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Using Blogs and Twitter to give blood?

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Via Kerry is a story how via Twitter, a blood drive was organised in Austin, Texas. At the same time Will McInnes has a great blog post on how we the diggerati split our time between talking, thinking and doing and maybe we should do more of the doing.

As well as generating a huge amount of buzz on Twitter and the blogosphere far more importantly it led to 100 donations that day, may from first time donors.

A great idea. The Irish Blood Transfusion Service are always looking for people to donate blood and there are loads that probably would donate if their peers around them are also doing so. Shouldn’t social media (still dislike the term) also be about empowering people and getting them to be social and helping society?

I don’t like many charities. I have a particular dislike for African charities and those gimps on the street that harass you on their behalf. I don’t think giving money to an org is the best thing to do most of the time so actually giving blood without harassment, that’s good.

Photo owned by basykes (cc)

So what’s a geeky way of organising a blood drive and who’ll help organise it? Online sign-up form? Limited number? The Austin drive billed it as “exclusive” as only 100 people could sign up. The buzz generated on Twitter and Facebook got the momentum going and people turned up in droves. It seems afte ryou give blood the IBTS do clever things like text updates etc. to let you know when they’re next about or phone you up when they’re at crunch time so that bit is sorted. Should there be an aim to get 40 new people to donate blood and be brought there by experienced people?

Should local businesses sponsor the refreshments afterwards? Pillows to faint on have been sponsored by Swan beds? Booze by diageo.

Oh and who’ll organise such a thing? Not gonna be me. Your turn.

Simple Pleasures: Toasted banana sandwich

Monday, July 28th, 2008

That’s my simple pleasure. Despite being a total food snob and liking all sorts of “foreign” cuisine there are times when I just want something simple. Really simple. Normal bread (as in Pat the Baker), a banana, butter and that’s it. Of course I ate the bloody thing before I took a photo so here’s a stock photo:

French Toast
Photo owned by bcmom (cc)

What food is your simple pleasure?

Oh and by the way, Irish Food Blog Aggregator has been updated and now aggregates about 40 Irish Food Blogs.

Of crisps and chocolate

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

In a discussion on Sunday night with some of the folks from Salesfoce and Coda and other companies, I mentioned the notion of eating chocolate with crisps. It seems the non-Irish (everyone there except me) were a little disconcerted at the idea of having a pack of crisps and eating a chocolate bar at the same time or just after. It appears to be a foreign concept in many parts of the (not so apparently) civilised world.

Questions were flying at me like the time between eating the crisps and then having the chocolate or was it at same time, the flavour of the crisps (when I said cheese and onion there was uproar!) and I was also asked would white chocolate be used. Vile. No.

Who else likes having their crisps and choccies at the same time?

Tayto Mountain
Photo owned by kissmygrandmother (cc)

plus these:
French Chocolate Brownies  0608
Photo owned by ChezDeniseetLaudalino (cc)

= yumm.

Foodie Blogging: The Still Restaurant in the Dylan Hotel

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Had a lovely meal in the Dylan last night. We started with Gazpacho which was presented as a plate with the bread, a basil and cress thingy on the bread and tomato foam around it and then the waitress poured the gazpacho from a mini-jug around the bread:


For the main meal was Sea Bream with borlotti bean purée & Spanish ham(yay Spain):
Sea Bream

Quenelle of Cheese Cake, with sablé crumble, raspberry coulis and filo crackers: