinners where we can act like rabid fanboys, ok, not really, but close. If you are in or around San Fran or Silicon Valley from Dec 2nd to Dec 9th, let us know: paddysvalley { at }

Quick before the Best of Year Music Lists – Recommend me some stuff

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Got some recent music recommendations for me before I go though the Best Of lists and find new music that way.

Double congrats to Grandad

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Not only did the creator of the Golden Crabs win a Golden Spider he’s also gotten a book deal. That’s at least 5 bloggers I know that have gotten/are getting/were approached about book deals. I should become some kind of agent to the bloggers (just so I can get a cut :)). Well done G and really it’s unsurprising, you have a talent. Just don’t have senior citizen porn (one of the top searches to his site) in the book please!

Grandad doesn’t know it yet but he’ll be sharing a podium with Twenty and maybe a few others just before the next Blog Awards.

Don’t fuck with the Nialler*

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Jim made me blog this. I cannot say no cos you don’t fuck with the Carroller.

The story is that Nialler gives out about a concert and someone bites back(comment 19 onwards), when maybe they shouldn’t. Nialler’s in our blogger posse afterall. You don’t fuck with the bloggers.*

* Comes from the movie Adventures in Babysitting.

Gang Leader: Don’t fuck with the Lords of Hell.
Chris: Don’t fuck with the babysitter.

JustRoutes featured in Irish Times

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Well done to Vinny and Dave.*

An Irish mapping website which provides details of public transport links around the country saw a 150 per cent increase in usage as a result of the recent Dublin Bus dispute, writes John Collins . has details of almost all Dublin Bus routes in the city and 3,621 bus stops. It also has details of all mainline rail routes and stations as well as 1,459 Bus Éireann stops. All street names can be viewed in Irish and English, and there is also an interface for French and Polish speakers. The site has been set up by Dave Rooney and Vinny Glennon, who were students at DCU together. A frustrating couple of hours spent by Rooney trying to get to Rathcoole, Co Dublin, on public transport inspired them to create the site. It is designed to allow people to find how to get from any two points in Ireland by public transport.

Dublin Bus or any of the other public transport companies do not have a similar service.

* Disclaimer, I helped them a little with their press release.

Fluffy Links – Friday November 23rd 2007

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Bock is outdoing me on this online scrap stuff. G’wan!

Talk about Facebook love. Look at this Google leaving letter.

Only noticed this snooty page from the IEDR now.

Seven years ago the Oireachtas gave the Minister certain powers (Note 1) in relation to the .ie namespace. These powers were never exercised by him, and in May 2007 these powers and others were transferred to Comreg (Note 2). Following this transfer, Comreg has now decided to do a health check on .ie registry operations.

I want one of these umbrellas.

Oracle’s social network. They force you to sign up to one of their newsletters before you get in. SPAM.

The Asoh defense.

Many will trade their right to vote for money. The bastards always get in anyway. Might as well sell?

“Once a spiritual totem, spit is now just another informational medium.”

Via JH:

David McSavage on the Late Late for those who hate realplayer, sound is out of synch though
[google 2760077655091304100>

Fluffy Links – Thursday November 22nd 2007

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Gerry samples some Sublime wine.

Haha. Off The Meat Track with a picture that says it all about magazines.

While it’s a guide on how to blog for the Washington Post, this is a good guide blogging for yourself or for an organisation.

More gripes about Facebook Beacon.

Seth Godin on Eye Tracking.

A wooly balaclava with a beard!