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Forgive them lady-god for they do not know what they do

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Uh oh. The UCD All-male Oogling Society aka Students Union have been found out for the women-loving pigdogs they are! Pigdogs I say. Oink oink woof woof.

Oompa Loompa
Photo owned by Photo-Mojo (cc)

Pictured above is one of the lovely ladies that will be taking part in the Miss UCD Beauty Pageant tomorrow. Rounds include:

  • Best tea making round.
  • The makeup application round which is judged both on depth of makeup as well as orangeyness.
  • The sports round which involves hula hooping using your own hoopy earrings.
  • The handbag lifting round for those giant handbags.

But women that enter this competition are apparently “sheep” so there will be a protest and an alternative beauty pageant held too. (No, that does not mean a drag queen event, there’s like one of them a week in UCD). We wonder, like men, do real women not wax or shave?

Here’s a quote from the Fundymedia page:

This year see’s the first (and hopefully last!) Miss UCD beauty pageant, sponsored by UCDSU ,alongside trashy tabloids The sun and News of the world. The first Miss UCD takes place on Thursday 17th April. The winner of the ‘competition’ will win automatic entry to Miss Ireland as well as winning beauty makeovers , clothes and a gym membership. Miss Ireland and hence Miss UCD bans all mothers, wives and women under 5’4 from entering.These sexist competitions have no place in Ireland and particularly in UCD. These types of competitions are demeaning and are an excuse for putting sexism on parade They encourage the idea that women should be seen as sex objects to be judged by men, as well as making women believe that to be desirable they have to conform to unrealistic types of ‘beauty’.

To oppose union involvement in Miss UCD, UCD students against sexism are holding a mock Miss UCD beauty pageant where the REAL Miss UCD will be crowned. At the event,which will be held Thurs 17th April at 1 outside the arts block, we will be distributing leaflets to highlight some of the challenges facing women in modern Ireland. There will also be speakers present from the Equality department , the Socialist party and more.
We ask all students and staff from all univeristys who oppose sexism to get involved.Come along on the day,show your support and say NO to sexism!

Tell you what, I will give 100 quid to any man who turns up to it with a “Woman, iron my shirt and make my dinner” placard. Yes it’s been done before but still. Pigdogs!

Fringing brilliant – Incoming and outgoing VoIP/Skype on Irish iPhone

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Fring released their client for the iPhone yesterday. Hubba hubba. Skype now on my iPhone as well as Voice over IP, GTalk, MSN and more. Thanks to Fring you can get free and very cheap calls on your iPhone and hell you can even port a landline number to it.

Fring on iPhone

And here comes the but:
Only works on WiFi right now. Edge doesn’t seem to be good enough for it but with the 3G iPhone around the corner, Fring is probably using this as a testbed for the newer version.

Ireland doesn’t have a lot of open WiFi points right now, well unless you are an evil hacker who breaks into eircom wireless modems, so it won’t be as useful or mobile but consider when you travel to the states or the UK with all their open Wifi points. Fecking heaven. Ring my Irish landline and I pickup for free in the States. Well done Fring.

Microsoft to run sweaty obese man beauty contest on Craggy Island

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Or maybe I got the press release arseways… feck

Drink Feck Arse Code

(yes that glass does say Drink Arse Feck Code, but Fr. Jack says Drink Feck Arse Girls )

Microsoft are holding sponsoring the first Developers Developers Developers conference in Galway on May 3rd 2008. The event will take place at the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology. While the states have Ted talks, this event will have Dougal talks. I hope they get all the speakers to wear red sleeveless jumpers. On the Sunday they’re going to Craggy Island (Inis Oirr) for a walkabout. Have a look at the DDD Ireland website for details of the talks and speakers. It’s all free by the way.

Here’s the biggest evangelist for Developers ever, g’wan Steve Ballmer:

Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 16th

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Anthony Cooper has a new blog on the block. Say hey.

Arrr tis the Irish Pirate Review. “Putting the irate in P’irate”

What the hell was Newstalk thinking? They could have done the same stunt in a school, shop or church. Mental Health centres should not be treated like high security prisons.

Check out Seán Sweeney’s blog and his videos like the one below:

280 people now want Enda Kenny taken when Bertie goes.

How many female leads have there been in the Hollywood blockbusters in the past few years? How many in action movies? The XKCD have been asking the same. We need more Sarah Connors, River Tams and more movies like The Long Kiss Goodnight where there are badass female roles. If the Israeli army have women as the drill instructors, then how about we some female action stars too?

So Stephen Colbert might indeed have had Irish ancestors in the 1916 rising?

Some people aren’t waiting for Microsoft Photosynth and have open sourced their own version.

Paul Graham on why there are not more Googles and Facebooks.

Will the Catholic Church now object to getting stem cells from menstrual blood? But would we end up with really irritable clones? *ducks*

I think this is where Lordi got his inspiration: Slipknot – Wait and Bleed, whatever happened to the clown rockers:

Anime fanfic kinda thing done to Refuse Resists by Sepultura, live:

Niall McElwee

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Suzy is finetoothcombing the report about Niall McElwee. An extract of what Niall McElwee was charged with in Holland. She’s getting a lot of very interesting traffic to her site too.

Community Managers – Room for them in Ireland?

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

So what is a “Community Manager”? From what I see and what I read, my definition of a community manager is someone that looks after the community that can develop around the company blog, wiki, social networking profile or discussion forum and also go out further than that onto the net and (if the company permits) engage with people on their personal spaces. Gone is the time when you must wait for the email or phonecall to engage with a customer. A community managers is the point person for the company for the company’s public facing endeavours on the wild wild web. In a hotel analogy the PR people are like the front desk while the community manager is, in a way, like the concierge, able to route around officialdom and get the customer what they want. A concierge that again can also go walkabout.

With the rise of companies getting into blogs, wikis, Facebook profiles and discussion forums and actually understanding the Cluetrain idea of “markets are conversations”, there are now companies who “get it” and want to try it but don’t know how. Some will still try. Some do well, others not so much. So some hire in an “outsider” as a community manager. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that if it is made clear to the public that this is their role and their standing in the company and they’re real.

Reverend Billy in Vallejo,CA
Photo owned by Brave New Films (cc)

A good community manager is both a member of the community (and remember communities are everywhere not justa round the company assets) as well as someone that’s inside the company with some influence. It can be a tough job and some people are not suited to be able to clarify matters on behalf of the company to the customers without starting a war and also defend the (sometimes very strong) views of the community to the company. A very good community manager is probably someone that should be aiming to make their own job obsolete by trying to turn some existing employees into community managers too. It’s all well and good to be writing blog posts and getting data from the company and making them enjoyable blog posts but the company is totally screwed if you are headhunted or run over by a bus. Therefore a community manager should ideally be trying to find some potential staff members who can take over and then prodding and pushing them to dip a toe and then a foot and eventually immerse themselves in the community interaction work.

Photo owned by Joe Shlabotnik (cc)

Jeremiah Owyang put it like this:

Part of the Community Managers role is to:

1. Listen: Use listening tools like Technorati, Talkdigger, read blogs, forums, wikis, to find out what customers are saying
2. Respond: Depending on what’s being said, respond quickly when appropriate
3. Inform: Tell the right stakeholders in the company what’s happening, this can range from Engineering, Product Management, Product Marketing, PR, Marketing, Bloggers, or forums moderators.
4. Shut up and sit back: One of the most important jobs of the CM is to connect the right internal people with customers and let them work it out, stay out of the way if you don’t understand the problems.
5. Listen more: Keep on listening, responding, informing, and connecting the right folks. A community manager is an odd looking being, big ears and eyes, and a small mouth.

So is there a need for them in Ireland and is there room? I think if more companies go for blogs and social networking, then yes, definitely. The only person right now that I know of is Sabrina Dent who does work for Lucky Oliver. Are there any more? I would think that the Interaction forum on has a community manager. I’m sure we do have more and in time we might even have a lot more if the recession hits and offline spend goes down.

Some people object to the term manager as it suggests controlling the community. Lighten up. Course they could be also called Social Media Managers but I despise the term social media.

Are community managers here for the long-term or just until web 2.0 is hung, drawn and quartered? Are they a worthy resource for a company? Are you one?

Meanwhile, a cynical take on some of the words I used in this post.

Looking for a conference venue in Ireland? – Talk to Ciara

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

I met Ciara from when she came along to one of my business blogging training classes. She kindly volunteered to find me a venue for the 2009 Irish Blog Awards as well as the Irish Web Awards (which take place in October this year).

At Gramma
Photo owned by Alana Elliott (cc)

She’s had her work cut out as I’m a fussy so and so. I must say it’s much much easier to just let someone else go off and come back to you with a list of locations, prices, availability and so forth and she also has the experience to negotiate prices down moreso than I could ever do.

I’m pretty thrilled with what she’s done so far and soon she’ll be blogging too, so it’s all good. (She didn’t ask me to blog this by the way) If you want someone to find you a good venue for a conference or large event, give Ciara a shout or do the search via her own conferencing site. I highly recommend her service.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday April 15th 2007

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Good review by Robin of Seth Godin’s Meatball Sundae. He also made a slideshow with the main points from the book.

Amárach has a blog. They talk about social media and marketing and all the rest. Amarách might be good with surveys but I’m not quite sure they’ve taken the full trip on the cluetrain. Their official blog is on blogspot?

Loving FOI requests to the Dept of Communications. What are the Sunday Times after in Feb?

Music 2.0, comes with a free book or you can pay.

So then. Who here is interested in either rewriting the iRadio iPhone app for me or creating a new app to stream some Irish Radio stations? Ah g’wan.

Via Kottke: Blog devoted to the opening titles of movies and TV shows.

So yeah, let’s make this kid get to number 1 on YouTube. He hates Ireland. Am sure in ten years he’ll cringe at it. So it must be done.

Speaking of YouTube – download mp4 versions of the videos.

Kung Fu Baby:

10 Reasons to Hate Ireland

Monday, April 14th, 2008

This lad is very frustrated:

Sandal John versus China

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Yeah the whole lot of em.
Jazzbiscuit has more of John and his bike versus the might of China. Fair play for what he said. Now how about speaking out closer to home about samesex couples and their right to have rights to their kids?

Stoled this from Jazzy, but it’s actually recycling. Go Greens!
John Gormley takes on China, c'mon maofos!